Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wedding Rehearsal!

On Friday, the day before the wedding, after us girls got our nails done we all went out to lunch. We were driving all over town from place to place and I noticed the beautiful trees turning color. Brittany really wanted a fall wedding because she loves the fall season and the colors of Autumn, and I am so glad that she got what she wanted! That is her car up ahead of me.
After lunch we headed to the church to start setting things up. I found this notebook sitting on a chair; isn't it cute, it is her wedding planning book. She is so organized! She kept all her wedding notes in there.
She said it was okay that I took a picture. She has a wonderful planned out list starting back in March when they first got engaged. When she got something done she made a note of it in red. If you click on the list you can see how organized she was with things like ordering her dress, picking out Mackenzie's ring, reserving the church, etc.
Here is the order for her dress. I thought this was so cute and told her she is so clever and organized. She said, "thanks, I got the idea from you!" Oh my goodness, that made me feel so good! What a sweetie pie I'm getting for my daughter-in-law!
How do you make a church sanctuary that used to be a gym look pretty for a wedding? You use yards and yards of fabric! Brittany and Mackenzie came up with this fabulous design!
Then they hung strands and strands of twinkle lights and a big red Chinese lantern in the center. They put all the fabric and lights up the day before and had a little trouble with the ladder. Mackenzie came up with the idea of tying the fabric onto his shoe and he threw his shoe over the light fixture and it worked! I thought that was so clever! We had to have all the round dinner tables on the side of the sanctuary during the ceremony and then after the wedding we had volunteers quickly move the tables throughout the room. It worked out perfectly!
Here's their wedding program.
Here's the guestbook.
Here's my son, the handsome groom! Now it's time for the wedding rehearsal!
Here's Brittany with the wedding coordinator discussing all the details. She is holding her faux-que (fake bouquet) made from all the ribbons from her shower gifts.
We started the rehearsal with Mackenzie and his pastor, Danny waiting on the stage.
Then Brittany walks in with her father, Moe.
He presents her to Mackenzie and............
..........he gives her away.
They are taping the spots where each person in the wedding party need to stand.
Practice, practice! Mackenzie wanted to practice the kiss over and over!
I think he's feeling good! Feeling confident!
The wedding party minus my two boys, Grayson and Hayden, as they were playing in their football game and unfortunately missed the rehearsal. We had such a fun evening. As I look at these pictures, I just want to be there again, it was so magical and fun!
There's my son, waiting on the stage. Just under 24 hours and he will be a married man!

"Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God." Ruth 1:16

Love, Sharon

P.S. I want to thank all of you so much for leaving me such great comments about my son's wedding ! I owe all of you visits to your blogs and comments, but I have still been busy and a tad bit emotional. I promise I will get around to visit you soon! Please be patient with me!


Jennifer said...

Morning Sharon! I love the "feeling confident" pic, very funny! Thanks for taking us along with you (picture wise) on your sons wedding! Jennifer

Kathi said...

Sharon, It does look so magical. Both Mackenzie and Brittany are so organized and prepared. I admire them greatly. Mackenzie is so funny wanting to practice the kiss over and over again. The wedding was so beautiful. Love ya, Kathi

~~Deby said...

I am loving ALL of your posts this week...almost feel like I was there...Brittany seems like she is organized like you....what a young Godly woman you have there....
Sharon thanks for doing this for all of us who feel like we *know* is a BIG blessing to us..and I hope a bit cathartic for you is a process, Sharon...change is not easy but you will come out even more like the Lord, as we are in the perfecting is HIS promise to are doing are being a mom..

Elena said...

What a great time! I can't wait to see the pictures. I love weddings. I worked as a florist for 5 years and I never got tired of weddings. After Rich and I married we worked for a party decortator part time and we did a lot of big weddings in San Diego and I still love weddings:) There decorations looked great. This post also reminded me of my wedding rehearsal. It was so magical and wonderful to have all my brothers and sisters and friends with me. My mom had passed away and my dad was ill so they were not there, but they were there is spirit! Weddings are so special:) Love, Elena

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
I can certainly understand your emotions ~ I get teary eyed watching weddings & did just now looking at these photos. (And they're not even my kids!) I can't imagine what I'll be like when my children get married.

I bet it was a beautiful ceremony. Looking forward to seeing more pics when you get the chance. :o) Are you back to work yet?

Thinking of you & sending hugs,

jen said...

I LOVE the way you are presnting the wedding photos and story day by day! Thank you so much for sharing your joyous time with ua all. I am enjoying ththe posts very much-

Sincerely Jennifer

Jan Parrish said...

What a great post. We used that song when we renewed our vows in 2004. :)

What a happy post. Love it.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I dont know why I'm crying, but I am:) Thanks for sharing

Simply Heart And Home said...


The church looks very nice. It is a huge building! :)

It is so fun to look back at those days and pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.


Brenda said...

Girl you all really had it all together! Looks like so much fun.I love the trees and fall colors.
You make it look so stress free=)

nannykim said...

I am glad you have some really neat memories!! What fun.

luvmy4sons said...

Emotional. I bet! I can't NOT cry when I read your posts. It hits too close to home...such joy, such bittersweet gladness! Hugs to you!

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