Friday, October 10, 2008

Velvety smooth and rich!

Okay, today I would like to share with you another one of my garage sale finds.

I purchased two of these fabulous burgundy velvet pillows at a garage sale for .50 cents each!
I just love them! The lady I bought them from had all kinds of wonderful decorative things and she was so nice. I am so bad though, she was asking $1.00 each and for some reason I just didn't feel like paying that much, so I said "will you take $1.00 for the pair?" and she did!
They are mushy and wonderful!
They fit perfectly in our living room.
I love how the Lord blesses me with bargains at garage sales and Goodwill! I also found the cute white heart pillow at either a garage sale or Goodwill. It's heavy, I think it is filled with beans - kinda like me.....full of beans!!! LOL!

Happy Friday! I'm off today and off for two whole weeks! Yippee skippy! Today the boys don't have school and my hubby isn't working, so I think we will be traveling up to my sister's farm to get apples! Tonight we have another football game. I am just going to spend my two weeks concentrating on the wedding and catching up on things around the house. I am so excited!

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, Rejoice! Philippians 4:4

Love, Sharon


Lille meg said...

Beautiful! This pillows seems so soft, and I like the colors as well.
Lucky you who are off for 2 weeks!
Enjoy it!
Happy weekend!:)

luvmy4sons said...

Have a great two weeks and a good football game tonight. As I watch my son I will be thinking of yours too!

~~Deby said...

Those are great finds...and I always try to get prices down..KNOWING most people pack up what is left after their sale and donate.
Enjoy your time off, Sharon....
my husband has been off this week and we plan to yet go over the Cascades at some point.....

Simply Heart And Home said...

Enjoy your two wonderful weeks off! May they be restful yet full of delightful activities!


Kathi said...

I love your finds and your gorgeous style. I'm thinking about quiting blogging for awhile. I'm really discouraged. I might just be blue today. I love you, Kathi

Carol said...

The pillows are beautiful! Your living room is so pretty! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your time together!

Jocelyn said...

You find the coolest stuff ! You inspire me to get out here and go to g.sales and thrift shops. I never made the time to do that, esp since I have horses !!
I am not good at dickering on price, Shawn grinds on me about it ! But if you can do it, I can do it!
Tonight is the Women of Faith Conference, and all Day tomorrow ! I wish you and Kathi were coming too !What fun that would be !

Kelly said...

LOL, full of beans, haha you crack me up!
Oh I feel so happy for you that you are off for two weeks!!! What a great time to just enjoy!
Take pics of you guys at Kathi' fun to go apple picking there!! Enjoy your wonderful family today!


gail said...

Those pillows look so luxurious! love them! I know what you mean asking if sellers will take a cheaper price- I sometimes wonder if it is terrible of me to do that- but almost always they say yes. I figure it is worth a try and all they can say is no- I almost always ask if they will take less for garage sale or flea market finds.
Enjoy your time off - how wonderful and what a great time to enjoy it- fall! Have a blessed weekend- we have a football game tonight too- homecoming .


Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love that color it's my favorite. Have fun picking apples. Do I see an apple pie in the future?

Connie said...

Maybe they're stuffed with feathers, sweetpea! That would really be a coup is they were. ;-)

Jan Parrish said...


You are a true Prov 31 woman! I'm so impressed with your finds. I hope your dh knows how good he has it. You could be doing all this shopping at Macy's. Be sure and tell him I said that. ;)

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