Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two have become one............

The wedding started with the seating of the grandparents and then the parents walked in and sat down. Brittany's mother and I had vases of sand that we had under our chairs; we both hugged and walked up to the alter and set our two vases down. The sand was two different colors and represents our two families blending.
After we sat back down the groomsmen escorted the beautiful bridesmaids into the chapel. Then Alyssa, the darling little flower girl walked in sprinkling rose petals down the isle. The big moment came when Brittany walked in with her father.
I was torn about which way to look, at Brittany or at my son. I decided to look at him and see his face as he saw her and then I quickly turned to look at her. It was so moving. Mackenzie had such an amazing look of love and was totally consumed with her beauty and taken over by the moment that his bride was coming to him. His eyes welled up with tears and of course so did mine!
I didn't take any pictures at first and then I realized I had such a great seat and I heard all kinds of cameras clicking around me, so I snapped a few pictures. Everyone looked so beautiful! I think the colors are gorgeous and all the draped fabric along with it being dark, with just a few lights and all the candles, made the room so dramatic and magical! I was beaming with pride and happiness for Mackenzie and Brittany. I was so proud of all four of my sons on the stage!
They had a very Christ centered ceremony. I loved that they both took it so very serious. Brittany looks so very beautiful. Here they are blending the unity sand. I love her dress and train.
They also partook in communion.
The moment is finally here, the pastor said, "You may kiss the bride!" The crowd roared! At this point he is saying, "I would like to introduce to you for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie and Brittany (our last name)." Again, the crowed roared and clapped in celebration!
Here are some pictures that we took right after the ceremony. This is the bride and groom with her family.
And here they are with us. I am thinking this shot might be a cute Christmas card this year for us!
The photographer was amazing! She had them do some really fun shots like this one.
So happy together!
With today's technology, things are so amazing. The photographer already put together a slide show of the before the wedding pictures and even some of the right after the wedding pictures and showed them while we were eating! I took a picture of this picture of Brittany on the screen. I think this is such a gorgeous picture!
The wedding feast! I love how they sat in front on these long tables. It was like something from King Arthur's court!
Their first dance!
Brittany and her father dancing to "I loved her first" by Heartland. It was so sweet and moving.
Now it's my turn to dance with my son. We danced to "Find your wings" by Mark Harris (you can hear it on my Playlist, the fourth song down). It was very emotional for me, I got teary eyed, but I didn't cry! This moment was very special to my heart. We talked about sweet memories and I told him how very proud I was of him and how very happy I am for him. He said some very sweet things to me and was thankful for the life we gave him. Like Mary, I treasured all these things and pondered them in my heart. Time to throw the bouquet. Brittany was so cute, she did a fake throw at first and then she did it again. I love her personality! What a darling little girl she is!
My niece, Monique, caught the bouquet!
It's time to go!
All the groomsmen and Mackenzie's other friends decorated the car, it looked so cute! They had so much lavender that was thrown all over them!
Oh, this is a tearjerker picture! She's hugging her father goodbye. What a sweet moment.
There they go! You can't tell, but there are tin cans dragging behind them and the sign in the back says "Just Married!" Like the song says..........."We've only just begun!"

Congratulations Mackenzie and Brittany, may you have a long and happy life together!

"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh." Genesis 2:24

Love, Sharon

I will be taking tomorrow off from blogging, but will be back Monday with pictures of my fall decorations!


Julieann said...

So Beautiful! Her dress was just gorgeous too---the picture you mentioned would make an awesome Christmas card.

((Hugs to you Mama))It was a beautiful day!


Kelly said...


I can't help tearing up at both the photos and your captions. What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful expression of the goodness of our great God!

Sondra said...

I love the candid shot of all of them in the yard. That is really cute. It gave me goose bumps when you talked about wanting to look at his face when his bride walked in but yet wanting to see her too. Oh, I cannot imagine that feeling. I pray my boys will find that special one too. I am soooo excited for you all.

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Sharon, sweetie these beautiful photo's brought tears to my eyes! Such a magical moment!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend my dear friend.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! I love the way you describe it all, I have tears flowning:)))

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

What can I say? Every thing from the rehearsal dinner to the wedding seemed to be so perfect. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Yes, you and Eric did do good.I know that you must be exhausted,so have a good rest.

Ruthie said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a blessing they will be to you through the years!

Love, Ruthie

Joyfull said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful time for your family. I also teared up looking at the photos and reading your comments straight from a loving mother's heart. I felt like I was there to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the day. You have a wonderful family and many of us "fellow bloggers" enjoy the peek into your family life.

Willa said...

How beautiful the wedding was, Sharon. I remember not knowing which way to look with all 3 of our sons - you want to catch that look of joy your son has when his bride comes to meet him - but you also want to see the bride in her dress and radiant smile.

What a great idea with the unity sand - ours did all did the unity candle as we also did. This is a new one for me - I'll bet it was beautiful.

Some of our sons did communion as we did at our wedding. How holy and awesome it is.

All the pictures are gorgeous and you are right about the Christmas card picture.

This brought back so many memories of our sons weddings - all their brothers were groomsmen too. Two of our sons chose tuxes and the other one did white shirts, black pants and ties and they did the black and white shoes which I thought was interesting. It looked great, though.

The mother/son dance was one of the most precious times of the whole wedding. All of my sons made me feel so special during it. It is a rite of passage that is for sure.

Anyway, Sharon, you must be so happy. It seems that you wish the time hadn't gone so quickly at the wedding so that you could savor it more.

Mary said...


What wonderful photos and so many precious memories. Yes, that photo of Brittany hugging her father goodbye is a tearjerker (wiping tears from my eyes.)

You have been abundantly blessed with family. What an awesome post. I wish Mackenzie and Brittany many happy years together.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
God bless you all

luvmy4sons said...

I thought I could do it this know, not tear up while I read your blog and looked at the pictures of your wonderful family and the blessing of this wedding...but NO! Everything was so beautiful...thanks for sharing it. It is so exciting to consider....will my heart be able to handle doing the same thing FOUR times too? Oh, Sharon...well, the keyboard is getting too wet. Thanks again for letting us peak in!

Connie said...

That was a beautiful wedding of the young couple, sweetpea. I always cry at weddings......

However, I've given you an award over on my blog of friday oct. 24th and soooooo come on over and accept it. I loved reading about the new house being renovated and watching you get to happy giving your child away to another woman. Isn't it thrilling???!!!


Kathi said...

Sharon, The wedding was so perfect! God blessed the whole ceremony. I'm so happy for them and for you.

I changed the song to "Find Your Wings" while looking at the photos and got teary-eyed. Mackenzie is so happy and it's because you and Eric gave him wings, of course with God's help and through all the prayers prayed over the years. God has blessed so much.

I praise God for His faithfulness when we do our part. Your life is such a testimony of depending on God, prayer, trust and thankfulness ~ always giving God the credit.

I love you so much. Kathi

nannykim said...

Congrats again; I enjoyed looking at all of the photos. It always amazes me at all the planning it takes for the big day and then it seems it is suddenly over! But, like you said is just a beginning.

judy said...

Oh my, your pictures are so beautiful. I enjoyed looking at them all. You have some really neat shots.

Kelli said...

Congratulations to all! What a beautiful bride and groom...everyone looked wonderful! Thank for sharing the special day with us!

Simply Heart And Home said...

So beautiful, Sharon. I have tears in my eyes looking at your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your special moments with us.


~~Deby said...

Stunning...beautiful....what a lovely wedding....
I loved seeing these, THANK you for sharing.

Elena said...

What a lovely wedding. So elegant. I really like the idea of untiy sand. I have not seen that before. It is better than the unity candles because the bride doesn't have to worry about getting her veil on fire:)

shekinahhvac said...

oh congradulations. The pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

shekinahhvac said...

Congradulations! The pictures are lovely!!!!

Sharon said...

Dear Erica,

Thank you for your sweet comment!
I hope you stop by again!

Hugs, Sharon

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