Monday, October 6, 2008

A mother and her daughters........

Last week my mother, Shirley, my two sisters, Kelli and Kathi, and I met at a darling tea house and had high tea. We were celebrating three of our birthdays because our birthdays are just a few weeks apart. This is a tradition we have been doing for several years now and it is so much fun!
Kelli found this darling shop in a little town near all of us and it was an excellent choice! Here is the menu. We all decided to order the full tea which included two pots of tea each, savories, scones and sweets.
This little place is so darling. It is all pink and black. There are cute touches everywhere you look!
Look at this darling hat box and tea set! So much fun! Pink and black are so cute together!
Even the door to the powder room is adorable. It is an old screen door with black and white gingham fabric behind it. I love the stenciled sign above the door.
Mmmmm here's my cup of tea. I ordered white peach tea and it was delicious. Notice the darling tea cozies!
Here is our wonderful waitress explaining to Kelli and my mother what each little savory is.
Mmmmmm, delicious!
This is an artichoke and pesto pinwheel. Notice the darling little silver server its sitting on.
This is my plate. Oh, I can't wait to eat!
This is a ham, cheese and pineapple cup. It was wonderful!
This is the fabulous confetti salad. It was delicious!
And here are the desserts, toffee almond truffle, petit four and pumpkin bar. Oh my goodness, they were all so fabulous!
After we ate we opened our birthday gifts! I bought my mother this warm and snuggy pink blanket! I have a green one just like it that my son, Cameron, bought me and it is a wonderful blanket! I told her to not save it for special, but to use it everyday!
I bought Kelli this cute little fall display for her dining room table. She was excited to get it.
Kelli bought me a neat devotional themed gift basket. She gave me "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George, a note pad, highlighter, some tea and a chocolate bar! I'm all set to set down and have some neat time with the Lord!
She gave Kathi the same gift for her birthday which is in March. She gave it a little early! :0)
Kathi also gave me these two magnificent dishes. One is a lovely bowl and the other is a napkin holder. They are a beautiful pink glass with ornate silver stands. I love them!!!

We had such a great time at this little tea house. Everything was so special and delicious. But we're not done with our day yet!
We went next door to this to die for country store! Ohhhhh I'm drooling all over again just looking at these pictures!
There was fun stuff everywhere we looked!
The whole store was decorated for Autumn.
Look at these cute handmade owls! I think they are adorable. I purchased a few darling little treasures that I'll show you later.
Then we walked around the corner and found this neat store. It was a mix of a fabric store and antiques. I was dieing! There were cute things everywhere we looked.
Look at all these remnants!
I couldn't resist taking a picture of this darling chair!
I had such a wonderful day with my mom and my sisters. I feel so blessed to have such neat friendships with all of them.

"Whoever trusts in the Lord will be enriched." Proverbs 28:25

Hugs, Sharon


Connie said...

That looks like fun, honey pie!! I wish we had a similar place over here in Idaho. Well, we might, just not in this town. ;-) I LOOOOOOOVE the pink dish and napkin holder with those "blingy" bottoms!!!!!

Kristen said...

What fun!!!! I love the store as well!! I would be in heaven in there! It is wonderful that you are all so close and have those traditions! I lost my mom 14 years ago and miss her dearly! That book is wonderful by the way! I am starting a bible study in my home with it after Christmas! :) Love Elizabeth George!!!

Carol said...

What fun! You are so blessed to have your mom & sisters close by. I love the scriptures at the end of your posts! :>)

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love the squirrel canister. Looks like a day well spent. It makes me miss my mom and sister:(

Mrs. Farrah Ginter said...

What a fun time! I love tea shops and country stores. Blessings for your week, friend!

Linda said...

What a happy celebration. I love the tea shop and the other cute shops too.
You are truly blessed with great sisters and a loving mom...hugs, Lidna

Priscila said...

thanks for visiting my blog! You girls look like you have the best fun! Sisters are just the greatest! Im so glad that you get a chance to do fun things together! Sometimes life just gets too crazy and its hard to just settle down and take part in others lives!

God bless you

Kathi said...

Sharon, I had so much fun with you, Mom and Kelli. Wow, your pictures turned out way better than mine. I think you are a better photographer or have a better camera. I love you, Kathi

luvmy4sons said...

What a neat place! What a blessing your sisters and mother must be! I have two is such a blessing!

Amy said...

What a fun day! What a blessing to live that close to your family. I only see my family once a year and would love to have a day like this with my mom and siblings. I know you cherish those times.

Kelly said...

Kathi had the same kind of post! What a fun day you guys had! :o) I cannot get over those tea cozies...or the Symphony bars! YUM! I'm addicted to those. :o) When I taught Kindergarten I had an awards ceremony at the end of the school year where I gave each child an award based on a candy bar(Starbursts for a "star" who made great progress in something, a "Hershey's Kiss" for a very loving friend, etc.) and the Symphony award went to a litle girl who loved to sing and dance...and her mom was so glad b/c it was her favorite candy bar. Glad to oblige parents always. ;o) LOL!

What a fun time, Sharon - beautiful ladies at a beautiful place!

Lille meg said...

Oh, so much goodies!
Congratulaions on your birthday!
I am sure all of you enjoyed this.
Have a nice week!:)

Anonymous said...

That looks fun. My Mom and my sisters spent 4 days together back in August, it was lots of food, shopping and fun fun fun!
Where is that place at? I would love to take Margaret and Beth there some time.


Mardell said...

Oh Sharon,
You ARE blessed. What a beautiful celebration with your lovely sisters & Mom. I don't have any sisters & it's times like this that I wish I did! :o)

What a loving family you have. I love all the gifts. You all know each other so WELL!

Hugs to you,

Jan Parrish said...

What a wonderful afternoon! I love the pink dishes you got! :)

My Grandkids ROCK said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun. I thought I knew where all the cool places were around here but I feel like a private investigator trying to figure out where you were. I think I have it narrowed down. I'll be checking it out:)
I know you have a wedding coming up and I wanted to show you my daughters wedding pictures. Google: Miller Photography and go to Basl wedding and also Mindy & Louis. If you want any ideas or anything let me know. I love helping. Tata for now, Pam

Kelly said...

You guys look GREAT! And this place is just darling, I would have not wanted to leave!!! The food is so quaint and unique, it seems like a very special place....hey nice place to take your soon to be daughter in law!!!!
I just love it!


Judy said...

What a wonderful outing. Everything looks so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

Oh my! That looks like so much fun! Where was this at? Please email me the directions ! Even the country store looks great :)
So good to know you had fun !

Sondra said...

I just love that adorable tea parlor! I have never been to a place like that. Funny how you were saying pink and black go so neat together. I looked down and realized that is what I wore to work today. LOL! I LOVE your dishes that Kathi got you. Those are fabulous. My sister, mom and I are doing our birthday get together this week too. We are Oct. 2, 8 and 10 and always do them together, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you again.

~~Deby said...

Happy Birthday to all of you...
The tea room looks WONDERFUL, Sharon....BLISS...and all the other shops too....I would have enjoyed it all too...
Y'all done great with your gift giving.

Sharon said...

Hi Mardell,

I do really value and appreciate our loving family. I do feel so blessed and am so grateful.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Hugs, Sharon

Cottage Contessa said...

Wow what a fabulous day you all had together! I just love the way you all love and support each other, it's a wonderful thing you have with your family sweetie! Happy birthday to you all!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Stephanie said...

My daughter and friend went in search of this cute place and couldnt find the Country Store next store to the Tea Parlour!!! They were on Wallace Rd in Keizer and couldnt find a thing......
I know it weird, but we wanted to find it! LOL
If you could, would you email me the directions to this! Thank you so much :)

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