Friday, October 17, 2008

Finishing touches.......

We are down to the wire here! The wedding is in one day! I just wanted to show you what we have been up to as far as last minute things. I printed and mailed the rehearsal dinner invitations.

Called to confirm our reservations and go over the menu one more time at the darling little romantic Italian restaurant where we are having the rehearsal dinner.
Brittany and Kenzie came over for dinner one night and afterwards we watched a movie. Brittany and I had a little assembly line going to make the little bags of lavender for the guests to throw on the couple after the wedding.
In Oregon it is illegal to throw rice because it hurts the birds, so a lot of people throw birdseed, but Brittany had the idea to throw lavender! We just sat there and hammered them out. I think we made about 150 that night and she needed 300 total, so she finished the rest off her self.
They smell divine! Also, if people don't throw the lavender, they can have the little bag and use it as a sachet for their lingerie drawers! Eric and the boys and I went to Wal-Mart to get their shoes and belts. Hey, why pay big bucks for shoes that they will all probably only wear this one time???
The look a little confused.........
........but we found four pair that match and work for all of them!
On Tuesday I took my first born son out for a special Mother/Son lunch to celebrate that he is getting married. We had such a wonderful visit and talked about everything. Afterward we went to, where else......Goodwill!
On Wednesday morning Eric took Mackenzie out for a special Father/Son breakfast to celebrate the upcoming wedding. We are so proud of our son and are so very happy for him!
My hubby being silly and modeling after he finally tried on his clothes for the wedding, and, whew, they all fit perfectly! I guess being married for 26 years makes me an expert on his size! Now mind you, I purchased these clothes well over a month ago and he didn't try them on until three days before the wedding! Men!
Here's all the wedding clothes for Eric and I and our three other sons. Guess who will be doing all the ironing!! But that's okay, I am honored to prepare these wedding clothes! I will put on a favorite vintage movie (probably Doris Day) and I'll have me a good ole time!
Oh my....what could possibly be in here????
Yep, cans to help decorate the get away car! My son's are all groomsmen and this will be one of their responsibilities! I took this picture last Sunday at church. This is the same place where they will be getting married tomorrow! We were talking after church saying, oh my goodness, the wedding is less than a week away, and now it is just a day away! This sanctuary will be magically transformed into a beautiful dreamland where they will say their vows of love and commitment before the Lord.

I had such fun at Brittany's bachelorette party. Her mother and sister were there and her very good friends. We had a blast. Tonight is rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner and then tomorrow is the big day! Oh, my goodness, I am getting so excited! Please pray that everything goes off perfectly! I will get pictures up as soon as I have them!

God bless you!

"Above all, keep loving one another earnestly." I Peter 4:8

Love, Sharon


~Karen~ said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm getting goose bumps just reading and remembering our girl's weddings. What a special time for you all!
Best wishes to these two beautiful children of God. Happy Wedding Fun!!

jen said...

Good luck tonight-I am sure it will be great! I am excited for you! We just had 2 weddings in our family and they were both so much fun!

Can't wait to see photos-thanks for sharing this special time with us ladies who read your blog.

All the Best to Your Son and Daughter-In-Law


Jennifer in Canada

Jennifer said...

Hi Sharon! I just want to say congratulations. Will pray for you all today too! I am so excited to see wedding pictures!! &ou'd think I was invited!!

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Sharon, What a time for joy. Enjoy every minute!

Here's to Mackenzie and Brittany - May God richly bless your lives with much happiness and many cherished moments. Best wishes for a wonderful, loving, fun-filled marriage!

PS Can't wait to see pics from the big day.

Natasa said...

Wish you all beautiful day tomorrow...

Willa said...

Hi Sharon,

I am praying for you and for the beautiful wedding I know it will be. This is such an exciting time for you - to officially get your daughter in love. What a sacred time of celebration you will have.

You will be one tired girl tomorrow night - but so happy. I have been through it 3 times and each time was so special. It is also interesting to see what each daughter will want for her wedding.
You will have that to look forward to.

Can't wait to see the pictures when its over with. You will all look so nice.


Mrs.Ruiz said...

everything you describe is so sweet it makes me tear up. Best wishes to your son and his bride.

Kathi said...

Sharon, What a fun and special time this is. Your time making the lavender baggies with Brittany is so sweet. It's neat that you are such a smart shopper. I'm so happy for you for all of the special moments this week. You are organized and have taken care of so many details. I admire your way of doing things. I love you, Kathi

Carol said...

I can tell you're so excited! All the plans look so wonderful, you've done a great job with all the details. I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly & everyone stays calm & enjoys this special event! It goes by so quickly, ENJOY!

Elena said...

Congratulations and best wishes to all. How exciting!

luvmy4sons said...

How exciting. Wow! I pray for a blessed time...for all to go smoothly, for God to bless this union and that it glorify Him through the years to come, for your mother's heart to be still and not overcome and full of peace and joy. I pray God's blessing upon this event. I pray Jesus be paolpably felt through the entire time. God speed.

Deb said...

Hi Sharon! I can truly feel your excitement. I'm sure this is going to be a wonderful event! And especially in the eyes of the Lord! My prayers are that everything goes according to plans and that it's a beautiful day for all. Deb

I can't wait to see the pictures!

Linda said...

Hi Sharon...I so happy and excited for you all....for some reason I'm a little teary weddings have that affect on me and then Dean is singing...oh, my. I know everthing is going to be perfect and tonight will be wonderful too.

Wishing Brittany and Kenzie a most happy and joyous life together...blessings to them both.

I'm looking forward to pictures....hugs, Linda

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh my gosh sweetie, things are getting exciting!!!!! I really can't wait to see all the photo's from this beautiful wedding. Wishing you all the very best!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Judy said...

Oh Sharon, I'm so excited for you. I hope and pray the day turns out to be as beautiful as the wedding itself. I can't wait to see pictures.
Hugs to you,

Sunflower Farm said...

It all sounds very exciting. I hope the day goes as you all dreamed of. Have a wonderful time

Jan Parrish said...

Oh Sharon, it all goes by so fast. So just cherish each moment. I also recommend you get someone else to take photo's so you can relax and enjoy yourself. I'll be praying for you! What a beautiful time!

Sondra said...

What a neat idea to use lavender. Enjoy the big day to the fullest :)

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