Friday, October 31, 2008

Homecoming Week Fun!

Last week was homecoming week at the high school. The kids had fun activities all week. On this particular day it was "twin" day. My son, Grayson, and his girlfriend, Rachelle, dressed up like twins! Aren't they just gorgeous! LOL! Good dental hygiene is highly over rated! Hee, hee! Rachelle made the t-shirts and they are so cute! When they stand together it makes a big heart in the front. Grayson's contribution to their outfits was the headbands, glasses and the beautiful teeth!
Awe.....true love!!!
The back of the shirts say "girlfriend" and "boyfriend". Grayson told me that a lot of kids at school said that they had the best "twins" outfits!
On Wednesday night they had "Heman" volleyball where the boys played volleyball, and for the girls they had "Powder puff" football. It was so fun! All the kids dressed up really crazy. The different classes competed against each other. The first game was freshman vs. seniors, so here's my youngest son, Hayden, and his class on the court ready to play against Grayson and his class.
And here's Grayson! Isn't he dressed wild! He has Rachelle's number painted on his chest, #6.
Hayden's hitting the ball here.
Some of the guys dressed up so funny! Here's Grayson's friend that hair!
And here's Aleks. Dig the pink shorts and pink bandanna Aleks!
Hayden didn't dress up very much, just all black with long socks.
The seniors beat the freshman!
I told Grayson that he looks like a guy from a 1970s detective show!
After Heman volleyball we all went outside to watch the girls play powder puff football. Grayson said that a big bunch of senior girls came to him earlier in the week and asked him to be their coach and he decided to do it. It was a good move on their's the first time they have ever won! Hayden was the coach for the freshman team too! They didn't fair so well though. Rachelle played for the juniors and she looked pretty cute out there!
Here they are after the game! Love the school spirit!
Rachelle and her friends. They had their boyfriend's football numbers painted on the back of their shirts.
What a fun week! Tomorrow I will show the football homecoming game and pictures of the kids before the big homecoming dance.

It's kind of a sad day for us, tonight is Grayson's last football game. It has been kind of a disappointing season for the boys (we're 4-5), but also a good season. Grayson did have lots of fun. We have gone to every game except one (the night of the wedding rehearsal) and we are so proud of our son. Tonight is senior night and they honor the seniors. All the parents are invited down onto the field and we give our sons balloons and gifts and they boys read a tribute to their parents. I hope I don't cry!

Happy Halloween!

"I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God." Isaiah 61:10

Smiles, Sharon

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This project's a HOOT!

Just wanted to share with you a very easy little project! I have several of these vintage die cut cardboard holiday decorations. This is a very large owl that I found at the Goodwill;I found a whole box of these vintage decorations that once belonged to a school teacher. Isn't he amazing! The graphics are so awesome. I couldn't find anyplace to hang him, so I decided to glue a ribbon on the back and hang him in front of a bookcase.
All I did was get some old black rickrack and cut it to size.
Then I hot-glued it on the back.
It's simple as pie!
I hung it in our home office in front of the bookcase.
Here is a turkey that I did last year. This one I did a little different, I used a hole punch and made two holes and then tide the ribbon on. Aren't his colors beautiful!
And here is the pheasant that I made last year too.
It is such a cute way to display these old holiday decorations. Where else should this wise old owl be except in the library with all my books!

"Give to the Lord the glory He deserves." Psalm 96:8

Hugs, Sharon

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Inside my fridge

Does your fridge ever get like this???
It seems like mine gets like this all the time!
It's absolutely full and absolutely messy! There are tons of leftovers and expired bottles of who knows what! It's time to clean this baby!
This is much better! I took everything out, scrubbed the whole thing with bleach water, threw out the old expired things, combined like items and put it all back in an organized fashion. I feel so ashamed when I see the food that we wasted. I try hard to save money and be organized with our food, but it seems some how we end up wasting food. I would love to hear some suggestions on how to help prevent wasting food.
I wish it looked like this all the time, but it doesn't.
I guess that's the way it is when you have a big family. I know I am so blessed that my fridge is full and not empty. Here in America we are so blessed with food and full tummies. While we're looking in my fridge, I thought I would give you a couple of tips. I make my husband's sandwich every single day that he works. Most of the time he likes a meat sandwich with lettuce and onions on it.
I wanted to find a more efficient way to make these sandwiches. I found that if I prewash my lettuce and tear it into sandwich size pieces and store it in the fridge it makes it much easier for me to make his sandwich. The first step is washing it, rinsing it and tearing it into the appropriate size.
I rinse it and drain it.
Then I lay it on paper towels to dry.
Then I wrap up groups of lettuce in paper towels and roll it up.
And I put them in an airtight container. Then all week when I am making Eric's sandwich I just grab the box of lettuce, open it and take out a couple of pieces. It is so easy and makes it much quicker for me to make his sandwiches.
I also do a similar thing with the onions.
First I slice them.
Then I place them in an airtight container.
Snap the lid on and put it in the fridge. The next time I make a sandwich, I have pre-sliced clean onions ready to go! I also have done this with tomatoes as well. It works great!
Both containers fit nicely in my produce drawer. The lettuce and onions on average last about two weeks! This really saves me time and makes my life that much easier!

"You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence." Acts 2:28

Hugs, Sharon

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More fall decorating!

This is the first thing you see when you enter my home. I decorated the entryway table with a couple of vintage ceramic pheasants and some faux pumpkins. My friend, Jill, gave me the Happy Halloween sign and I just love it.
I tucked a little candle inside an antique transferware teacup along with some candy corn.
On the staircase landing I have three light up jack-o-lanterns and a fabric scarecrow that my son, Mackenzie, bought for me. This little scene looks so cute at night. By the way, these vintage light ups are very collectable now and are going for around $60.00 to $80.00! I found all of mine at garage sales and good will for under $2.00 each!
On top of the computer desk I put a really cute little scarecrow man that I found at Goodwill along with the two new crows that I found at the Dollar Tree and a carved pumpkin votive holder.
This is my new very cool cast iron pot that I found in the summer at a Goodwill. If you recall when I first showed this to you, I practically dove for this one! I also found the cute little squirrel plaque at Goodwill too.
Oh, I just love this! I love the raised leaf pattern on it. It looks pretty at night with candles burning in it.
Here's my little bookshelf in the kitchen.
I love this cute little bucket!
Mmmmm candy! I love to decorate with seasonal candy.
This is my collection of vintage Halloween items. It's hard to find vintage Halloween things because they would get ruined or people just threw them away. There are many items out there, but they are very expensive. I get excited when I find an old piece that is cheap at a garage sale.
I like to focus more on the fun parts of Halloween and I just do kittys, scarecrows, owls, etc.
Here's the little corner by the coffee pot. I guess I do have a scary spider here!
This cute mini wreath is one of the new items that I bought at the neat country store I went to with my mother and sisters for our birthdays. I love it!
Here's my fall windowsill display. My good friend Mareta made the kitty with the orange dress and the smiling pumpkin man in the back out of sculpy clay. She is so talented.
I put together this little vignette in the center of the counter in the kitchen. I think it looks warm and cozy!
Here's a little display on the coffee table in the living room.
I put a vintage squirrel planter with a colander filled with fall colored potpourri and an amber colored votive holder.
For the mantel I hung my fall swag that I made several years ago and I put some fall garland on the mantle shelf.
Here's a close up.
What's a holiday season without holiday mugs? Another way I decorate for the seasons is by bringing out my seasonal mugs. I love to take hot chocolate to my sons in the morning while they are still in bed. It's just a little tradition I have done for many years that we all think is special and fun. I like to use a cute tray as well. I do this for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter. I also do it with regular mugs on "just because" days.
In the dining room I changed out the tablecloth for a beautiful burgundy fall looking cloth and added a burnt orange runner. The centerpiece is a horn of plenty that I found at (where else) the Goodwill. I found the two cute little squirrels at a thrift store when I was on my girls get away trip with the Bag Ladies last June. I like things that are not only decorative, but they are also sentimental and having meaning to me.
I made the pheasant banner last year, click here to see the directions. I simply hot glued vintage ribbon on the back of a vintage window hanging. This year I found the cute golden acorns that are hanging on the cabinet pulls.
Aren't' these gorgeous! I think they are Christmas ornaments. I love how they look! For a simple fall touch I just sat a cute little fabric pumpkin on a chair in the living room. A small and simple touch that makes a big statement!

I hope you are enjoying your fall season!

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Hugs, Sharon
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