Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We got crabby!

Eric, Hayden and I woke up early a few weeks ago, packed a lunch, dressed warm, hooked up the boat and took off. My husband had gone a few weeks prior with his father, Hayden and nephew Nick and they had such good luck, he wanted to go back out and I wanted to go with him.
We drove quite a way to this cute little coastal town and headed to the marina.
We put the boat in the water and had a great morning of crabbing!
Here's the first mate, Hayden, battening down the boat.
We pulled up to this cute little bait store that is floating out along the jetty.
We picked up some bait. I love how quaint this is!
Hayden got to drive the boat!
Eric and Hayden prepared the nets.
They put some old fish that we had from our freezer along with some of the new bait we bought. Eric puts the bait in little nets and then puts it inside the crab ring.
Down it goes into the sea. We have five of these nets.
We dump off a net and drive a little ways and drop off another. They are marked by floaters (which are old milk jugs that Eric painted) so we will know where to find them.
We drove around and fished for awhile as we waited for the traps to hopefully fill up with crabs!
Here I am braving the cold ocean air. I ended up getting a tad bit sea fun!
Oh look! A full net! Awesome!
Eric and Hayden pull them up out of the water and dump the crabs out.
We can only keep the males and we have to measure each one. They have to be a certain size, we have to throw back the small ones.
This looks like a keeper!

Hayden has his own style of measuring!
Captain Eric at the stern of our ship! :0)
Oh, oh, this one is near empty. This happens more often than not. It takes all morning to get enough crab for dinner.
Well, the weather is turning sour, so it is time to head home. And thankfully, we got enough for dinner! Yummy! What a fun day with my husband and son!

And Jesus said to them, "Cast the net on the right-hand side of the boat and you will find a catch." John 21:6

Love, Sharon


Judy said...

I know that feeling of getting sea sick. I have gotten sick on our boat a few times and it is no fun. I have never been crabbing, it does look like a lot of fun. I'm curious as to how you prepare the crabs though.
Have a good day today :)

luvmy4sons said...

Wow! Wht fun! That is go crabbing yourselves! Here in is unimagineable. What a blessing!

Kathi said...

What a fun day Sharon, except the sea-sick part. You look cute with your hair like that. That crab will taste might good. Have a great day sister. Love, Kathi

linda said...

Sorry for the sea sickness...that would be me too!

Glad you enjoyed the morning with hubby and son. I'm heading out on vacation with my hubby and son tomorrow...can't wait!

Take care and talk to you soon!

Ruthie said...

Wow - I've never seen any pictures of crab fishing (is that what they call it?) before. Quite an experience, I'm sure - except for the seasickness.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I get car sick, and Shawn gets Sea Sick, so arent we the fun pair!
Too bad we missed you last weekend ! But we are your town alot, so sometime we will just have to drive down. Or the next time you and Kathi/Kelli are all in the same spot I'll make the time to come visit.

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
Wow, I've never had crabs before ~ can you believe it? Eric & Hayden look like pros out there. I got sea sick on a boat when I went to VA Beach (the first time & last that I'd ever seen an ocean.) Uuugh, that was awful. I'd love to see the ocean again, but for now I'll stick to the lakes! :o)

Yes, your hair looks super cute!


Cottage Contessa said...

You and your family always have such cool adventures sweetie, that are just so fun to read about! My dad used to like to go crabbing too when he was alive. Now you are making me want to eat some crab today! lol Have a lovely day Sharon!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Kellan said...

WOW - what fun - I thought I was watching The Deadliest Catch (which I LOVE, btw) there for a moment - tee hee! What great pictures and crab - I love crab. Loved seeing these pictures of this fun day!

Thanks for stopping by my site - so nice to see you. Hope to see you again soon, Sharon.


Sharon said...

Hi Mardell,

That's too bad you got so sea sick! It does not feel good, a little like morning sickness! I think I was a little dizzy in my head and my eyes felt weird for about a week after that.

Hope you have a great evening!

Sharon said...

Judy - you asked how we prepared the crab. My husband does all of it, for which I am grateful! He boils them in a giant pot over the propane stove outside. They stink really bad when you are cooking them. After they have boiled for about 10 minutes we let them cool and crack them open with our hands or with nut crackers. They taste so marvelous!

xox Sharon

Brenda said...

Oh Sharon I have never got to do anything like this. It looks like a blast. Id love to live so I could do that.
You know your baby is growing up so fast. Don't tell the others,but he is getting cuter too =)

Tamara Jansen said...

That looks like tons of fun!

Rosemary said...

Aw, I"m sorry you got sea sick,but what a fun day! I've never been crabbing, but I sure love to eat them! Rosemary

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