Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Special Delivery! All the way from Australia!!!!

Look what I got in the mail! Sweet Amanda from Cottage Contessa picked lil' ol' me as the winner of her give away! I am so excited! This package came half way across the world, all the way from Australia!
Oh, I'm so excited......what can it be?
There's a sweet card attached!
Isn't it beautiful!
Auh, look how sweet she is too!
Oh my goodness, she packed so many wonderful gifts in that small package! Look at the lovely heart shaped mini pillow! I know exactly where that will go, in my red, white and yellow guest room!
I absolutely love this cute friend notebook. Amanda dear, if you are reading this, I was wondering if you made this. I really think its wonderful!
She also sent me a beautiful calender full of gorgeous pictures of Australia and a very pretty journal with a pretty pencil to match. She also gave me the wonderful painted wood sign with a rooster saying "Welcome". He has found a new home hanging on the door knob in the kitchen!
She also sent me a very cool Australian country decorating magazine! It's called Country Collections and it is fabulous!
Here are some of the wonderful pictures. Look at this gorgeous green, pink and white table scape. I love it!
Here's a beautiful country home. I wish I was there right now!
Here's a cute country kitchen, just my style with the cream cabinetry. Look at the cute oven window, it's oval!
Here's a neat bedroom retreat. Very pretty and relaxing! I will enjoy getting ideas from this magazine.
Here's my favorite thing! It is an antique cameo pin.
I have wanted one of these for the longest time! How did you know Amanda? I have it on display in the powder room with all my other antique feminine collectibles.
Here's a picture of Amanda. She is just the sweetest girl. Thank you so much Amanda for picking my name and for sending me the wonderful package of awesome goodies! I love everything! If there were awards in the Blogging world, Amanda would get Miss Congeniality! She is just so nice and she always calls everyone sweetie! I love that about her! Thanks again!

"A good person's words will benefit many people." Proverbs 10:21

Hugs, Sharon


Connie said...

You're a lucky chickee today, Sharon. That's a wonderful giveaway! Amanda looks like a little pixie and so cute. I'd love to have the magazine also. The australians have a place in my heart and I love to view their blogs with the sun drenched land of theirs.

Oh, for a photo tip look at one I put on sept. 27 that give a good tip for getting rid of the flash spot on your photos. Great tip and works like a charm. Promise!!


Judy said...

What a wonderful surprise! The gifts are so lovely, enjoy them.

luvmy4sons said...

All such lovely things! It is so neat the way God entwines our lives! I enjoyed the pictures! She is lovely!

Happy @ Home said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for your recent visit and kind comments.

Congratulations to you on winning this giveaway. What fun and lovely things you received and all the way from Australia. Too cool.


Kathi said...

What a lovely package. Amanda is such a kind and sweet person. She sent such pretty things. I love that cameo and that magazine. How very special.

Have a lovely day. Love, Kathi

Lille meg said...

Lucky you! How sweet of your friend to give you all this things!
Enjoy it! I am sure you do.....
Nice to read.
Have a wondeful day!

Kellan said...

WOW - what a wonderful gift package - you lucky duck! I love the cameo - how beautiful!

Take care - Kellan

A Romantic Porch said...

That is wonderful Sharon, I'm so glad you won! xo rachel

Tamara Jansen said...

What an exciting parcel :)

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh wow sweetie, what a lovely post, thank you! It was a true pleasure sending you that package, and I am thrilled that you like it all! Wishing you a wonderful day my dear friend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

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