Monday, September 29, 2008

Mission accomplished!

Okay, so I head out to the mall to shop for my "mother of the groom" dress for the wedding. I am a bit concerned because I have peeked at a few stores and looked on line and I could not find anything. I prayed before I left that the Lord would help me find the perfect dress. I started out and I was not finding much at all. If the store did have dresses they looked like this, black! Black was everywhere! I went to 10 clothing stores at the mall. I started at one end and worked my way to the other end. I was finding lots of dresses like this, either way too formal and slinky........

.........or too young looking and prom looking. I did not want a dress like this one. I did not want to look like the traditional "mother of the bride". I want to look classic, simple and elegant. I do not want to look like I am trying to get attention, but I also don't want to look old and frumpy. I would like to find something that coordinates nicely with the colors that Brittany and Mackenzie have chosen, which is a peachy rose. Hey, this dress might work, maybe I'll try it on! Hey, this dress has possibilities. I actually think I am loving it! Hey, I think I found my dress! Yea! I HAVE found my dress! Wrap it up......I'll take it! :0) I found my dress at JC Penny's, the very last store I looked at. I am so thankful and so thrilled! Look at this beautiful fabric. For some reason, the lighting in this picture changed the color a bit.
This is actually the real color, it is a burgundy red. The dress looks like a fancy party dress. It has a little of the roaring 20s feel. I just love it! I bought Eric his clothes for the wedding too with a tie that matches my dress. I bought all the accessories for my dress. Look at this nummy jewelry! I love the vintage look of it. Check out the shoes!!!! They have a bit of a 40s flare to them. I also bought a cute little handbag too! I am all set for my son's big day! Thank you Lord for blessing me and helping me to find the perfect dress!

"Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart." Philippians 4:6

Love, Sharon


Connie said...

My motto for clothing is "tasteful and modest", sweet chickee, and I think you've done that. Plus the red says something also........;-) Very pretty, honey.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That looks great. I'm glad you found your dress and the accesories too. That color will look great on you.

Judy said...

Beautiful! You are going to look great. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures.

jennifer said...

All of it is gorgeous!! Glad that He answered your prayer. There is nothing that we can't take to him in prayer!!!

Jennifer said...

WOW Sharon! Very pretty dress. I L-O-V-E the accessories as well. You did a great job picking them out. I am terrible at doing that kinda stuff. Maybe I should hire you to shop for me! Cant wait to see all the wedding pics!

Simply Heart And Home said...


What beautiful colors you chose! It took me a long time to find my dress for my daughter's wedding. I ran into the same predicament as you did. I ended up getting a very pretty soft lavender floral dress form Coldwater Creek.

How many days until the wedding?


Elena said...

Beautiful outfit! I just love JC Penny. For Easter I just couldn't find a beautiful fluffy dress for my daughter until I went to Pennys. They had a beautiful selection and the right price! I was like you I checked every store in the Mall and ended up at Pennys:)

Joyfull said...

The dress and completed look will be gorgeous! My sons are just a little younger than yours and I am gleaning so much from your example of these upcoming years and events. Thank you for sharing the details of the big and little things in the life of your family. Your blog is a blessing to me!

linda said...

Beautiful...and I can't wait to see pictures of you all dressed up for the big day. I know everyone is going to look gorgeous!

God is good isn't he!! He supplied everything down to the handbag!

Tamara Jansen said...

Your choice looks classy and perfect! I especially love the earings.....that's my favorite brand!

I'll keep checking back on you to see how things are going :)

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Well, my goodness girl, you're going to be gorgeous! I've always thought you look great in red. :o) Your selection of accessories are beautiful. You must be so relieved that you're all set now. Isn't the wedding on the 18th of Oct? Speaking of which, how is their house coming along?

Lots of hugs,

littleladyboutique said...

Your outfit is absolutely beautiful! :):):) And the color is gorgeous. :):):) Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding. :):):) Blessings, Stephanie

Jan Parrish said...

Well, you didn't show us much but I believe that was the plan. Can't wait to see how it all comes together. Congratulations. What I saw looked great.

Our kids married 6 weeks apart so I had to shop for both dresses at the same time. I did it all in one day too.

Willa said...


You will be one gorgeous Mother of the Groom - its so much fun to buy all the clothing and accessories. I loved doing it when our 3 sons got married. The first one 10 years ago and the middle one 5 years ago and the youngest 4 years ago.

I can't wait to see the pictures of your family after the big day.
I know you will have a great day, but it will be a little emotional so get out your hankie.


Kathi said...

Sharon, You are going to look "smashing." I love your dress and all your accessories. I love it that Eric's tie will match you. Perfect! It is awesome how God answers and cares. Love ya, Kathi

Michelle said...

What beautiful things...oooh, I can't wait until the'll be absolutely breathtaking, I'll just bet!

Seriously, it's going to be such a wonderful time in your lives and I couldn't be more pleased for your family!


Sharon said...

Hi Mardell! Thank you so much! I am excited about my dress and accessories, I'm glad you like them. Yes, the wedding is the 18th and it is getting closer and closer. It will be so wonderful!

Have a great evening!

:0) Sharon

Kim said...

I agree that you shouldn't have to look frumpy as the mother of the groom. I'm glad you chose something with a strong color and can't wait for the pictures.
Thank you for letting us have an inside peek at the wedding.

Jennifer said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for visiting my blog again. I have to echo joyfull's comments here. My children are only 2 and 4 and I hope God will give me more, but your blog is such a blessing to me. I can see that at every stage of mothering there are wonderful blessings to enjoy from God.

Kelly said...


Seriously my breath is taken away - I LOVE THAT COLOR! Those accessories? FABULOUS! I cannot wait to see the dress and keep praying for the big day to be a wonderful celebration of love, family and Christ!!!!!!

(P.S. My MIL wore one like the beige number that you posted - eek!! It's soooo not me. My mom on the other hand had a gorgeous teal and black number with beading and her own train, LOL!)

Kelly said...

You always have luck at Penney's! I think it is gorgeous, I cannot wait to see you in it the shoes and jewelry and all!


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