Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Unearthed Treasure

I just had to show this. Do you remember when I blogged about getting our new furnace and having the workmen come over to clean out our vents? Well, one of the workmen handed me this and said he found it in the vent in Grayson's old room.
It is a rock that I painted for Grayson with a fire engine on it. When Grayson was just a tiny little guy he LOVED fire trucks! I would say his love for firetrucks started when he was about 18 months old or even younger. He would freak out whenever he saw one and he had quite a big collection of them.

One of our traditional summer activities I did with all four of my boys when they were little was to sit out on the back deck and paint rocks. The boys and I had so many good memories of painting rocks with all different sorts of patterns and colors.

I was thrilled that the man found this rock because I had forgotten all about it and it brings me back such wonderful memories! Grayson was happy to see this old rock again too as it brought him so many good memories too!

I found the below picture while looking through our old albums and just had to post it! It is Grayson at a parade holding a blue balloon watching in awe as the firetrucks drove by! So precious!
"The Lord is my rock, in Him will I trust." II Samuel 22:2

xox, Sharon


Michelle said...

Oh, that's so nice the rock was found - what happy memories! Our kids grow up so quickly, don't they? I'm having a hard time my oldest is already a high school senior! Where DOES the time go?!

Thanks for your prayers & encouragement,'re a sweetie!

God bless ya!

Kelly said...

That is so cool! Brianna painted one of a lady bug this summer and really got a kick out of it!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That's cute. I'm glad it was rescued from the vent.

Just think. Some day you can paint rocks with grandchildren and make new memories.

Deb said...

Hi Sharon, what a great memory to be unearthed. I'm glad it found it's way back. That makes it a Rock of Ages :O) Deb

Kelly said...

Wow, Shar! That is the coolest thing. :o) You've totally gotta host some sort of post about family treasures now. ;o)

P.S. Grace's newest obsession is Thomas the Tank Engine, which she became enamored with because we have a freight train that runs through town (read: just past our house basically, LOL). It's so neat to hear her talk about "engine this" and "engine that". I bet it was the same way with firetrucks in your house!

Kathi said...

What a treasure. That is so cute that he love fire trucks and you painted one for him. I love it that you always did such creative things with your boys. You taught me to paint with my kids. I remember you had all the kids paint walking sticks when we went camping; such sweet memories. Have a great day. Love ya, Kathi

Judy said...

You are such a wonderful mom. I love seeing what you have done with your children.

Linda said...

How cool to have found this after all these years. Little things mean a lot and hold all sorts of wonderful memories...Hugs, lInda

BittersweetPunkin said...

What a great memory Sharon...I hope you give that rock a place of honor!

Jan Parrish said...

What a wonderful memory. I still have two painted rocks the kids made for me. I use them as paper weights and they are priceless treasures.

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