Friday, September 26, 2008

#14 is a Great Number!

Hayden is a freshman and plays on the high school's Junior Varsity football team. He came home the other day with his new jersey. He walked in the door acting all proud and cocky saying, "guess what number they gave me Mom.........." I turned around and he had on #14. He had on one of those faces that is trying not to smile, but is kind of smiling. He was really honored and excited to get this number because you see, it is his older brother Grayson's number! Grayson is a senior this year. I asked him if he was sure he was okay with getting Grayson's number and he said "yea".
I was so touched that he wanted his older, cool brother's football number! All the guys think that Hayden is a good athlete like Grayson and they look so much alike, so they call him "Lil G". It's really neat too because when they are at practice together, Grayson is very proud of his little brother too and nobody better mess with his little brother!
He seems to like his new nick name.
I'm happy for him. He is doing really well in football. I took these funny pictures because this is all he seems to do when he is at home, eat, eat, eat, sleep, eat some more and then eat again!
I have a friend, Shelby, who is studying photography and she sent me these awesome pictures of Hayden playing in his game the other night. I definitely think she has talent, these pictures are wonderful. Here's Hayden running with the ball..........I think he has talent too! LOL!
These pictures look like they are out of Sports Illustrated!
She also did some neat treatments on some of them. Take a good look at the picture above and then look at the same picture below.
She turned all the other kids black and white and left Hayden color! Isn't that so cool! She did the same to these two photos.
I love what she did. She is going to take some pictures of Grayson in tonight's game. Wish us luck for tonight's game, the varsity team has won two games and lost two games and we really need this win. When Hayden plays varsity he wears #99 since Grayson already has #14.
I actually took the picture above, not bad with my little camera! Here he is running with the ball.
I got this picture of him after the game. His team has lost all four of their games, but they seem to be improving. Hayden has been playing pretty well and getting lots of experience and having tons of fun.

I hope that all of you have wonderful weekends!

"One who trusts in the Lord is secure." Proverbs 29:25

In Him ~ Sharon


Connie said...

I LOVE that first picture of Hayden running (cars in the background), chickee!! That is awesome the way your friend caught him in the air like that. Cute kid; almost as cute as my little grandson!! LOL

Connie said...

Your two boys sound like mine. (senior and a sophomore)Big brother is the stud and no one messes with 'lil bro. These are wonderful memory making times. I love reading about your family.

Deb said...

Hi Sharon, just stopping to say Hi. I wish Hayden's team good luck tonight, and I glad he gets his brothers number. The chicken you cooked looks tasty I'm going to have to try that Marinade. I hate what happened to you pinic basket but as you know dogs will be dogs and he sure did flatten that basket. Loved your crab fishing outing boy! you guys get around. I don't think that I'll ever get to do that but I really enjoyed seeing you guys do it. I hope you have something great planned for this weekend, have fun! Deb

Jennifer said...

Hi Sharon

My favorite picture is the first one where Hayden is colored in and the others are black and white. Thats a photo worth framing!

Jan Parrish said...

Go 14! I love the brotherly connection.

luvmy4sons said...

What a great number. What a great looking football player. I love football. Thanks for asking about my son. He finally recovered from his symptoms but not in enough time to get into tonight's game unfortunately. They are very strict about how you reenter after a concussion. No skipping steps.

Mary said...


It's wonderful that Hayden got Grayson's number. I'm sure he is proud and that Grayson is proud of him. Your boys are such a delight. I always enjoy hearing what they are doing. Seems you have some football players on your hands.

I did a bit of catch-up and that chicken recipe sounds delicious. We can't get that particular marinade here, but there are others that would work well. And the price per serving is fantastic. You are so thrify.

Your poor basket. I'm sorry that Bailey tore it up. It was a game for her and she probably had fun doing it. I can see her when you found out - ears down and tail between her legs. She is beautiful though.

Take care, my friend. It's been a while. I'm glad you stopped by my Writing Nook and commented on my fairies. I always enjoy visiting with you. Drop by again soon.

Blessings for a great weekend.

Kathi said...

Sharon, I love the love between your two boys. That is such a wonderful joy for a mother. What awesome pictures. Shelby did a great job. Hugs and love to see ya at next Friday's game. Kathi

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