Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No more Sunny days

This is our kitty, Sunny. This is when she was a tiny little kitten back in 2001.
This is my son, Mackenzie, when he was 17. Sunny is his cat and he loved her so much. Can you see her sitting on the blanket on the other side of him and he has his hand on her, gently petting her. He came home from school one day and beeeeggggged me for a kitten. His friend's cat had kittens and he wanted one sooooo bad!
You guessed it..... I caved, and we got the kitten. He picked out the little gray tiger striped kitten and he named her Sunny.
Everyone in the family just loved Sunny! She was an adorable kitten. She has such a sweet personality. Here's a picture of Hayden with Sunny asleep in his lap. Auh, she is so cute!
Here's an old picture of Grayson, Hayden and Cameron in their secret fort (it's so cute, you can see that Grayson has a microscope on his lap......boys! I just love em!!!!). You can see Sadie, our old dog, tied up back there by Hayden and Cameron is holding our new kitten Sunny.

Sadie was a new pet to us at the time too. She was a four month old puppy when we got her. She was such a sweet dog. She actually let Sunny nurse on her! Isn't that just the cutest thing! Sadie was a border collie and she was a perfect dog. We loved her so much, but she died almost one year ago. We miss her greatly. We do love our new dog, Bailey, though too.
Well, last week Mackenzie came over and took Sunny to his new house. This was the plan, as soon as he had a place that he could have pets he wanted to take his cat. Sunny has grown to be a beautiful cat now and she is still very sweet.
I actually got a little choked up as he packed her up in the car and drove away.
I called Mackenzie the next day to see how she was doing. He said the drive home was horrible! She cried and bawled the whole drive home, but he said now she has adjusted quite nicely and is enjoying her new home!
Goodbye Sunny, we will miss you. I hope you like your new home with Mackenzie and Brittany!

"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal." Proverbs 12:10

Love, Sharon

Special Delivery! All the way from Australia!!!!

Look what I got in the mail! Sweet Amanda from Cottage Contessa picked lil' ol' me as the winner of her give away! I am so excited! This package came half way across the world, all the way from Australia!
Oh, I'm so excited......what can it be?
There's a sweet card attached!
Isn't it beautiful!
Auh, look how sweet she is too!
Oh my goodness, she packed so many wonderful gifts in that small package! Look at the lovely heart shaped mini pillow! I know exactly where that will go, in my red, white and yellow guest room!
I absolutely love this cute friend notebook. Amanda dear, if you are reading this, I was wondering if you made this. I really think its wonderful!
She also sent me a beautiful calender full of gorgeous pictures of Australia and a very pretty journal with a pretty pencil to match. She also gave me the wonderful painted wood sign with a rooster saying "Welcome". He has found a new home hanging on the door knob in the kitchen!
She also sent me a very cool Australian country decorating magazine! It's called Country Collections and it is fabulous!
Here are some of the wonderful pictures. Look at this gorgeous green, pink and white table scape. I love it!
Here's a beautiful country home. I wish I was there right now!
Here's a cute country kitchen, just my style with the cream cabinetry. Look at the cute oven window, it's oval!
Here's a neat bedroom retreat. Very pretty and relaxing! I will enjoy getting ideas from this magazine.
Here's my favorite thing! It is an antique cameo pin.
I have wanted one of these for the longest time! How did you know Amanda? I have it on display in the powder room with all my other antique feminine collectibles.
Here's a picture of Amanda. She is just the sweetest girl. Thank you so much Amanda for picking my name and for sending me the wonderful package of awesome goodies! I love everything! If there were awards in the Blogging world, Amanda would get Miss Congeniality! She is just so nice and she always calls everyone sweetie! I love that about her! Thanks again!

"A good person's words will benefit many people." Proverbs 10:21

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mission accomplished!

Okay, so I head out to the mall to shop for my "mother of the groom" dress for the wedding. I am a bit concerned because I have peeked at a few stores and looked on line and I could not find anything. I prayed before I left that the Lord would help me find the perfect dress. I started out and I was not finding much at all. If the store did have dresses they looked like this, black! Black was everywhere! I went to 10 clothing stores at the mall. I started at one end and worked my way to the other end. I was finding lots of dresses like this, either way too formal and slinky........

.........or too young looking and prom looking. I did not want a dress like this one. I did not want to look like the traditional "mother of the bride". I want to look classic, simple and elegant. I do not want to look like I am trying to get attention, but I also don't want to look old and frumpy. I would like to find something that coordinates nicely with the colors that Brittany and Mackenzie have chosen, which is a peachy rose. Hey, this dress might work, maybe I'll try it on! Hey, this dress has possibilities. I actually think I am loving it! Hey, I think I found my dress! Yea! I HAVE found my dress! Wrap it up......I'll take it! :0) I found my dress at JC Penny's, the very last store I looked at. I am so thankful and so thrilled! Look at this beautiful fabric. For some reason, the lighting in this picture changed the color a bit.
This is actually the real color, it is a burgundy red. The dress looks like a fancy party dress. It has a little of the roaring 20s feel. I just love it! I bought Eric his clothes for the wedding too with a tie that matches my dress. I bought all the accessories for my dress. Look at this nummy jewelry! I love the vintage look of it. Check out the shoes!!!! They have a bit of a 40s flare to them. I also bought a cute little handbag too! I am all set for my son's big day! Thank you Lord for blessing me and helping me to find the perfect dress!

"Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart." Philippians 4:6

Love, Sharon

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A fun, busy day!

A few weeks ago we went to the mall to do our back to school shopping. This year it was just me and Hayden.
It was much easier than ever before. I remember a few years back when I took all four boys and it was such a big ordeal to get shirts, pants, sweaters, socks, underwear, coats and shoes for all four of them. And we are not even talking about all the school supplies with notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, etc....Oh my goodness, it took us all day and it cost so much money!
Now we're down to one boy and it only takes under an hour and isn't nearly as expensive! I do miss the old days a little though with all my little blond boys in tow! I always tried to make it fun and we would tag something fun on at the end of our shopping trip like going to the movies or to a thrift store and go out for lunch. I think the boys always cooperated more when they knew that as soon as we were done with the shopping we were going to go do something fun!
When the boys turn 16 and have jobs we started having them buy their own clothing. We still bought their shoes, socks, underwear and coats though. I guess we started this because Eric and I both bought our own clothes and we thought it would teach them responsibility and teach them the skills of budgeting their money.
After we went shopping we stopped at Mickey D's for lunch. We took it to go because we had an important date with Grayson.
We met him at the mini golf course!
We had so much fun!
I have only done this a handful of times in my life and I think it is really fun!

I was able to hold my own against this strong athletic sons of mine!
I started getting my own technique...........
.........oops, perhaps I should try a new technique! LOL!
We had a great time walking and talking as we went along the course. This mini golf course is so cute too!

I think I would like to do this again soon.
I had a great time with my sons.
And they both had a great time too.

Grayson took first place, Hayden second and I was third. I guess I need to get out there more often!
My husband, Eric, was not with us because he took his cousin Jeff to the river to fish. This is what we saw when we came home! It's Jeff holding the giant monster he caught. Needless to say Jeff was ecstatic! This big salmon weighed 40 pounds! I would say a good day was had by all today, except perhaps that fish!!!

"Whoever trusts in the Lord will be enriched." Proverbs 28:25

Fondly, Sharon
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