Friday, August 22, 2008

Taking kids to camp and shopping on the way home!

Stock photo: Virginia and Sharon driving in June of 2008

In mid July my friend Virginia and I took our kids up to church camp. It is up near Portland and is a very long drive, but we had a nice time.
This camp is one of those church camps that is life changing for your kids. They always come home so on fire for God and learn such wonderful truths about God. It is kind of spendy, but to my husband and I, it is so worth it and we feel this has definitely been one of the key points that helped all four of our boys stay on track in life.

After we hugged our kids and said goodbye we headed back home. To make it extra fun we stopped off at the awesomely gross Goodwill outlet store on the way home, which is in Portland.
I have talked about this Goodwill before. Everything is just thrown in huge bins and you have to dig through everything to find your treasures. Then at the end they weigh your cart and you pay .99 cents a pound. Stuff ends up being so cheap and you get really awesome deals! I found the above pretty silk flowers there and I added them to my display of hydrangeas that are on the stair landing. It was a little sparse and needed more flowers to fill it out and these worked perfectly.
I also found this adorable little vintage apron! Isn't it cute!
I was looking for another one of these three tiered dessert plate holders. This will be perfect for entertaining. I have been needing a new picnic blanket and I was excited to find such a pretty one! This is from JC Penny's and looks like it has hardly been used.
Isn't that pattern cute! It seems too nice to throw on the ground for a picnic! I am tempted to use it for a tablecloth for a fun ladies tea sometime.
I was looking for something squarish that would hold my candles in my cabinet in the kitchen and I found this great gridded tray.
It works perfectly!
I also found these two cute fall things. A neat iron basket with metal leaves that are painted orange and this cute fall apple that is a card holder. I thought I would put a vintage fall postcard in it and put it somewhere in the kitchen. Being the antique book lover that I am, I could not resist this darling book, "Hello, Judy!".
To my blogger friends named Judy.......this little book is dedicated to you!!! :0)
Aren't the pictures sweet!
I just can't resist a book with darling pictures like these! I love the big sister washing baby Judy's face! Also, how cute is the little boy washing his face and his little pup watching!

I found all these awesome vintage Christmas ornaments in different bins in the store. I also found this cool silver metal basket. I actually like how the ornaments look in it, perhaps I will leave it like this to decorate next Christmas!
I also found this neat Country Living Christmas book. That is the cool thing about country decorating, it never goes out of style, so it doesn't matter that the book is from 1998!
This was my favorite find! I could hardly believe it when I found it. It is a cast iron pot! Look at the awesome leaf and pine cone design on the top! I practically laid my body on it when I found it!
It is so heavy! This would have cost lots of moola if I paid by the pound, so they gave me a flat rate of $3.00!
I am going to put votives in it and put it on my porch or in my entry way for fall. I just love it!
I didn't take any pictures of Virginia and I together that day, but here is a picture of us last September on a different shopping trip. I am so blessed to have such a great, Godly friend who loves to thrift shop!!!

A few days later the boys came back from camp and they had a great time! They learned so much about the Lord and got closer to Him. I love it when they come home from camp and are on fire for God.

Have a super good weekend!

"Oh Lord, send forth Your light and Your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to Your holy mountain, to the place where You dwell." Psalm 43:3

Warmly, Sharon


Happy @ Home said...

That Goodwill store may be gross, but it looks like a lot of fun for those of us who don't mind digging for treasures.

Enjoyed seeing the fun things you found.

Have a great day,

Kathi said...

Sharon, I am so glad for church camp. It is truly a life changing experience for our children. Your friend, Virginia is a nice blessing in your life.

You found some great treasures, Sharon. I'm so glad for you. Love, Kathi

~~Deby said...

You did GOOD......WOW...
The outlet store in my fairly close...but I have heard *rumors* how gross it is and I have been able to tackle it when I have so many NON-gross thrift shops close by.....I love thrifting...and seeing what others buy..and have often thought of you, while I am in my pursuit...
Good JOB.....
You are the QUEEN for sure...

Rosemary said...

oh my goodness! YOu found lots of treasures! We have one of those gross goodwills too, but its way downtown in a horrid part of town, so i haven't been there in years.

Deb said...

Hi Sharon! Great post! I think it's great for the boys to get to retreat to just get closer to God. It's so needed in this world. I really admire what you and Kathi are doing for your kids. I loved all of your thrift finds I wanted everyone of them. LOL!!! Well, see ya soon. Deb

Pearl said...

Hi Sharon... I've been away for awhile, and am slowly playing my catch up game! I loved hearing that the kids were able to attend church camp... what a blessing that you and your husband could do that for them!

I really enjoyed seeing your GW Treasures! The apron is sweet and I loved the three tiered dessert plate holder, too! Ohhh, and those Christmas ornaments... I would love to find a deal like that... I try to collect those bottle brush trees, but they are so hard to find, and when I do see them, they are usually way to costly. Your precious Children's Book is just so sweet... I adore those kind of books and am always amazed at the artistic talents found within the pages... You came away with some beauties, for sure!

I hope this weekend is wonderful for you and your dear family... God bless...


Linda said...

You found the neatest treasures...I adore the sweet apron and the quilt is a great find, love the Christmas goodies too! Wishing you a happy weekend...hugs, Linda

luvmy4sons said...

I have never sent my kids to any kind of camp. Sounds like they might be missing out. I am always amazed at the neat things you find!

Jan Parrish said...

Love that cast iron pot. How fun!

Those camping experiences will always hold wonderful memories for your kids. I think you are on the right track there. Good job, mom.

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Sharon- thanks for stopping at my blog! I love your sister's blog, and I see you will provide similar enjoyable, sweet and inspiring posts! I live pretty close to a GW outlet in Hillsboro... I'd love to go more, but it really requires patience and time... rare in my world. What great treasures - especially that cast iron pot - very cool!

Kelly said...

I have only been able to find like 2 Fall items so far at the Goodwill, but I am going to keep looking!!!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

You found so many great things. I love the iron pot. I never saw one with a fancy open lid like that.

And I'm astonished those ornaments didn't get broken in the bins.

Kelli said...

Oh my! Now I want to go to my Goodwill! You found so many great things. I love the apron (of course!) and the little iron pot is darling. I'm glad your boys had a blessed time at camp!

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