Monday, August 25, 2008

Rainy summer day with the kids!

This is summer??? Last week on one of my days off we woke up to this.
I felt kind of bummed out because it was going to be a "mom" day and the boys and I were going to go have some traditional summer fun by either going to the lake to swim or the big fun city swimming pool. Instead, it was raining, so plan B...........stay home and have a cozy rainy summer day!

Actually, we are happy when it rains in the summer because rain is really good for my husband's job. He is a timber faller and when it gets so hot without any rain there is the threat of shutting the woods down because of fire danger, so having this rain is really a blessing. It is just a bummer that it happens on my day off instead of on a day I am working!!!
The boys have been going to football practice for the last two weeks and they are having daily doubles, which means they practice twice a day. First they practice from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning and then they go back at night from 6:00 to 8:00. They have been working so hard and have been exhausted. I thought they would be good and hungry when they got back from morning practice, so I made them apple pancakes.
I wanted to quickly show you a good kitchen tip. We like our pancake syrup warmed up, so I found one of these restaurant syrup pitchers at Goodwill a long time ago. It works perfect!
I pour a whole bottle of maple syrup into it and put it in the microwave for about a minute and a half. It warms it up perfectly and pours so nice with very little mess. The great thing is that you just put it back in the cupboard like this until you need it next time. I love this pitcher. Also, it comes apart and fits in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. I made Krusteaz's Apple Spice pancakes. They are so delicious!
I highly recommend that you give them a try, they are soooo good! It looks like they are almost ready! I said to the boys, "Let's make it special and eat in the dining room." Mmmm! They have little apple chunks in them!
Grayson is sure enjoying them!
The boys were so hungry after all that practice and they wolfed them down!
Thanks, Mom, for making pancakes!
During breakfast we talked about what we should do since it was raining. Both boys said they wanted to stay home and watch a movie and have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch!
So that is what we did. I made them sandwiches and we rented a movie. They both have been so tired, so this actually sounded really good to them.
We rented Domestic Disturbance with John Travolta. It was a great suspense movie. It is so fun when your children get older and you can watch these types of movies together. We had such a great day with each other. It is too bad that it wasn't sunny, but the main thing is we spent the day together. I just love spending time with my kids!
The next day I woke up to this, fog everywhere. It looked like a fall morning, not an August morning. Summer is winding down and it is kind of sad to me, it always means my kids are a year older. I love summer and being with them so much. We got them all registered for school and they've started football, yep fall is definitely coming.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

What a wonderful day. Fall is coming to our area very fast. Leaves are changing and the weather is getting cooler.
My husbands cousins work cutting down trees out in Washington state.

luvmy4sons said...

I always just want to come over to your house for a nice visit and a delicious meal and see all your pretty stuff!

Stephanie said...

Oh yes - the rain... I can feel Fall in the air too. I think Im going to get some baking done today too, but I hear it will be warmer by the weekend.

Have a great day :)

Kathi said...

Sharon, You are such a great mother. It is so neat that you enjoy doing things with your boys on your days off and that you actually have plans. I agree that it is fun to watch fun movies like that now that the kids are geting older. I love you, Kathi

Pearl said...

Such a nice 'n cozy day y'all had... how wonderful! Thanks for the visit the other day, Sharon. You asked about the art/photos that I use on my blog... I find them all over the place; often while searching for something else! Some are my own and some are sent to me by friends. Which one did you wish to borrow?

I hope the day is being kind to you and your family... and that this new week will be filled with blessings to make you smile! God bless...



Simply Heart And Home said...


I hope you have a few sunny days soon!

I've not seen the Apple Spice pancakes before. Sounds delicious. I will keep my eyes open and maybe I can find them.



Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Lots of end of summer posts today (including mine). It does sound like you made the best of your day.

Your pancakes look great. I need to find a good whole wheat pancake recipe.

Jan Parrish said...

Stop! I'm dieting. Started Nutra System today. :)

Looks like a lot of fun.

Kelly said...

Hooray for fall on the way! Grilled cheeses have been my preggo craving lately, so seeing it here made me want to make one 11:37 pm, LOL.

What a sweet way to spend the day with your guys. :o)

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