Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Painting the hall and other stuff

Another big project that we did this summer was paint all our halls in the house. This includes downstairs, the entryway, the stairway and the upstairs hall. It needed it soooo bad! We could not get more of the original paint, so we picked the closest color we could find. It is called Fluffy Sheep. Do you think we picked a pretty close match?

When we first moved into this house 14 years ago we painted all the walls and ceilings a cream color. The the company that we purchased the paint from went out of business so we could not get more. When it was time to touch up the walls, we took a sample to Home Depot and they mixed it to match perfectly. The only problem was.......it didn't match perfectly........check it out below!
Above you can see where the mirror used to be and we touched up around it with the wrong color. We didn't notice it too bad when all our pictures were on the wall, it just looked like shadows, but when we took things down it looked horrible!
You can see the dirt around where this oval picture once was. Embarrassing! How did I score so high on the 1930's Housewife Test??? LOL!
Here's my handy dandy husband painting away. I am so thankful for my hard working husband! Can you see all the furniture and junk all around our house??? Oh my goodness, my house is thrashed again, but it will all be done soon and be worth it!
Eric worked on this project all day when I was at my job and when I got home I helped him.
What we didn't expect was such a difference in the old color and the new color. The lighter color is the new color.
If you recall, we matched it up pretty well and when Eric started painting we noticed how much lighter the new color was. I think it must have been because the paint that was on the high ceilings had to have been really dusty and dirty with years of dirt and grim on them. Yuck!
It was a lot of work for both of us, but we made it fun.
This blue tape is remarkable! This is the first time we have used it and it worked awesome!

It left a nice sharp line, didn't leak through and pulled off so easy! It didn't hurt the wallpaper at all! At last, the painting is all done, but now we move onto the next project!
Eric got the painting done in one day and the very next morning he rented a Steam Machine and shampooed ALL of our carpets!
What a difference it made! I should have taken a picture of the dirty water that came out of there, it was like mud! It feels so good to get them clean. This is the first time we have rented one of these machines and I highly recommend it! Again, this is more work than you realize with the actually shampooing, we had to move all the furniture out of the way first!
The boys were helping us too. Here's Hayden scrubbing the throw rugs.
Here's Grayson washing the outside of the house. Notice the lazy boy out on the deck! That's because Eric was shampooing the carpets. Both of the boys help us out so much doing all kinds of projects.
Yea! Finally it is all done and all the pictures are back on the wall!
Everything looks so crisp and clean!
All the furniture is put away and it smells so clean and fresh!
No more smudges, chips, wrong paint color touch ups and no more dirt! It reminds me of when God forgives our sins, our hearts were once dirty and dark and after we confess our sins and ask for forgiveness, he makes our hearts all clean and white as snow!
Projects like this are hard to do, but so worth it afterwords! I always wonder when we complete things, why did we wait so long to do it? We completed all of this a few days before the big bridal shower I had for Brittany! Talk about waiting until the last minute! I don't like working under the gun like that, but boy it motivates me to move fast and get it done!

"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23

Hugs, Sharon


Linda said...

Another big job ...but so well worth it. I like the color and everthing looks so nice and just like new.

Isn't that blue tape the best...love it. Have the best day. Hugs, Linda

~~Deby said...

Amazing...you sure have been busy..and then had a bridal shower etc.....
you win....*most industrious woman*.....
oh to have your energy!!!!

Kathi said...

Oh my goodness, you and Eric have accomplished so much this summer. It looks beautiful. I love your music from the Bewitched tv show. Don't ya sometimes wish you could twitch your nose and it's all done in a second? Oh, but then you'd have nothing to blog about...LOL, and you'd miss the fun memories. I love you, Kathi

Stephanie said...

WOW! Do you guys hire out ! LOL
I need a few more things done around here, but am running out of steam ! Dont you love when the furniture is clean, everything is dusted and the air smells so good?!

Have a great day,

cherished*vintage said...

I too love freshly painted walls. Everything does look so clean and new. You have been a busy lady! I'm afraid to look behind my pictures now. hehe Love your purse collection!

John said...

Thanks for the reference to God making us white as snow!

Ruthie said...

It all looks beautiful - so crisp and clean. That's quite a job to get it all done. But well worth it, I know.

Ruthie said...

It all looks beautiful - so crisp and clean. That's quite a job to get it all done. But well worth it, I know.

A Romantic Porch said...

It all looks so beautiful. I know you are proud. xo rachel

Liz said...

Whoa! That's some big goings on at your house! :) It looks great. Dont you love how relieved you feel after finishing a big project?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Everything looks so fresh and clean. But you're making me feel guilty! :-)

Kelly said...

I feel the same way about projects - why do I wait so long? LOL. There always seems to be something going on to make me do it later. :o) Wonderful results, Shar! Isn't the water from the steam cleaner awesome? I have a Bissel steamer and looove it. In fact, I don't know what I'm more excited for - leaving for vacation in two weeks or steaming the family room carpet the morning before, LOL!

Love your transferware and chandelier!

littleladyboutique said...

Looks so fresh and clean......and beautiful, Sharon! :):):)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Sharon! It looks great!! I LOVE getting my carpets cleaned...it makes the whole house seem cleaner! I have been doing a lot of home projects as well and Have been away from blogger. I am catching up...love what you've been up to!

Kelli said...

You all have been hard at work, Sharon! The paint job looks amazing...so clean and fresh!

Cottage Contessa said...

Wow Sharon the new colour looks fabulous! You're right, it's amazing what a bit of fresh paint can do! Congratulations on a job well done to you all.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Anonymous said...

Sharon - the front hall is lovely and I can tell from the photos, very airy. Great job. And how funny on the water heater closet - of all the times I've been to your house I don't ever remember a closet door there. Goes to show you what an amazing decorator you are and how my eye was drawn to the vignettes and not the doors :) When you're done, I have a few rooms that still need touch ups. Can I borrow Eric ? Tee Hee. Have a blessed day ! Love, TaMaya :)

Jan Parrish said...

I remember getting the house ready for the wedding parties. Looks great. How nice to have it all fresh and clean!

nannykim said...

It makes you feel so good to paint and get everything so clean!! I love the feeling!

jennifer said...

It looks really beautiful! You mentioned bridal shower... is the wedding soon?


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