Thursday, August 7, 2008

Okay, break's over, back to work!

Okay, time to share with you another one of my summer projects. Now we are headed to the garage to clean out the cabinets out there. I have been dreading this project for so long! These cabinets look innocent enough.........from the outside..........but what could be looming behind those doors????
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yep, this is another one of my summer projects! I cleaned out some of the garage cabinets. This cabinet is supposed to hold Eric's extra work boots, his hunting clothes, our picnic baskets and picnic blanket and some of our extra large items that you don't know what to do with. Every time we try to open this cabinet or search through it everything falls out all over the place. I have been in denial about this cabinet for far too long! It's time to clean it up!
This is a neat little cubby that Eric made for us (actually, he made all the garage cupboards when we moved in 14 years ago). He made a little shelf for each of us. These cubbies were intended to use for our extra outside shoes, like river shoes, the boys sports cleats and rollerblades, etc. Somehow over the years all of us just started jamming anything and everything in our cubbies. Time to clean this baby out!
The next cabinets to clean are these. They are "my" cabinets. The set above hold all my canning supplies and canning jars. The set below hold projects, extra Christmas stuff and who knows what else. Yep......time to clean them out!
I am a jar freak! I have way too many jars and I know it. If it is an old jar and has character, I cannot resist it. I believe this addiction was passed to me from my father. He collected old bottles. I'm not hurting anybody am I????
Okay, the way I clean is I empty the cabinet, closet, drawer, or whatever it is, first. I dump it all out. Just get all the junk out of there so you can see what you are dealing with. It looks good from this view but don't turn around........................
...........oh my goodness........look at all this junk! I don't know if you can see it, but kind of right in the center of the picture is my broken coffee maker that stopped working on us last spring. Why in the world did I save it? Why in the world did I risk my life and open that cabinet and jam it in there????LOL! I don't know the answer to that question, but I no longer own that thing! It is in coffee maker heaven now!
Oh my gosh, when I get to this point with a project I start finding excuses to leave the area....."I just need to check on that thing in the house" or "Do we need milk? I better get down to the store and buy some milk!" But somehow I hang in there and start, throw away, give to Goodwill or save, but it belongs in another location. Once I get done sorting I just put everything back away that belongs in that cabinet in an organized way.
Doesn't this look much better! Oh my good this feels!
And here is our little shoe cubbies. Since our older boys have moved out, we have two free cubbies on the bottom and I put Bailey's doggie toys in there and our extra hat and gloves for snow days.
I organized all my vintage jar lids by size. I know I have way too many, but I'll deal with my addiction later.
I threw out a ton of jars and kept just my canning jars that I use and my absolutely favorite vintage ones. All the canning jars and supplies are at the other end of this cabinet. I grouped all my favorite vintage jars by size. You might laugh at how many I have, but you would be surprised at how many times I go out there looking for a certain type of jar for a decorating vignette or for some other reason and I can find the perfect one!

Okay, that's it! I'm done with the garage! Yea! The fun thing about this project was I found a few long lost items that I had forgotten all about. Tomorrow I will show you a shelf that I unearthed out here and I hung it in my bedroom.

I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

"What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

Blessings, Sharon


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Do you want to come tackle my basement?

(Just kidding.)

You're convincing me that I need a summer off to just do stuff around home. That'll never happen (summer is the busiest time in my field), but it's a nice thought.

Kathi said...

Sharon, You are a hard worker and amazing at organizing. Way to go sister. Love, Kathi

SweetAnnee said...

Oh I see some FUN jars..I love them too
you have WAY more than me
love to you.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Sharon! My it looks like you have your work cut out for you!!
I am a jar freak too...I buy them whenever I see them as well!

luvmy4sons said...

You are hired...come on over and work your magic! LOL!

Cottage Contessa said...

My hat is off to you sweetie, that was a really big job and you did it fabulously! Now go and RELAX and have a wonderful day!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mimi said...

please please can you come and organize my garage now??????

~~Deby said...

oh...I love jars and just got one at a thrift store today...filled with buttons, $1.50...wooohooo...
NOW...are you for HIRE ????
I have a room that is just calling my name and I keep plugging my ears........

Ruthie said...

You are the busiest lady that I know. You must have your whole house cleaned and redecorated by now??!! Whew - makes me tired just thinking about it. But what a beautiful job you do.
Your river trip looks like fun. Glad you take some time to relax too.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Oh my, Sharon. You do have a lot of energy! You did a terrific job of straightening it all up! We don't have a garage any more but the little cottage shed in the back could use some attention. You've inspired me!



Jan Parrish said...

Love the milk glass jars. Great job cleaning all that out!

Kelly said...

I totally need to do that to my garage before the summer is over, and I think it will take me ALL of August to do it! haha! Maybe I need to start now........


Mary said...


What a great job you did with the cabinets. I need to do a few chores like this. I have some things that definitely need to be given away or thrown out. I had hubby take 3 boxes to goodwill last week.

This would have been a great post for Tackle it Tuesday. I love the cobalt blue jar. Vintage jars can be so pretty.


jennifer said...

You did REALLY well cleaning out and cleaning up! I am off the hook for cleaning this weekend. Hubby went back to our old house by himself to work and I got to stay here with the kids. Whew! I needed the break. I have done ALOT of what you did in the garage. Loads and Loads to the thrift store!!!

I may never go thrifty shopping or yard saling again. *snort* I don't believe that either!!

Be blessed.


My Grandkids ROCK said...

OK so I've thought it before and now I really think it. We must be sole mates. I too have a jar addiction. I can't pass them up EVER. The garage looks good tho. Good work. Pam

LiLi M. said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comment. I'm busy in our basement with cleaning and organizing too. But like you I have other priorities once I managed to make the mess even bigger! I love these jars! And do I see a bottle too? :-O
Have a nice day!

Mama Hen said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Wow, you did a lot of work today. That is amazing!

Kim said...

I have organized and purged a little around my home this summer. However, I am waiting for David to start school in a few weeks to really get down to the heavy work.
Everything looks so good at your house.

Rosemary said...

Sharon, i think you need to send ME those vintage jar lids! LOL! Especially if they have advertising on them :) haha, but if you decide to keep them, put on display in one of those jars you love :) rosemary

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