Saturday, August 23, 2008

30th class reunion, company visiting and dead fish?

We went to my husband's 30th class reunion a few weeks back. We went to the same school and were high school sweethearts. I am a grade behind Eric, so I knew all of these people too, so it was really fun for both of us. I thought most people looked fabulous for being 48 years old! I actually thought a lot of people looked better at this one than the 25th reunion.
Plus, my sister, Kathi is in the same class as Eric, so she was there and it was great hanging out with her too! Above is a picture of Kathi with her friends. These pictures are from the first casual night at a pizza party. I really enjoyed it, everyone was so nice. Everyone seemed past all the high school labels and seemed genuinely happy to see each other. Above is a picture of Eric (center) visiting with old friends, Phil on the left and Mike is on the right. Eric and Mike have been best friends since grade school. Mike and his wife Rhochelle, came up for the reunion from California and they stayed with us for four nights. That is why I was going crazy trying to get that guest room in order! Click here and here to see pictures. We had a wonderful visit. Over the years we kept in touch and kept up the friendship, we have vacationed together and visited each other. It is a pretty rare thing to have good friends for so long and we appreciate that.
Here's Eric and I together. They snapped the picture before we were ready, but you can see what we were wearing. We really had a great time together, it was a wonderful weekend. Here's my sister, Kathi, me and Rhochelle. The three of us had a lot of fun together.
On Sunday night Mackenzie, Brittany and Cameron all came over to see Mike and Rhochelle and their daughter Lisa. We had a wonderful summer BBQ out on the back deck. It was so great to catch up with our long time friends. Our younger two boys were at church camp.

Something funny happened when they came though. I worked hard to prepare for their arrival and the house was perfect. If you look back on my blog, you will see all the projects we did to get our home ready for all the entertaining we did this summer. Anyway, I had everything perfect. The boys had just left that morning for church camp, so it was just Eric and I there. Mike and Rhochelle arrived and they get all comfy in their room. I went up to visit with them and I smelled a foul odor. I thought what in the world. I went into Hayden's room where our son Cameron set up his giant fish tank for us to babysit while he was on his 6 week tour with his college. Anyway, the fish tank was stinking. I was so embarrassed. We had it in our home for 6 weeks and it did fine. Why did it start stinking now?
Well, that night we went to the class reunion and when we got back home, as soon as we opened the door, the house smelled like something was rotting. I went upstairs and saw that the fish tank was not only way more stinky, but that it was really cloudy too. Upon inspection there was a small dead fish. I scooped him out and flushed him. We just apologized to our friends for the odor and closed the door hoping to keep the odor contained.

The next morning I went up to check on the fish tank and it was so cloudy you could hardly see through it and one of Cameron's giant fish that he has had for three years was floating. I was so upset. The only good news was that I knew I was picking up Cameron that morning because he was back from his trip. I called him and told him about it and he was fine with it and said he knew what to do.

I got ready and went to pick up Cameron. By the time we got home about three hours later it was almost a solid gray/white that you cold not see through and we found two more dead fish. You should have smelled my house at this point, it smelled like the dirtiest old outhouse you have ever been in, it STUNK!

Cameron was like a surgeon and started telling me the plan and he immediately took buckets and started draining the water. I helped him by scrubbing the two filters. He drained it down to a quarter of the tank and then started refilling it. We found out that the problem was Hayden never cleaned the filter and it got so clogged that eventually it stopped working altogether (which Hayden did get punished for when he got back from camp). Of course, this happened on the day my company arrived. At first I was morbidly embarrassed, but once it was all cleaned up it becme a big joke all weekend and it will always be one of those stories that we have with our friends. They were so understanding and funny about it. I really feel like this happens to me a lot. Our home has problems with odors. We have had some whoppers, usually having to do with animals, dead or alive. I felt kind of like the Lord was humbling me because perhaps I was putting too much into trying to have my house perfect. I try to keep those things in balance, but I was getting a little obsessive about it. It all turned out fine and lessons were learned and memories were made.

I hope you are having a great weekend! See you tomorrow!

"When pride comes, then comes shame; but with the humble is wisdom." Proverbs 11:2

Hugs, Sharon


linda said...

Hi Sharon,

I enjoyed all of your pictures and the story of your long friendship with Mike and his family. Old friendships are a treasure for sure.

You are smart to wonder if there was a message/lesson for you with the fish tank. I'm learning to do that sit back and analyze the situation and then ask myself "ok, what was I supposed to learn from this. What was the Lord trying to teach me here?"

I have a tendency to want things "perfect" so I could totally relate to you on this one. I truly am mellowing out though the older that I get. I'm realizing it's all about the experience and the relationships...and not about how my house looks. Boy has it taken me along time to come to this realization, but it's so freeing.

Kathi said...

Sharon, I had so much fun at our reunion and I am so glad you were there too.

I am so much that way with trying too hard to be perfect. I want to try to keep the right perspective and balance also. I am glad you were able to joke about it.

Have a great day. Love, Kathi

Jan Parrish said...

Eww. I am odor sensitive so I can just imagine.I think God gives us incidents like this to humble us.

How horrible for Cameron to lose his fish.

You guys look wonderful at the reunion. 48 is now the new 38 isn't it?

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