Monday, June 16, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow

I hear a truck outside.......who's here?'s Cameron! He's coming over to spend the night and he's bringing his kitty, Wheeler.
Because Cameron will be gone on his trip for eight weeks, we will be babysitting his kitty. Cameron always wanted a marmalade cat, so when he moved out he got a little orange kitten. He has been such a good kitty Dad to wheeler! Cameron's roommate couldn't take care of Wheeler while Cameron will be gone, so we will keep Wheeler here for eight weeks. We will keep him in the house for a couple of weeks until he really knows our house and then we will let him outside.

He also wanted to leave his truck at our house too for the eight weeks, so he brought both the kitty and the truck Friday night and he spent the night with us. Here's Cameron taking wheeler around the house to get him acquainted with his new temporary home.
After Wheeler was settled in, I took Cameron, Grayson and Hayden out for Chinese food.
This is what I ordered, broccoli shrimp! MMMMM, it was so good!
We had a great visit. I am so thankful I had this time with Cameron before he left.

This is the fortune I found in my cookie! :0) Well, in order to use my charm and personality, don't I have to have some charm and personality to begin with??? LOL!
Guess who got to sleep the first night in our new guest room....................
...............that's right, Cameron! Good morning sleepy head, time to get up and go on your trip! He said he really liked the room and was very comfortable!

Cameron left on Saturday morning for his trip with his College. It's a group of kids traveling to through four states (Oregon, Washington, South Dakota and Montana) doing service work for different churches. They will be doing skits and improv at church services as well as helping with youth camps and doing general service for the churches. I will miss him so much, but I am so proud of him too and I know he will have a great time.

Saying goodbye is so hard for a mother. My son is just going to be gone for 8 weeks and he will still be in the USA. It must be so hard for mothers of soldiers who are going to Iraq or Afghanistan. My heart goes out to you women.
Here's some of the kids he will be traveling with. Can I ask you to please say a prayer for Cameron and all the group that they will be safe and that they will glorify the Lord on this trip. Thank you so much!

"Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." I Corinthians 15:58

Love, Sharon


luvmy4sons said...


Please go with Cameron and his group. Surround them with Your angels. Keep them. Bless them. Make Your face to shine upon them. Turn toward them and be gracious to them and give them peace. May they be fruitful and pleasing to You. May they feel Your love and know Your will and sense Your guidance. Keep them safe, and please return them safely home to their loved ones. all for Your glory Jesus. Amen

I can't imgaine how I will do it when I send my eldest to CA in August till Christmas!

Joy said...

He looks like such a nice young man. My daughter brought home a black cat last summer. He has grown into a fiesty but fun cat.
Have fun with your little charge and try not to miss him to much!

Judy said...

Saying good-bye is always hard. No matter where they are going. Every time we left our sons in the Army or at college, or our daughters who lives away my heart breaks. I guess a mothers heart always will.
I will keep them all in my prayers.
Your tribute to your husband, father and your in-laws was beautiful.

Jan said...

Sharon I just love your blog! No matter what you write about, it's just so uplifting! : ) Thank you.


Kelley said...

I will be praying Sharon!
My daughter will be leaving for Costa Rica in a few short weeks and I know that it will be hard to say goodbye...
She's going to be building houses and other things for the locals with our church!
So I can totally relate to this post!

Daughter of the King said...

Oh this young man of yours, Sharon. Praying that God will just use him in a mighty way.
You have trained him to be doing just what he is have given him roots, now he is using his wings.
I will pray too.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for your son trip. What part of Montana is he going through? I live upper northwest Montana.

Sharon said...

I accidentally deleted this comment, so I cut and pasted it from my email. Sorry Kathi!


Feathering My Nest has left a new comment on your post "Parting is such sweet sorrow":

I will be praying for Cameron. I can't imagine either, saying good-bye when our loved one goes to war, or leaves the country. My heart goes out to those parents too. Victoria and Harrison are at camp and I had a lump in my throat last night. They are only 45 min. away too!

This was a sweet post. You are such a great mom, Sharon. Love ya, Kathi

Mardell said...

Yes Sharon ~ you DO have charm & personality! What a cute fortune in your cookie. :o)

It must be hard saying "goodbye" (or as I like to say, 'see you later'.) Eight weeks is a long time, but he's in GOOD hands with the Lord. What a wonderful trip this will be for him.

I hope Wheeler (love that name) will get comfy in his new temporary surroundings. A guy who loves his cat ~ now that's someone SPECIAL!!

Prayers for a safe trip & return home. Please keep us updated if you can.


Kelly said...

Praying that the Lord is with Cameron and those he's with - no doubt He is working through him and with him! :o)

I LOVE that you took them out for Chinese food. There's a major General Tso craving happening over here right now, LOL!

Sharon said...

Thanks again Mardell! I hope that you are having a great day today and you are enjoying your sweet family!

Hugs, Sharon

linda said...

Please count me in as a prayer warrior for these terrific kids!! What an experience they are going to have!

I love the fact that Cameron stayed in the guest room first. Does the guest room have a name yet? I keep thinking it should have something with Sweet Dreams in the title...after the painting you did!

The look on your face when saying good-by to Cameron says it all. I could see the anguish in your face and eyes. I've been there. Our son moved to Maui for two years and every time we went there or he came home I was a mess for a few days afterwards. I had flight attendants handing me boxes of tissue and trying to comfort me...but to no avail! There's nothing worse than when a momma's got to say good-by to her son for awhile! You'll be in my prayers too friend!

Jan Parrish said...

What a sweet kitty. 8 weeks is a long to time to go without seeing him.

Jan Parrish said...

Did I tell you that Cameron is the name of our new grand baby?

Pearl said...

Hi Sharon... Please know that I have prayed and lifted your precious son and his friends up to the Lord. What a blessing it is to have such amazing youth in our lives. My prayers and warm thoughts are going out to you and your family, as well. God Bless...



Primgal55 said...

I will keep your son in my prayers and you as well that the time passes quickly and before you know it, he is once again back where he belongs.

hugs, Linda
PS Love the new pics of yor guest room

Mary said...


Wow! Cameron has the opportunity of a lifetime traveling with his group. I will definitely keep them in my prayers. I hope he has a terrific time.


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