Sunday, June 29, 2008

Help!!! Decorating Dilemma!

When you first enter my home, this is what you see. Oh, I am being rude, please excuse me, .............first of all, I would like to welcome you into my home! Okay, now that you have been invited and I have welcomed you to my home, when you first arrive at my front door, this is what you see. We will have tea and crumpets in a second after you help me with my little problem! My decorating dilemma is that big floral arrangement on the little landing at the top of the stairs.
This has been here since we moved in! I set that vase there 14 years ago almost to the date and it is still there! In case you are wondering, yes, I have taken it down to clean it, but I must confess.....not very often!!!! I am tired of it and need some advice on what I should put there.
This is what it looks like when you are at the top of the stairs looking down.
Please, please, please give me some fresh, neat ideas! One thing I don't want is a live plant even though I know it would do really well there because there is a skylight above it, I don't want to mess with a plant. Otherwise, it just really needs to be something that would fit into the rest of the decor, which is the romantic-country-cottage look with a hint of Victorian.

Hurry up with the ideas so we can sit and visit and have our tea and crumpets!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday with your families!!!!

"Be sure to fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things He has done for you." I Samuel 12:24

Hugs, Sharon


Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, I am the last one who would know what to do. Here's my suggestion though. I would put something similar to what you have, but in a different vase with new fresh fake flowers. Hydrangias would be pretty. I hope you get to swim today. It's supposed to HOT. Love, Kathi

Michelle said...

A perfect place to put that little chair you have out in your shed, all decked out with a quilt on it! Or maybe just adding more things to the space where the arranement is sitting. I love the floral arrangement. I can see why you have kept it for so long. I would put a nice big white doily underneath it,or a table runner to cover the entire top, draping it down over the edge onto the wall below, and/or add a few more silk green plants and fill the space up so it is pleasing to the eyes from whatever direction you are looking at this from, from below or above!

If you are tired of the color of the vase, you could either paint it, or do what some people do...they take a large piece of fabric, sit the vase in the middle with the right side of the fabric facing down, then simply bring the fabric straight up and tuck the edges into the top of the vase. It will look pleated, but will create a whole new look to your pot/vase.

Your home is beautiful.

Bren said...

I noticed you have a stack of quilts in the picture on your organization post. What a great place to display one or two of those quilts. You could add other touches along with it. I love signs with saying on them. Easels are so cheap at the dollar store and hold a picture or sign in a spot that otherwise could not have one. Even an open old hymnal or book becomes a great accent.
Beautiful home and great blog!

luvmy4sons said...

I have a deplorable lack of creativity when it comes to decorating. I know what I like when I see it, I just don't know how to come up with ideas. I am so sorry. Your house looks far more lovelier than mine already. I have lost my feminity among all these men. How do you do it?!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

For a Victorian feel, you could put a really beautiful decorative urn there or a statue of some romantic subject (bronze would be great).

For more of a country feel, you could use a large decorative birdhouse or some sort of tool--like a small hand spinning wheel--or a large doll.

That's as far as my brainstorming takes me.

claire said...

Hi Sharon,
I like Kathi's hydrangea idea. I would also consider some type of ivy, fake or real. It could represent your growing family (Brittany). I definitely do not have a green thumb, so keep that in mind!
Love, Claire

Linda said...

Hi Sharon, this arrangement is very pretty....but for a change maybe a large basket filled with varigated ivy and the ivy spilling over the basket.Ivy solves so many of my problems...I love it:). Hugs, Linda

Simply Heart And Home said...

My your ceilings are so high!

I will have to think on the decorating. I did like the suggestion about the ivy in the basket. I am with you about live plants - they are too much trouble at times. You might be able to find nice artificial ones that would drape down the wall a bit.

Denise said...

Dried Hydrangias .... and try and find some that are pink and blues... Put them in a basket and not a vase and put a small piece of crochet under the basket or rolled and tucked in beside the hydrangias........ low and flat and not too tall.......... but that is just what my minds eyes sees sitting there.........


SweetAnnee said...

How about a taller vase or urn
with some twiggies in it??


linda said...

My first thoughts were of artificial greenery in a basket or using one of your quilts in some way...maybe using both ideas together.

Let us know what you decide. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Stephanie said...

I would keep some sort of floral arrangement there, but maybe try some willow branches and maybe a decorative candle scape too?!
Your entry is very pretty and thank you for the invite!
Have a great evening~

cherished*vintage said...

What a fun area to decorate! I'm with one of the others that made the suggestion of putting your boy's chair there. I noticed in the picture from the shed that you have a neat victorian style basket that would look wonderful next to the chair. It would look fabulous with some dried hydrangeas in it too. A stack of your vintage suitcase would look great. Even stacking a bunch of your old books on the chair would look so charming. I'd be careful putting quilts up there because of the skylight and too much sun damage. I'm sure whatever you decided will be beautiful. You have lots of cool stuff to play with. Have fun, and I can't wait to see the change!

Kelly said...

I am with Linda on this one, maybe like a rectangular basket with greenery and ivy hanging down.......maybe for different holidays you could add a ribbon to the blue etc.....or some type of statue or something to show visitors the upcoming holiday. Then maybe for a more victorian feel you could add something else to keep in it all the time, lace ribbon, or white or ivory satin ribbon?
Whatever you do it will look wonderful.


Jan Parrish said...

I think you need something big there. How about a stack of steamer trunks with some antique dolls on top?

Or go with a grouping.

Show us the after pictures, Ok?

A Romantic Porch said...

I think it would be neat to set an arrangement of 5 or 7 large oversized candlesticks of various sized and designs which hold pillar candles. I can't wait to see what you decide. Have a wonderful day. xorachel

Brenda said...

I like the large urn idea with twigs and dried Hydrangeas.In front of the urn what about one of the large chargers on an easel that or in style now. Make sure to use a tassel on the urn. to pull all the colors together.

Mary said...


I love the arrangement, but if you need something different, I agree with those who said quilts or a basket. Or possibly you could add a quilt and have a basket of ivy sitting on it. I am partial to ivy and possibly add some hydrangea, as Denise suggested. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to let us see photos when you have changed it.

Have a great week.

Daughter of the King said...

okay, mine might sound weird..hear me out.

Find those stick type pine trees (fake of course), get three of them varied sizes....
then in the pines stick the hydranges and other silk type flours...or different garlands, this can all be Seasonal if you like,,,if there is room add in some other things around the pine a Doll, propped on something, a small tricyle, you know make a vignette of it..
okay...that is my idea...will love to see what you are so good at this I can't believe you are asking all of us ?????
Now can I have the tea, pretty please?

Sondra said...

I would put something very big and tall. Maybe some unique vases.

Kim said...

Since it is easy to get to from above how about a seasonal change. I use a table when you first enter my home and change it every couple of months. During birthdays I display "growing up" pictures. Sometimes it's different height candles, at halloween. I put a cauldron out with bags of candy. A pretty wreath on a wreath stand is a nice change from the expected.
With the wedding coming up it would be fun to have pictures of your son "through the years" for visiting relatives to enjoy. The frames could be in your country cottage theme and found at thrift stores.
Right now my entry is an ice cream parlor look for summer. I have a floral arranger (a vase with the holes in the top) filled with pinwheels. I have several ice cream dishes and ice cream scoopers and ice cream parlor spoons there and a large jar of dime store candy.
You could even task different members of the family with coming up with an idea.
Keep us posted on what you do with it.

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