Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gone Fish'n

Last week Hayden asked if he could ride his bike with his friend, Drew, down to the mill ponds to go fishing. He is almost 15 years old, so Eric and I said he could go.
This is the first time we let him go down there alone. It is time for this little bird to start testing his wings and leaving the nest now and again.
Do you like his style of fishing?
The funny thing is, I had to drive by on the way home from my office (which is about four blocks away) to check on him. Then Eric drove by to check on them on his way to the Wal-Mart, and again on the way home from Wal-Mart. Hey, it was kind of on his way; he only altered his route a tiny bit!!!
Then I just happened (wink) to come across them on my bike ride! Hey,I think we did pretty good, we stayed away and let him be grown up for most of the time! I sat a spell visiting with them and watched them fish. I also snapped a few pictures.
He even caught a little fish! Yea!

Isn't this a pretty little spot! It is just a bike ride away from us! It's unfortunate for the owners of this home, but they have a big mill to the left of this picture. It still is a little piece of heaven though!
I will segue a little here.......I am starting to get interested in photography and I took pictures of some of the beautiful flowers around.
Isn't this a pretty Bearded Iris!
I love this purple! Well, I think Eric and I did pretty well for letting our youngest little bird venture out on his own! I tell you though, I was really glad when I heard him come in the back door that evening!

I think parents take baby steps just as much as the child does! I heard a speaker say once that since the moment they are born we start assisting them to become independent from us, which is absolutely true. We have to let go and let God. We also have to be wise about things and make sure our kids are safe, but there is the gray area when they are not quite all the way grown up and we have to ask God for His wisdom to make these decisions. I thank the Lord for watching over all of my children!

"For it is written, He will command His angels concerning you to guard you carefully." Luke 4:10

I hope you have a great day!

Hugs, Sharon


Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, You and Eric are such good parents. It looks like Hayden had so much fun being independent. I can relate to this. We've been letting our older kids ride down to the market and back. They just love it and feel so grown up. It's hard for me to do, but I have them take the cell phone with them, stay together, watch for cars etc. They come home with tons of candy and stories of their adventure. The put pennies on the railroad tracks and soon find them flat. How fun!! Victoria did it with a dime too. I'll have to post pics.

I love your photography and the pretty scenery. I love you and hope you have a great day. You'll have to post about your new job soon. Love, Kathi

shekinahhvac said...

I feel this, my oldest is 13, and I find myself in places I didn't think I had to think about for a few years. I am praying so much for the wisdom of raising her and her 3 sis. I want my girls to think for themselves, but I also want them to think the right way. I thank God, that he gives us wisdom and patience for them.

shekinahhvac said...

oh, thank you! What a Blessings YOU are!

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon! I love this post! I loved to go fishing with my brothers ~ and when they were too busy (not wanting to play with their sister) I'd go fishing by myself. It was about a 5 min. ride on my bike. I was pretty young, too. My mom just told me to be home before dark. We lived in no-man's land without houses for miles!

Kathi ~ we lived near a RR track & used to put pennies on them too. We also looked for ball-bearings. They were little & round, looked like marbles. RR spikes were always fun to gather too. One time a box of McDonald's FF's was "dropped" off of one of the cars. (They were still frozen.) We ran home with them screaming with excitement! My mom cooked them in the oven (not the same) but they lasted for months & it was such a treat. I still think someone "dropped" them off because they saw us playing near the tracks all the time. (I know, not a good thing to do...but hey, this was back in the late 60's.)

Sharon ~ LOVE your photography & those flowers are stunning. Purple is my favorite color.

Sorry this is so long!

luvmy4sons said...

Those steps are so hard...letting go...and whew! Putting them behind the wheel of a car! I love your pics. Can we come live with you? It always looks SO nice!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

These are just charming pictures! They remind me alot of Maryland's rolling hills. Glad your son got to go fishing, it looks so beautiful there.

Sondra said...

I know how hard it is to let the youngest grow up! I let Austin go to a friends last weekend and when I couldn't get in touch with him, I paniced. The other boys laughed at me but I am not ready to let him spread his wings - as you say- just yet.

Brenda said...

That is such a beautiful place. Peace just feels you to see the area. Wow i could picnic in the field and watch him fish. Such a doll.

Linda said...

What a beautiful little spot...perfect fishing hole. I'm sure the boys had a great time. It hard to see our little ones grow up....they will always be our babies, we will always
worry, thank goodness the Lord is watching over them and us too. Hugs, Linda

p.s. Sharon, I think we are on the same wave length...I did a fishing post too. L

Sharon said...

Hi Mardell! Yes, times have changed and it is scary to let our kids venture too far. I also would go off playing and be gone all day when I was little, you just can't let your kids do that these days. We put pennies on the tracks before too, it is so fun for the kids.

Have a great evening!

:0) Sharon

Donna Kay said...

Sharon - you did a good job for a first time - it gets easier each time.
that peaceful spot you were talking wonderful..or making its just your photography skills - looks like something on a postcard or in a magazine - you are doing a great job!!!
If you get a chance, come look at my birthday loot!!!

Ruthie said...

That's quite a day you had. Liked the pictures of the flowers too.

Simply Heart And Home said...

It is so hard with your youngest! You are doing a good job! :)

What a lovely fishing spot!

littleladyboutique said...

Wonderful Pictures! My kids are 7 1/2, 6 and 4 1/2 years old......and I am not ready for any of this. Time sure does fly by, doesn't it Sharon. Blessings, Stephanie

Claire said...

Sharon - I love the scenery where you live! Winding roads, tall trees, rolling hills...the perfect place for kids to play and enjoy the outdoors. I live in FL and can really appreciate that kind of place (since there's none of that near me). I love the tropical life too though.

You are an amazing parent in so many ways. I am sure you doubt yourself from time to time, as we all do. I am still on my spiritual journey, and read lots of Christian women's blogs for guidance and inspiration and to learn about Christianity in daily life. Yours and your sister Kathi's blogs have touched my heart the most - I get all warm and fuzzy reading your posts. I would love to tell you my spiritual story sometime - not so much a story, more like a lot if questions and random beliefs. This is mostly due to my non-existent religious upbringing (dad is atheist/mom is agnostic). I am finding my own way in that respect though I am very close to my parents.
What I love about yours and Kathi's blogs that they are pure love of god, family, and life in general. You really are an inspiration to so many - the believers and the rest of us. It's clear that you treat everyone with respect, no matter what their beliefs. Thanks for brightening each day and always making me feel welcome here.
Btw, I am a married 38 yo mom of one (11 yo girl). Have a great Thursday!

Sharon said...


Welcome to my blog, I am so happy you enjoy it! Thank you for your sweet and generous compliments! You are too kind! It really pleases me that you find my blog inspirational because that was my goal when I started. I am in mid life transition with my kids growing up and I could not find a lot of info out there for women like me. I prayed about it and asked God to use me and help me encourage women and at the same time that I would be encouraged by others. God is so amazing and He is so good! He has answered my prayers. If you want to talk privately, you can email me at and I could try to answer your questions. I am not a professional :0) nor do I pretend to be! But, I am a Christian and have been one my whole life. The amazing thing about being a Christian is the more you learn, the more you realize that you don't know very much!!!

Any way, welcome and I hope we can talk again!

Hugs, Sharon

Jan Parrish said...

So funny. I was thinking, "Hmm. Who took the pictures?"

So hard to let them go. :)

Kelly said...

Ahhh independence! I struggle a bit with that with Brandon ( just turned 13 ) I have to admit I am and have always been a bit protective, ok over protective, lol.
But he does have his freedom, and he takes a cell phone and his close friends are always with him, we, the parents are in agreement they always stay together which helps alot. And they all have cell phones so it is usually us Moms calling one or the other boys cell phones because you know of course they don't answer them!! ha!
You live in such a beautiful area, and your pictures are lovely.
Have a great day Sharon! You are such a top notch Mom!!!


Judy said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I love your blog and I'll be back to visit again. I too have a hard time with letting my youngest go sometimes, but I've learned and the older ones help me with that.
You are so right with what you said at the end of this post. You said it well.

Daughter of the King said...

I'm so glad that you took your bike ride so you could get such break pictures...kind of reminds me of Huckelberry Fin....
nice flowers and so scenic...ahhhh...sweet childhood.

Pearl said...

Hi Sharon... I can so relate with you about letting your lil birdie leave the nest to test his wings... I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. The lane to the fishing spot, and the fishing spot, are so pretty... ohhhhh, I so wish I were able to take a walk down that lane and smell the outdoors and feel the breezes that would dance through the leaves on those magnificent trees!

The photos of the Iris are stunning. Such a lovely flower, and my Sister's favorite, so I always think of her when I see one... thank you for sparking sweet memories for me. Sharon, I think you're a very good photographer and I bet you'll enjoy it more and more. God certainly has blessed you with some very amazing things in your life to capture in pictures ~smiles~

Again, many thanks for sharing... God bless...



Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love how rustic that scenery is at that place, and the irises are beautiful.

Your son looks very happy in the photo with the fish.

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