Thursday, May 29, 2008

More cabin pictures

On the second day that we were at the cabin (Saturday), Eric's sister, Stacey and her husband, Jim arrived. They brought Stacey's son, Preston and Preston's friend Zack. Here is a picture of Eric getting ready to BBQ standing there with Jim and our dog, Bailey. It showered off and on, but mostly it was just a drizzle and it didn't bother us too much.
Dinner time! Yummmmmm!!!!
Brittany keeping warm by the fire. They are all listening intently to someone talking, but I forgot who! It must have been pretty interesting!
Grayson and Zack taking the paddle boat out.
Now it's Hayden and Preston's turn.
The kids also got out the canoe. This creek is so awesome because it is perfect to play in and boat in, but it is only about 2 feet deep!
Right before I took this picture I heard the guys all yelling "polar bear swim" and I raced to the edge of the deck to see them all standing in the freezing water!
Then they all quickly jumped back into the hot tub!

Eric's parents, Jim and Alice, came up on Sunday evening. Here is Jim visiting with Brittany. Brittany and I sitting in the sun.
Stacey and Eric sitting and visiting with their mother Alice.
Cameron and Alice are on dish duty tonight!!
What I love about trips like this is everyone just does what they feel like. Here is a picture of Cameron and Hayden playing a game on Cameron's lap top. They were laughing so much. I love it when the brothers bond!
Now here is Eric and Jim chill'n out and watching TV.
Stacey and Brittany playing a game of cards. It was not all good. We had two accidents happen. Hayden scrapped his knee very, very bad when he was trying to retrieve a toy from the tin roof. He climbed up there and scrapped it so terribly. We thought he needed stitches at first, but then we thought he would be okay without them. He is healing up nicely now.
After that incident, the boys were all shooting BB guns and Grayson was accidentally shot in the shin. You can see the bump there where the BB is. We got it out and it is healing up nicely, but we were upset with this incident. All of the kids have taken hunter safety and an accident like this should NEVER happen. Even if it is "just a BB gun", it is still very serious! Eric and I were not happy! The boys all got a serious talk about the foolishness of such an accident and we were all very lucky it wasn't more serious. Grayson said it didn't hurt and was more excited about having a cool wound and wanted me to take a picture of it. I am really, really thankful that both boys are fine and we did not have more serious accidents. I am so thankful for the great family weekend we had, it was just wonderful. All good things have to come to an end and our time at the Cabin by the Creek is over. Thank you for sharing our little time there with us!!!

"But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him." Jeremiah 17:7

Hugs, Sharon


BittersweetPunkin said...

Sharon...your family pictures are always so warm and loving...I enjoy looking at them!! You have a wonderful bond with your family and it shows in the photos!!

Jaderocks said...

I love all of your family pictures at the cabin and I almost feel like I was there. I wish I would have been. You guys look like you had such a wonderful time. The cabin and creek and scenery is so beautiful. I love it and would love to take a trip like that. Thank you for sharing your great weekend with us. What a wonderful family. I hope Grayson and Hayden are recovering from their mishaps.
Have a Great Day

Julieann said...

Very Nice, Sharon!


Penless Thoughts said...

You spell Fun with a capital "F"!!!
A nice group.

Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, What great fun you all had. The picture of Alice and Cameron on dish duty reminds me of the movie "Dave In Real Life." Have you seen that movie? It is so cute.

Wow, that could have been serious. I'm so glad Grayson is okay. When Harrison was about 8 or 9 he shot his window with a BB gun. We were so thankful it was not worse.

Have a great day today. Love, Kathi

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sharon, the same thing happened with a bb gun at our house - our boys have been trained in gun safety too. This happened several years ago here, though. Our oldest son was having a birthday party and the guys were playing and one of them got shot above the eye. Now try explaining that one to a mother and father.
But I am so glad it ended well for you, too.

The cabin looked so awesome. What a great getaway.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful time.

And I'm so glad that the BB gun accident wasn't serious.

Linda said...

Great photos! Family, good food, a beautiful spot...a perfect weekend with wonderful memories. Hugs, Linda

My Grandkids ROCK said...

My youngest son and his friend were playing with a bb gun about 3-4 years ago. They shot it at a tree at close range. DUH, it hit the tree a came back and hit Taylor on the bridge of his nose. The bb was embedded and wouldn't come out. About a year later he was blowing his nose and out came the bb thru his nose. How weird was that. Pam

Donna Lynn said...

I am with you on the accidents, it is so upsetting...then in a few months you will be standing somewhere doing something like dishes, and you'll just start laughing! Boys! UGH! I loved the duct tape on his knee, I use duct tape for the dogs wounds all the time it is wonderful! The BB gun boys all have taken hunter safety classes too, but, they were over at their cousins house where they put on thick layers of clothing and googles, pumped the guns up all the way, then proceeded to have an all out war! 5 out of control boys, the husbands were trying not to laugh...really they were, OK, they laughed so hard I was afraid they were going to blow a gasket!

:) Hope you are having a lovely week...
Donna Lynn

Sharon said...

Dear Willa,

Isn't it scary sometimes the close calls we have with our kids! I am so thankful that the Lord watches over them. Thanks for sharing your story, I feel better not being the only one whose kids have done this!

Hugs, Sharon

Jan Parrish said...

That looks like so much fun!

luvmy4sons said...

What an awesome time you had. I can understand your concern about the BB gun-what if it had been an eye!? My boys use those air soft guns and I am still leery! LOL! Thanks for stopping by and reading my emotional post. It helps to know that I will get through it. I so appreciate the encouragement. I would love to go to a cabin like that with everyone! That is so great!

Brenda said...

I just love the photos. Such a great time. Those guys were putting away some food.
You are gonna get a laugh from this. When you showed the picture and said Erics mom and dad came up. At first thought I was like wow he got him a young one =) hehe then I read on that it was Brit. I didn't recognize her in the picture .
haha have a great day.

Michelle said...

Sharon ~ Thank you for sharing more pictures of your awesome family wonderful everyone was able to be together! Glad the boys are fine :)

Have a terrific weekend, Sharon!

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