Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He's going to STATE!

Well, as you know from reading my blog this past weekend, Grayson had a big track meet on Saturday. Eric and I, Hayden and Eric's parents, Jim and Alice all drove up to see him run. It was the district meet and I am happy to report that he did very well there!

Above you can see him preparing to set up his blocks to run in the 400. I was so nervous at this point, I am surprised that I got a clear picture because my hands were shaking so bad. About an hour before this he participated in the 4x100 race and when he passed the baton to his teammate it fell! Oh, it was so sad and upsetting. The boy picked it up and ran and they did finish the race, but got last place. It was really hard, but Grayson was okay and shook it off, I on the other hand, was a mess! Also, the race that was right before this one the boy that was in the lead was about 8 feet from the finish line started stumbling and he fell inches before the finish line, it was so horrible to watch and so heartbreaking. We heard later that he still got second because he put his hand over the finish line. My heart went out to him, it was so sad. Then I thought, oh great now something else I can worry about!

Here he is getting his blocks set and ready to run the 400. That was his main race that he was there for.

On your mark, get set, go!!!!!!!
Here is is coming around the corner, he is in lane three in the red.
Wow! What a true photo finish! He took 2nd place in the 400. Only the first and second slots move up to the State championship next week and he made it!!!
Here he is afterwards and he is so happy and so relieved. We give God the glory!

Eric and Hayden congratulating Grayson for a race ran well!
It was so funny because we unexpectedly ran into my sister Kathi's girls, Victoria and Jessica! They came to the meet with some friends to watch their friend race, she is from a different school. Here's a picture of the cousins standing together cheering on Grayson! Here's Grayson's grandparents, Alice and Jim. They are so proud of their grandson!
Alice and I trying to stay warm! It was so cold and windy, but at least it didn't rain and the sun did come out a little later in the day. We had such a fun time together.

Here's Hayden waiting for Gray's next race. He got a little bored in between races. I think he looks kind of like a model here........ :0).
He found a neat wall that he actually climbed, pretty cool huh!
He would go to the ledge at the top of the stadium and spit over the side (no passersbys, thank goodness! I must confess, I tried it a time or two myself!) and he came and got me to show me these pigeon eggs he found. Okay, back to the track meet now!
Here is Grayson receiving his 2nd place medal. He was so excited!

Here he is getting his 3rd place ribbon for the 200 race.
Here he is with the 4x400 team accepting their 3rd place ribbons. I guess Hayden can't read the sign!!! LOL!
My two sweet boys. I love this picture!
At the end of the day, a picture of Grayson and his best friend, Garrett showing their track meet "bling"! Garrett is being so funny, he squatted down so he wouldn't look so tall next to Grayson, as he is 6'4" and Grayson is.......not! Garrett got 1st place in the 110 high hurdles!!! He also took 3rd place in the high jump and 3rd on the 4x400. I thank God for answering our prayers and helping Grayson run such a good race and for keeping him from injury or harm.

They go to the State meet on Friday to see if they qualify to the finals on Saturday. Grayson has to run the best race of his life on Friday. Only the top 8 in the state move onto the finals on Saturday and he is ranked 14th right now.

Wish them luck!

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him." Psalm 28:7

A Proud Mother ~ Sharon


A Romantic Porch said...

Sharon, That is so wonderful. I know your mother heart is swelling with pride for your son! I am happy for you! Congratulations Grayson, you will be in my prayers.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Congratulations! Grayson is a winner already!

You must be so proud! :)

Daughter of the King said...

Congratulations to Grayson and his fine parents...

Penless Thoughts said...

Big event and exciting times!!

Feathering My Nest said...
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Jan said...

Way to go Grayson! You all must be so proud of him! And he of himself! Such an accomplishment!
It looks like Hayden amused himself while waiting! LOL!


Rosemary said...

Aw good luck to Grayson on friday! Its so exciting when your children do well in their chosen sport!! My darling daughter made lt major on her drill team for next year, so we are pretty excited about the upcoming senior year!

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon! (Proud Mama!)
Please congratulate Grayson for me & tell him "way-2-go!!" I'll be cheering him on from the sidelines all the way from New York!! :o)


luvmy4sons said...

Handsome, handsome sons. And very talented too! You must be so pleased! You are one beautiful mom inside and out!

Kim said...

That is so fantastic! I know everyone is so proud of all the hard work and dedication it took to get there.
I hope Saturday you plan a big celebration dinner. No matter how he finishes it is still a great accomplishment and a reason to celebrate.

Sondra said...

Congrats for Grayson! That is so great.

Brenda said...

Sharon please tell him I am so proud of him. My April ran cross country and I always loved to watch the races.

Kelli said...

I loved seeing all the pictures, Sharon! Congratulations, Grayson!

Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
Congratulations to Grayson, it's so exciting! What an achievement to go to State. I'll be pulling for him with you.

I did a very similar post for Mother's Day on my mom and mother-in-law also. We're so blessed to have these women in our lives!
Love, Velvia

Linda said...

What a great event and congratulation to Grayson! Wishing him well at the next meet. Linda

p.s. Glad you liked Mama Mia...I loved it too...L

Jaderocks said...

Wow Grayson did a great job. Going to state, I'm sure he's so excited and you are all so proud. You always take such good pictures and with your commentary I feel like I'm right there cheering Grayson on and telling Hayden to be careful climbing that wall.

Michelle said...

Many congrats to Grayson! Thanks for sharing all the pics with us. Good luck at the next meet ~ hope you all have fun!


Laura said...

Congratulations!! Praying for a great state meet!

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