Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Today is my Daddy's 79th birthday! He reads my blog just about every day, so Daddy, if you are reading this.......Happy Birthday To You!!! I love you so much!

I have been blessed with such an awesome father. He is an amazing man. He does not have one enemy in the world and never, ever had one. He is the most kind and friendly person you will ever meet. My Daddy is a prayer warrior and a very strong man of God. He raised me to believe upon the Lord and to trust the Lord. My Daddy is a very wise man too. I am so thankful for his prayers every day over all of our family.

In 1986 I gave my Daddy the best birthday present! Eric and I had our second son Cameron on my Dad's 57th birthday! Above is a picture of the birthday boys in 1987, it was Cameron's first birthday! Cameron has always thought that he was special because he was born on Grandpa's birthday!
Here is a picture of them together last December at Cameron's school play. Cameron is now bigger than his grandpa, but he remembers the days when he was a tiny boy and how much he loved his grandpa. My Daddy has the best garage and shop where he has so many cool things that all of his grandchildren love to look at and play with. My Dad has always been such a great grandfather to all my kids and has shown them so many neat things. The best thing he has taught them though is by his example of how to be such a Godly man.

Happy 79th birthday Daddy! I love you!!!

"Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation." Joel 1:3

Love, Sharon


Jaderocks said...

Wow 2 birthdays for two great guys on the same day. How on earth did you do that? Your dad and mom seem like they are simply wonderful and I can see why you are such a sweet person and love your family so much. You had great teachers. Happy Birthday to your dad.

Michelle said...

How blessed you are, Sharon! So truely blessed.

Julieann said...

Awww, Happy Birthday to your Daddy too!


Mardell said...

Happy Birthday Sharon's Daddy!! How special to have Cameron born on your b-day! Enjoy your special day!

Hugs from NY,

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Hi Sharon!
By the way that you described your Dad, I love him already :) :)
Its AWESOME that you have a dad thats kind and wonderful and godly and a prayer warrior! How blessed you and Kathi are!!!! :)
Love Candy

linda said...

Your Dad sounds are so blessed Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with everyone above. How blessed you are that your Dad is such a great man. It is so great that since his illness, he is doing so well, Sharon. Thank the Lord. My Dad passed away just before he was 77 this past Christmas. I feel an ache in my heart that will never go away.

Also, how great is it that your son was born on your Dad's birthday. Our first grandchild was born on my husband, Erik's birthday in 2005 - when Erik turned 50. I hope that my husband and his granddaughter will always remain as close as Cameron and your dad.

Also, our youngest son who is the daddy of our oldest grandchild was 10 lbs. 7 oz. when he was born. I don't know how I had him naturally, but I did.

Do your sons good naturely tease you that you write them a letter on special occasions? Keep up the great work on that. We have written our sons on every special occasion. It is such a legacy that they will have. It is so great to build their self esteem and also to let them know how proud you are of them and their being Godly young men. Really, I think they will treasure those letters. We will be writing another one soon as our middle son and his wife will have their first born in January. We always write to the new daddys. Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because it seems our lives kind of parallel some.

P.S. I have a blog that I haven't worked on yet, but everytime I post, I can't seem to get through on the blogger area and it posts anonymous.

Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
This post brought tears to my eyes because our son was born on my Dad's birthday also. They shared October 1st as their birthday. I lost my dad to cancer in April of 1993 and I still miss him so much.

Today is my hubby's birthday also, it's so cool that he shares Cameron's and your Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday to both your birthday guys!
Have a great weekend!
Love, Velvia

cherished*vintage said...

Happy birthday to two special men in your life! Lots of us in mine and my hubby's family share the same birthdays. It's always been such a blessing to each of us that share that special day. Have fun celebrating!

Sharon said...

Dear Willa,

I am so sorry about the loss of your father, it sounds like he was such a wonderful man.

My boys tease me lots about being an emotional mom, but I know that underneath it they love it and expect it!!! I love your idea of writing the letters. I have written my boys long loving letters over the years and I lay them on their beds. I haven't done that in awhile and I need to do that!

I hope you can get your blog up and running! I can't wait to see it!

Hugs, Sharon

Feathering My Nest said...

Daddy is so wonderful and I am soooooo thankful for him. I'm so grateful we still have him for a little longer. This was a beautiful tribute to him. I love you, Kathi

Donna Lynn said...

What a blessed life you have had Sharon! God blessed you with a wonderful earthly Father, and that has given you a open heart to your heavenly Father!

Please tell him Happy Birthday from me!

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