Friday, May 23, 2008

Enough Already!

Okay, okay......enough already! I don't know if you recall, but a few weeks ago I talked about our leaky faucet and about a month before that it was a broken element in the oven and a broken toilet handle. Well, now we have two more appliances that have kicked the bucket! First it was the microwave. I made a batch of popcorn and then Hayden made a batch right after me and it refused to work! Eric looked it all over and came to the conclusion it was dead. He took it down and took it to the place where we bought it and they couldn't fix it. Oh, sad day. We are survivors in this family......we went three whole days without a microwave......maybe we should be on that show "I shouldn't be alive" or "I survived" or whatever it's called! LOL!
Next to go was the coffee pot. Several mornings in a row I woke up to this. Water all over the counter and actually dripping onto the floor. And the worst part was we would only get a half a pot instead of a full pot! Can you believe it??? Any way, what an annoying thing.
Since we didn't have an extended warranty on the microwave, Eric bought a new one and installed it! Yea!! This time he bought the extended warrenty. Isn't it pretty! Do you see two mickey mouse images on the buttons like I do? Yea! Now we can nuke things again!
I picked up a cheapy coffee pot at Wal-Mart for only 19.99!

Here she is doing a great job! Thank you new coffee pot! I really, really need you!!!
And since I was telling about my hard life, I thought I would show you these funny pictures. Can you imagine what happened to me? I just got all my eye makeup on and ah, ah, ah, chooooo!!!! I sneezed. Oh make-up went all over my face! GRRRRR!
Has this happened to any of you out there??? So frustrating! Now you can see me up close with my wet hair and no foundation on.......yikes! Too close! I hope I didn't hurt any of your eyes!! Oh well, when this kind of thing happens, you just gotta laugh. Tune in tomorrow for some good things that have happened!

"But you are a shield around me, O Lord; You bestow glory on me and lift up my head. Psalm 3:3

Happy Friday!

~ Sharon


linda said...

Hooray for the new appliances...but boo for the smeared eye make-up scene. Nothing is harder or more irritating to fix up than smeared mascara!

Hope the rest of the day goes great!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It sounds like your are trying to deal with your trials with a sense of humor. I hope you have a long period before another appliance breaks!

I've had that mascara thing happen too. It's the pits.

I enjoyed visiting your blog today.

Daughter of the King said...

oh Sharon....what a funny.
Can you say *Muprhy's Law* ???
We think our microwave is nearing the end of it's life...perish the thought.. didn't scare me, I sew worse in the mirror everyday.

Stephanie said...

Im so glad to know Im not alone witht he mascara...only to sneeze RIGHT after you apply it! That happens all the time to me, too !
Your microwave and new coffee pot are beautiful, life without them just isnt the same is it!? LOL

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Hey, I just bought that same coffee pot in black...our BUN kicked the bucket!

Yep, I've done that makeup trick before...I've also gone to work and "forgot" my mascara. My eyelashes are blond so it is really noticible!!!

I guess we should laugh at ourselves...LOL!!!☺

Lille meg said...

Oh, I feel sory for you and all the things that didn't work.
Sometimes it is in that way that more than one thing don't work at the same time.....
Thank you for your sweet comments to me.
Have a great week end!):

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Sharon!! Oh current coffee maker is one I got as a doorbuster at Walmart on Black Friday...its not fancy at all but it only cost $4 and it works great!!

I have a back up microwave in the garage because the house we are ion now has a built in..and when we lived in CO my Hubby bought me a red one I couldn't part I kept it "just in case".
Blessings to you!!

luvmy4sons said...

Glad I am not alone! Thanks for making me feel normal!

Sondra said...

Yes, you have had so many broken things in the past few months. I have terrible luck with coffee pots. They all seem to be worthless. I love your new microwave. I have been wanting to get one of those that go over the stove. And yes, I have had that mascara sneeze look!

Julieann said...

HA!!!!!!!!!! Sharon you crack me up--I just adore your blog! Even with your makeup all askew, you are so beautiful--and yes, I have done that--or forgot I had makeup on and rubbed my eyes. Your new appliances are PURTY--and yes, I see Micky:)(


Linda said...

Oh my, when it rains it pours. Love the new microwave. No matter how much I pay for a coffee maker they all seem to last about the same length of time...I have one like yours and a spare just in case.

I've had the mascara woes fun. Hugs, Linda

Michelle said...

Oh, Sharon, you are just too sweet and funny! Yes, the sneeze thing has happened to me too. I'm sorry about your microwave and coffee pot, but what a nice microwave you have, and what nice coffee pot! And I love your 'sneezy mascara'! Maybe you can start a new trend!

Tomorrow will be better! Hang in there!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Oh Sharon! You have really made me laugh, and I needed it! I'm so sorry about your appliances, but why is it if the coffee pot leaks we try it a second time to lead? I've done the same thing! Thanks for sharing and cheering me up today.
Hugs, Sherry

Penless Thoughts said...

Things seem to come in cycles like that. I trust the breaking cycles is now behind you.

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh Sharon, I am so sorry about your two appliances badly misbehaving like that. Shame on them!!!

You are so funny. Your eye make-up reminds me of baby Kelli sneezing all over Mom with a mouth full of strained peas.

I love you. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day. Hugs, Kathi

Jan Parrish said...

Oh, you are too funny! I have a coffee pot about to go out too. Ugh.But the good news is that you were able to get a new one. What a mess.

Check out my funny post. :) Hope tomorrow is better.

Jaderocks said...

It does seem like everything always breaks at once. Now maybe you'll have quiet on the appliance front. I hope. Yeah we've all had that mascara sneeze happen. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to take a picture of it. You're are so cute and funny.
Have a Great Day!

Ruthie said...

Oh your poor kitchen - and your poor face. :) I always enjoy your posts so much.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


Mary said...


It never rains but what it pours. We had a month like that last year and this month hasn't been great either. First we had to replace a wheel bearing in the van and this week it was front brakes and we just realized that we need two front tires. Oh my! I need a break as well from all of this stuff happening. LOL

Take care, my friend and have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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