Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cooling Off!

We have had some hot weather here lately! On Saturday it got up to 94 degrees! We are just not used to that, a week ago it was actually rather chilly and then just like that it jumps to near 100! That's crazy! We were so hot after going to all those garage sales, so we decided to head down to the river to cool off. My husband was still out of town, so it was just the kids and I. Above is a picture of Hayden and his friend Tevin and our dog Bailey. Grayson and his girlfriend Rachelle were already down there and picked a nice spot.
It is under a bridge and it is three minutes from our house. A nice quick way to get refreshed. The water was soooo cold!
Here I am, just sitting and chilling out watching the kids and reading my magazines. It is so relaxing! I love nature and am so thankful to God for giving us such beautiful rivers to enjoy. I love the sound of the rushing water and I love to look at all the rocks.
Grayson made himself a little hot tub area!
A boy and his dog! So cute! This was Bailey's first time around water and she did great! She seems to really like it. She was fetching sticks that Hayden threw out into the water and she would try to dig up rocks that were under the water.
Here's Hayden and Tevin skipping rocks as Bailey looks on.
Ahhh.......now this is the life! Just chill'n out with my kids, watching them play and cooling my feet off in the river. Good times!

"He who believes in Me as the Scripture has said, from his innermost being shall flow continuously springs and rivers of living water." John 7:38

Blessings ~ Sharon


Linda said...

What a wonderful spot. I love the river...you had a most blissful day.

Wow, I'd love to come to your town's garage sale, you all scored. Sharon, I especially like all your treasures...we like lots of the same sort of things. You did good:). Hugs, Linda

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

We are nowhere near hot yet here in Ohio...it just now reached 61ยบ at 2pm...

I love to wade though and that water is so clear on your tootsies!☺

Mimi said...

I used to go swimming in a creek when I was a kid...do you ever see any water moccasin snakes in your river?
your garage sale also looked awesome...

Laura said...

Too fun! We have a great place to go here too! Love the water when it's hot!

Michelle said...

Looks like you guys all had a really fun time! It's still been cold here in MI...our heat's been kickin' on over the last few days :)

luvmy4sons said...

It looks exactly like a place here in Ohio...except we DID NOT have 94degrees...oh that it might get warmer. Love the painted toe nails! Good times! Enjoy!

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
Great memories! My brothers & I used to go swimming at the train trestle during the summer months back in the early 70's. We'd wear old tshirts & sneakers (to avoid broken glass & crawfish!) There was a triangle on a rope strapped to a very large tree. We'd swing out & into the water, which was about 8' deep (on a good day!) We had to beware of the leeches also - yuck! And yes, we saw a Water Moccason (sp?) one time ~ aaaackk!

Love your painted toes too ~ you're so cool! :o)


Feathering My Nest said...

Wow Sharon, What a fun place. It reminds me of the Washougal River because of the big rocks. How fun and what a great way to cool off. I wish we could have all been together. We really need to make days together before our kids are all gone:( I love you. I'm still sick with that stupid cold; or is it allergies? I am plugged up. I do see my doctor tomorrow for just regular stuff and arthritis.

Have fun for the rest of the day. Love Kathi

Sharon said...

Hi Mardell,

I'm not so sure how I would handle the leeches and water snakes....yikes! One time when we were on the Umpqua river we saw a snake swimming on top of the water and it was the creepiest thing!

Have a great evening!

:0) Sharon

Sondra said...

OH, how wonderful that looks. I grew up swimming in a river in PA. I have taken the boys to a small river here but we do not have that many great spots. I cannot believe that wonderful city wide yard sale you went to! How awesome is that! Looks like you all got some great stuff.

Tammy said...

We had some of this same heat wave here in our part of Oregon...but now it's back to nippy! This spring has been certainly interesting! :)

Love all the photos you shared and looks like it was a great day!

Cottage Contessa said...

Looks like a lovely relaxing spot to cool off and spend time enjoying your family sweetie. Love all your finds from the yard sales too!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Jan said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!! I miss that! When I lived in IL my sister and I used to go swimming in the river! Sweet memories of such lazy summer days!
Thanks for sharing your day with us!


linda said...

We will be making a move within the next few years and Oregon is our goal (or Washington). There will be one prereq for me...to be near one of the gorgeous rivers in Oregon. Which river is in your pictures!

Donna Lynn said...

What a great place to escape the heat! Our temps only got into the high 80's and it was lovely, I lived outside till today, it rained! I was so thankful that God watered and I didn't have too...we spent our day at the DMV getting Joshuas learners permit, 3 hrs. sitting and waiting! We just sat and talked and laughed, so that wasn't so bad! Love my boy, he is the last one home and I cherish each moment with him!

Lille meg said...

You have hot weather, here in Norway it is rather cold. Some nights we had down to the freezing point.
But it must be difficult to have such a heat, too!
Too cold is not good, but it is not good to have too hot, either.
We are promised better weather soon, we are waiting for it....

I hope you can get a bit colder, so it can be better for you.
Have a blessed day!):

Jaderocks said...

Looks like a lot of fun. We are still wearing jackets in Ohio but it is supposed to get nice for the holiday weekend. What a lovely place to relax.

Mary said...


We have had cold, wet and windy weather here in Ontario since last Friday. April was warmer than it's been in May. Warmer temps are coming though. The weatherman forecasted temps will be around 86 degrees next week and Monday night they aired a frost warning. Seems like we are going from winter to summer. I wanted some 70 degree weather. LOL

Enjoyed your post. Glad to see you enjoying nature and your family.


Kelly said...

How cool! What a great place to have so very close to home! Enjoy your warm weather, doesn't it seem like it goes from one extreme to another! ha!


Jan Parrish said...

That reminds me of when we'd go to my grandparents and swim in the river.

Why aren't you suited up too? LOL.

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