Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cinco De Mayo!

Monday night we had our traditional Cinco De Mayo celebration. This started a long time ago with a rather small event - I just made tacos for dinner. The next year I thought it would be fun to have virgin margaritas and let the kids drink out of margarita glasses. Then we moved on to adding fun Mexican music and I started picking up Mexican decorations. Somehow over the years it evolved into a full blown fiesta! The kids invite their friends over and we have a ball! This is my pile of food that I bought in preparation of the festivities.

Here is a view of the dining room. I hung a cute fiesta banner across the opening to the room.
I then hung a big sombrero on the front of the china hutch and made a fun center piece. Brittany helped me decorate on Sunday night, which was very helpful!

Whenever I find something that looks festive at a garage sale, I buy it and throw it in my box. I don't remember where I found this cute straw donkey, but I think he makes a great centerpiece! This year I found three bright yellow placemats at Dollar Tree and laid them together to make a runner. This next year I will be on the look out for a cute tablecloth.
We had 13 come this year. Eric and I look forward to these celebrations every year. Here's Desi and Lisa arriving. They are Cameron's good friends and they got in the spirit of things! Desi is wearing a poncho and Lisa is sporting a mustache!!!! LOL! I love these girls, they are amazing women of God and so much fun!!!
I had to work on Monday, so I was unable to prepare the food in advance. My solution, I simply put all the kids to work!!! Here's Cameron grating cheese.
Kenzie is mixing up some virgin margarita's for the kids.
Brittany is busy cooking the ground beef.

Here's Lisa and Desi cutting veggies and grating cheese.
Grayson, Rachelle, Hayden and his friend Sam were outside playing basketball.
I do not know how this came about, but all the sudden Kenzie, Cameron, Grayson and Cameron's friend, Keith, decided to pick up Grayson's truck! Funny boys! Maybe it's because the girls are around???? :0)
Time to eat! Yummmmmmm! You can see the fun chili pepper lights that Kenzie hung on the kitchen ceiling. Hayden and Sam laughing about something!
It is a tradition that after we eat the meal the kids get the stilts out. I do not know how these traditions start, but our family is big on tradition. Rachelle passed the test and got on the stilts!!!
Here's Grayson showing his stuff.
Now it's Cameron's turn. I don't know if you can really tell, but we have three sizes of stilts. Eric and the boys made them years ago. Cameron is on the tallest set. You won't be seeing me on them, I am terrible at it and I can't even get on them!
Now it's Kenzie's turn. These boys amaze me because then get up on them really fast and then they run with them! They actually race with them, and they try to have "cock" fights and fight while on the stilts using one stilt kind of as a weapon. Crazy!!!
After the stilt show, Kenzie lit a giant sparkler that Brittany had given to him and that ended the night with a bang! Then we went back in the house to find this huge mess! Poor Hayden, it was his dish night, but I helped him and it went pretty fast. Usually we watch an old movie, but half the crowd had to leave at 9:00, so we ended it there. What a fun evening we all had!!!

"They feast on the abundance of your house, Oh God, and You give them drink from the river of Your delights." Psalm 36:8

Hugs & smiles, Sharon


Donna Kay said...

My goodness, what a fun time!!! HOw wonderful that you do something like that for your kids!! It looks like they had a blast!! Your dining room was so festive and looks great!!
Loved visiting with you!!!

luvmy4sons said...

Wow! Yours is the place to be! How fun! Where DO you get your energy? Wish I could have been there! LOL!

Tammy said...

Wow, you really go all out- that looks like such a great time!

We always have mexican food every May 5th...but your party looks like it was a blast!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Your family has so much fun!
It is one of the reasons I love to read your blog!☺

Mardell said...

Oh wow! What fun! Your decorations are super cute & creative Sharon! Love how your family stepped up & helped prepare the cool! I've never had Mexican food, but you all make it look delicious. :o)

Oh, and the stilts ~ what a neat tradition. My oldest brother works construction & he wears them to drywall ceilings etc. It always amazes me on the balance & agility of these men!

Thanks for sharing such a great day!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness....what FUN! What a clever idea. I get so many great ideas from you:)Maybe we'll try that next year!

Love and Blessings......

Simply Heart And Home said...

Your Cinco de Mayo party sounds like a lot of fun! I debated whether or not to have a celebration as well but decided to skip it this year as my tummy is supposed to be resting from spicy foods.

There is always next year! :)

A Romantic Porch said...

What a cute idea. i never thought to do something like that! xoRachel

Sharon said...

Does anyone know where that rating system came from???? It wasn't there earlier today and now it is there. I don't know how it works or why it is there. Can anyone shed some light???

Thank you so very much!


Stephanie said...

Looks like a great time ! Maybe I should do that next year, thats a great idea!!!
Im getting hungary looking at all that awesome yummy food !!

Thanks for the ideas !!

SweetAnnee said...

Fun and YUM
we had
Cinco de Mayo on

not near as big a party as you

Jaderocks said...

What a great family celebration. You always have the neatest ideas. It sure looks like everyone was having a good time. I don't blame you for not showing us your stilt skills it looks a little scary. I didn't notice the rating system until you asked but I don't have it on my blog????????
Another successful party by Sharon.
I liked how you enlisted everyone to help.

Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, You make everything so fun. I want to do that. Sometime I feel like I am a no fun mom. I know I can always change that though, and I am determined to do that. We ate pizza for cinco de Myo, to support a fundraiser for a friend with cancer, but we did celebrat with the airsoft war, and I will eventually post about that.

I got my hair done today and I feel like a new woman!!! Tonight is youth group so I will be out all night (til 9:00ish) and I was gone all day. I'm so tired. It was a good day though. Love ya, Kathi PS I saw Mom and Dad twice and Desta to, getting her hair done.

Cottage Contessa said...

Sharon your family is so fun! What a blast you all had together! I love it!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Denise said...

¡Su partido mira liks tanta diversiĆ³n... el trabajo bueno!



Daughter of the King said...

oh that looks sooooo good and so much fun....
you are the hostess with the mostest...

Kelli said...

I love hearing about all the fun your family has together!! The decorations look wonderful and I'm sure the food was delicious! The boys lifting the truck is TOO funny...yes, the girls must have been watching. :0)

Brenda said...

Wow what fun. I would love to have something like that. Maybe I will be on the look out for things for next year. thanks for allowing me to come to the party.

Kelly said...

This looks like a blast, all I made were lame tacos and used the wrong taco seasoning so the kids ended up eating cereal!! lol
Next year I will do better! And this may sound corny but your kitchen ceiling rocks!!! It looks really cool with the wood beams. I love that...


Donna Lynn said...

I don't know why that rating thingy would just all of the sudden show up on your blog!! That is so weird...have you tried to take it off? Let me know if you have any luck!
Your family looks so close, and your home so warm and inviting! You are so blessed to have the hang out house...
Hugs, Donna Lynn

Laura said...

That is too fun! I love traditions!!

Linda said...

What a fun celebration! Looks like everyone had a ball and the stilts are cool. Hugs, Linda

jennifer said...

Wow! I feel like I am THERE! I think your family traditions ROCK! Eveyone looks so happy, like they are having a ball. Great idea. I didn't do a thing to celebrate the day. Maybe next year :)


Jan Parrish said...

What a hoot it must be to live at your house. Stilts? Three sets? Oh my, no, we never had any of those. LOL.

Kim said...

I love building traditions. This sounds so wonderful and inviing. It's great that you are willing to spend the time, money and energy that allows you to open your open for friends and family.
It is so much fun to go all out with the decorations and games. I bet some of those invited will pass on the tradition as they begin their own families.
Thanks for the fun pictures.

Lilly said...

Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful time Sharon!!

Don't you love big celebrations like that? They're always a blast.

Peace & Love,

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