Thursday, April 10, 2008

Leap'n Lizards! Or I wanna an Iguana!

One of the best things in the world

to be is a boy;

it requires no experience,

but needs some practice

to be a good one.
~ Charles Dudley Warner, 1877

Last weekend I had a couple of "Mom" days with Hadyen and Grayson. That's where I take one or more of the kids out on a special day and we go to fun stores and grab something fun to eat.

I have been feeling a little distant from Hayden and I was praying to God about how I was feeling. Hayden and both are going through life changes and we both have hormones that are out of whack, so if we are not careful, we can really butt heads. I have been in prayer about this and I have prayed to God for His wisdom and for His guidance. I also prayed for inspiration on what I could do to get closer with Hayden.

"Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart." Philippians 4:6

I also have been worried about Hayden not having enough to do when he has down time. He has many interests that he does around the house (once his chores are done and his homework is done) such as play basketball, play with the dog, ride his bike, play his drums, but he also likes to play video games. I am pretty strict about how much time he spends playing them just like I was with all the other kids, half an hour on school days and one hour on no school days, but the hour needs to be split up. Our son, Cameron, had a little problem with wanting to play videos too much and I do not want to repeat this with Hayden. I would like to do a post on this subject sometime in the future because I believe it is becoming a new problem with our society, but that is another post, another day!

Any way, I felt like God was saying that we needed a Mom day and I asked Hayden if he would like to go to town and I would buy something that would be a new hobby. I didn't want to spend too much, but we would find something. He said he would love to do that and he decided he wanted a lizard. So, off to the pet store we went. We also went to the grocery store, the dollar store and Goodwill.

I don't want you thinking that I am trying to buy my son's love or respect. This is something we do now and again and it is a fun way to get close. We also work together too, which is very rewarding, but sometimes you just gotta have a lil fun!

We had such a great day. He brought a CD of his favorite songs and we listened to his music, laughed and talked and even sang together. It was so fun! We had great conversations and both of us enjoyed our day! Any way, after checking out two pet stores, we finally found a new lizard for Hayden. He picked out an Iguana! It is a nice sized one too! On the way home we stopped at the gas station where Grayson works and dropped off Grayson some dinner.
Hayden showed Grayson his new lizard. Grayson thought it was pretty cool. When we got home dinner was waiting for us! Eric cooked salmon, fettuccine Alfredo and green salad for us! We rented Alvin and the Chipmunks, which would be great for younger kids, but a little silly for us. It was still a really good night. The next day, after church, Grayson, Hayden and I drove into town to get Grayson a new coat at the mall. Grayson is a new driver and I wanted him to prove to me that he can drive his little truck safely on the freeway before we let him loose to drive it on his own. We all crammed in his little Toyota pick-up and headed to town. It was really fun and he did an excellent job of driving!
We stopped at the pet store to get Hayden more supplies for his lizard and they said they had a Chinese Water Dragon up for adoption for only $4.00 if we were interested. Well, guess who was interested, if you said Grayson, you were right!

Now both boys have new lizards! They haven't named them yet, but they are excited about them!
Above is a close up of Grayson's, kind of pretty isn't it! Grayson has it in his old birdcage for now and he is drawing up plans as I am typing this to make some kind of deluxe environment for his new pet.

Here is a close up of Hayden's Iguana. He has his in a 15 gallon tank in his room. I think the Iguana is pretty neat looking too. Hayden is excited because it can grow to be 50 pounds and he can take it on walks!
We had a great weekend. It is neat to see such big smiles on my boys and to see them get so interested in a new thing. I just hope that we don't have any escapees! :0)

I am so grateful that God answered my prayer and inspired me with the idea to go to town with Hayden and Grayson. There is never rest with the job of mother, but it feels so good when you feel like your kids are on track with the Lord and with life.

"The Lord has given us eyes to see with and ears to listen with." Proverbs 20:12

Blessings, Sharon


Simply Heart And Home said...


You are such a good mother. Your boys are blessed to have you. :)

Staying close to your children by becoming involved in their hobbies is essential in building a good bond with them. You are wise in doing so and for keeping their minds and bodies busy with healthy activities.


Jaderocks said...

I thought they were cute until I read the 50 pounds. I'm a little scared now. Nice mother/son story.

jennifer said...

You are one brave Momma.


Ruthie said...

Happy Mom Day. A great idea.

Linda said...

Hi Sharon, you have a great relationship with your boys and it will last a lifetime. My daughter is grown and we still have the best times together and this is a blessing in this day and age. Hugs, Linda

Kelly said...

Awesome awesome!!!!! Just PLEASE make sure Bailey knows these were not bought from Petsmart to be played with!! haha! Yikes, that is scary...but in all honesty they are kinda cute....and very interesting. And I am all ears on your post about video games.......I need to set a schedule for that and stick to it. My son is going to be 13 next month and I agree it is hard to find good things to keep them on the right path. Another reason a good church and youth group I think are so needed.
What a great post!


hey maybe the boys could train the new additions to be the ring carriers for the wedding, you know they could slide them down their tails and carry them up to the altar?????? haha! Oh boy I will allow Mackenzie to leave me a *No Way* on my blog! haha!

Kim said...

We have the exact same video game rules at our home. David tends to become over excited and out of control if he is allowed more time than this.
I think Hayden's Iguana looks like "yoda" from Star Wars- just an idea.
I think it's great when we can occiasionally surprise our kids when they least expect it. Don't we as wives like it when our hubby does this for us, of course as long as it isn't an Iguana!

Sondra said...

Don't you just love those times with your boys? I know I do and they are getting fewer and far between. I understand what you are saying about the video games. I am having a problem with Austin and I think it needs to be stopped before it gets worse. Can't wait to see your post about that.

Cottage Contessa said...

Sharon you are just THE BEST mum ever! What an inspiration you are to me sweetie, really you are. Now about those lizards........well I have a sons.....we aren't lizard people.....we are screamers. Nuff said! lol Have a wonderful end to the week sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Penless Thoughts said...

What a wonderful post, Sharon. I love the smiles on ALL your faces.

Mardell said...

Awww, what a great post Sharon! Your boys are lucky to have such a loving, caring mama! Love the pics, too. :o)

(Have a great weekend!)

Mary said...


Leapin' Lizards is right... a 50 lb lizard? My goodness. Where in the world will he keep it when it gets that size. LOL

You are a wonderful mother. I believe in one-on-one time and think it allows us to bond more closely. The grandsons and I do one-on-one time and we talk about things that we wouldn't if we were with others. The boys don't hesitate to tell me the things they are feeling when we are by ourselves.

Take care and thanks for the inpirational post. BTW, I agree with you on the games. The time limit should be very restricted.


Jan Parrish said...

How fun. We had lizards too. I just hope he never escapes! You are a great mom.

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