Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun day with the boys!

I just wanted you guys to come along with me on one of my fun, "Mom" days with the boys. Last week on spring break Grayson, Hayden and I got in the car and headed for the Recycle Center.

I think I deserve a few Mom points here, because over the years when we have gone to this place, we have drug home the grossest, dirtiest things because the boys (all four of them) wanted them and had plans for them. I have had my van full of all kinds of weird things from bicycles to old funny furniture for their forts, etc. One in particular was we bought Grayson an old, rusty, riding lawnmower with moss growing on it for $5.00 and laid the seats down in the van and got it in the back! It had an active bee's nest in it that we discovered right before we got it in the van! Now that is sacrifice, don't you think!!!! :0) The good thing is, Grayson did work on that thing all summer that year and turned it into a go-kart, it was so worth doing that for him!
Above, Grayson is reading the newspaper ads intently as we get ready to go. For the record, I want all of you to know that this was not my idea, but BOTH of the boys asked me to take them to the Recycle place.

They are so cute, they both have projects they are doing and they needed supplies. So we went to this wonderful junk place. This place would give any project person chills of excitement with the promise of a future project!
It is recycled things from homes, offices, buildings, cars, lawn mowers, bikes, etc. It is pretty organized and pretty cheap.
It's one of those places that you never know what you're going to find, but also one of those places that you're pretty sure you'll find it there.
If I were trying to fix up a cabin or something, this would be the place to go! They have tons of light fixtures, cabinets, sinks, toilets, etc....
You name it, it is probably here, and at reasonable prices!

They have a "Jar Room" which is one of my favorites. It is full of basic every day glass jars, but occasionally a girl gets lucky and you could find an old cool square coffee jar, a really neat old mustard jar or what I found on this day, as you can see in the above picture. They are the insides of the old canning lids; I do not know what they are called, but you probably recognize them. They were only a quarter each!
Hayden was looking for a new basketball rim and net and he found it! Grayson was looking for a metal box and he found it. Yea, we all found what we needed!!!
Of course, you always have to end a day of junk'n with ice cream right??? Isn't that what I posted about earlier in the week???
Here is Grayson working on his new project. I love it when we buy stuff and as soon as we get home the boys get to work on their projects. It is especially fun when they complete them. We have always encouraged the boys to use their minds instead of veg out in front of the TV or video games (although they do those things too!). Here is a close up of Gray's creation. He added an old chain saw to the back of an old bike. He got the motor for free because the previous owner thought it was broken forever. With just a little work, Grayson got it working. He also learned how to weld last year in school and got his own welder for Christmas. He welded a bracket on the back and did all kinds of things I don't even understand to make this contraption work.

You should see him ride it, it is awesome! We got him on video and I will show you some day soon. We are so proud of him for using his mind and creating things. He is a natural born engineer and inventor.
Here is Hayden putting his new rim on his B-ball hoop. He did the same thing, as soon as we got home, he asked his father for help and had to take apart the old one and add the new one. He did a great job.
He was so sweet and cute; he came into the house and said "I'm all done Mom, would you like to come out and do the honor of shooting the first hoop?" Of course I was so touched and flattered and I ran right out there, but, alas, I missed (I know, I throw like a girl).

Here's Hayden doing it right! He made all his shots! That boy has jump!

Above is the light fixture that I bought. Tomorrow I will show you what I did with the two treasures that I found.

I hope that you don't think that the only stores I go to are gross! :0) I do go to the real stores at the mall occasionally, but it is just so fun to dig for the treasures at the thrift stores!

"The hope of righteousness shall be gladness." Proverbs 10:28

Hugs, Sharon


Hootin' Anni said...

Sharon....just had to come back this soon to let you know I had to write about your April Fool's 'prank' on us all who visit with, on my blog entry!

I still can't get over how I was so drawn in to it.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us with you light fixture...AND - no fair posting the ice cream! I want it, and I want it NOW! LOL

Heather said...

What an awesome Mom/Son Day. What handsome, creative young men you are raising.

Enjoy these days. They seem to go by way to quickly.

Love and Blessings....

Kelly said...

My Husband and Son would LOVE this place! My Son wants to know where Grayson gets these ideas from, if it is a website send the link on, or are they just Grayson inspired!
I think it is awesome that they are so well balanced, that sounds kind of technical, but they have such a great variety of interest and talent! Way to go you guys!
And gross or not you find so many great they say one persons trash is another persons treasure!

have a great day!!!

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
What a cool place to shop! I sure wish there were stores like that here in Podunk!

I think it's wonderful how you encourage your boys. I love their projects! That bike is SOMETHING!

Have a great Wednesday. :o)

SweetAnnee said...

What an awesome day!!!
your boys are so wonderful
and Sharon, I wish WE had a place
like that ... it rocks!! tis NOT gross!!!!!
our town's junk is probably in a land fill
when it could be used ..

You are such a fun person, wish you
lived close to me , I'd be bugging ya ALL the

fondly, Deena

Jan Parrish said...

I saw a wheel barrel we could have used in that one picture. We were putting one together at my son's house yesterday.

Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, You are such a good mother. Your boys are so creative and smart. I love watching what you and they do. Love you post. Love, Kathi

Mardell said...

Hello again Sharon,
I was looking through your archives & guess what? You share the same b-day with my brother Tim (Sept. 9) and you were both born in the same year! I think that's really neat.


jen said...

We love to go to the recycling depot up here in Canada on a Gulf Island we visit in the summer. It is so much fun-never know whats in store!

Lilly said...

What a fabulous Mom/son day! It looks like you had a lot of fun! You have such handsome sons Sharon, and you're doing a great job of raising them too! I hope all is well. =)


Linda said...

You did have a fun day with your boys. Sharon, you're a great mom and your sons are neat, creative young men who bring you great joy as they should. Hugs, Linda

Laura said...

Too fun! My family would be in heaven in a place like that!!

Country Wishes said...

Thanks for dropping by with such lovely words. I would have a blast in that recycle shop, it looks fantastic!

Sondra said...

How cool. We do not have a recycle center like that around here. Your boys are so creative and hard working. I should get them to inspire mine! LOL!
I wanted to tell you that I am confused about the job prospect too. I really thought that they were giving me the job and I thought I was going in to fill out all my paper work. But when I got there I had a long intense interview with another woman. So now I am just waiting. Maybe this is not what God wants for me right now with the boys still needing transportation and all. We will see.

Kim said...

It's so funny that you posted this at the same time I posted about my "inventor" son. David would love to have a place like that around us. I can't wait to see your other treasures.

Sharon said...

Mardell.....Cool about your brother and I sharing the exact same birthday! What state was he born?

I hope you have a wonderful day!

:0) Sharon

jennifer said...

ACK! Torture with an icecream pic!


Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
The lamp turned out great, I think recycling is the way to go. Yard sales, thrift stores, etc. all keep stuff from ending up in landfills and that's "a good thing" as Martha Stewart would say.

I can't wait to see your bedroom in tomorrow's post. It's exciting!

Oh, and by the way, my heart skipped a beat when I read your April Fool's post, but I have to admit that's was a great one to pull on all of us! Your picture is so beautiful too(as they all are)!
Love, Velvia

Michelle said...

Hi Sharon,
I found your blog through Kelli's show and tell. I have read a few of your blogs, and I have to say, you are a girl after my own heart! My husband and I go to thrift stores all the time. It is our entertainment! You just never know what treasure will be there waiting for you! One of our favorite spots is the Salvation Army 'AS IS' store, where all the mismatched, and rejected stuff from the other SA stores goes. A lot of things there may not work the best, but God has given my husband and I the gift of knowledge to make them good as new again. I agree with the fact that people like us have to have the insight as to how the treasure will look all cleaned up. We actually HATE shopping retail, but sometimes, we have to.

I have added your blog to my list of favorite blogs to read, and by the way, we call thrift store shopping, 'junkin' also. You just spell it a little differently.

Glad to meet you, and by the way, your new bedroom is beautiful!

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