Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Son the Actor!

Last Saturday night Eric and I went to see our son, Cameron, performing in his college play, they did Little Women. They all did such a great job, it was a very cute play.
Cameron played the part of Professor Bhaer and he did an EXCELLENT job!
I am not saying that just because I am his mother! He really, really did an EXCELLENT job!
His character is Meg's professor and friend and they end up falling in love and marrying. He had so speak with a German accent and he did a fantastic job.
I know I am his mother, but you have to believe me when I tell you that when he spoke his lines, he was riveting! He did a great job and was so believable. The whole cast did a marvelous job. This is Cameron's third play he has done, his other roles were comedies and he was really good in them too.
Here they are taking their bow at the end of the performance. It was quite entertaining! Afterwards so many people came up to him to tell him he did a great job. We are so very proud. A close up of Cameron as Professor Bhaer.
Proud father and Son.
Proud mother and son.

I wish that all of you out there could have seen it. It turned out wonderful. He is a senior at the Bible college and will graduate in June, so this is the last time he will be in a play. I am encouraging him to get involved in more plays and he said he might do community theater. He will be traveling this summer with an evangelism team that provides entertainment to different churches. He will be doing some acting with that as well.

"May your father and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice!" Proverbs 23:25

I can honestly say that we can say the above scripture is true for us with Cameron and with all our sons! We are truly blessed.

Love, Sharon


Charlotte said...

Wow! Wish I had seen the performance. I know you are very very proud. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. It's so great he will be using his talents to serve the Lord. I know that makes you doubly proud. Thank you for the nice comments you made on my blog. It's nice to have you as a new blogging buddy.

Barbara H. said...

Love those costumes! And the silhouettes on the wall were a nice touch. Sounds like it was a great play and a great opportunity.

Simply Heart And Home said...


That is quite a role he played. The play sounds wonderful. I wish we all could have seen it. :)

I'll email you about what you mentioned.


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

What a nice looking young man!

Your pride and joy just seeps through this post!

Have a wonderful day!♥

Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, Oh I wish I had seen Cameron in his play. It looks like so much fun. I'm proud of him.

I love you, Kathi

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon! Oh how I love plays! Why is it though, that I always tear up? My nieces & nephews perform in plays and also in the band. I guess it must be that I'm so filled with pride & joy!

When my brother Tom was a Sr. in HS (1978) he played the leading role in "Will the Real Jesus Christ Stand Up." He had pure white blonde hair & had to grow a beard. Well, his beard & mustache came out RED!! (A family trait!) We laughed so! It looked so strange with the two colors! :o)

Love the pics of Cameron & I sure wish I could have been there too. I would have loved to hear that German accent. That's not an easy feat, I'm sure! It makes me want to go out & rent some "Little Women" videos!


Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
It looks like the play was wonderful, I'm sure Cameron was awesome in his role. Little Women has always been one of my favorite books, I have the movie starring Susan Sarandon and every now and then I get it out to watch it.

I hope your new job is going well and that you love it!
Love, Velvia

Sondra said...

I remeber doing Little Women in high school. I loved drama so much. I have tried to get the boys interested but with no luck. :( The pictures are great and I bet the play was wonderful. Did no one video tape it? You could maybe get us a clip or two!

Brenda said...

That is very neat. I would have loved to see that.
Rian had the lead in Grease when he was in college. I did a 50's party. Oh what special days.

Kelly said...

WOW, he even looks the part!!! How awesome that he is going to go out with the team to churches! That sounds so exciting! He is a great role model just like his MOM!! Oh and his Aunt Kathi too!!

Ruthie said...

Wiah I could have seen that play. That was one of my favorite stories growing up! Good pictures, too.Hugs, Ruthie

Gina said...

Hey, wait a minute. I thought he married Jo! Isn't that where the book Little Men comes from?
Ok, I took the long route here. Your sister left me a comment and I follwed her here. Looking forward to reading more.

linda said...

Isn't it heartwarming when one of our children do something that they enjoy but they end up being GREAT at it too! It just makes you so proud doesn't it!?!

Cameron sounds like an exceptional young man...I wish him safe travels and a wonderful experience this summer!

Brenda said...

I am worn out,but love my job.we go on vacation to see Rian in a few weeks so I hope to rest and calm down alittle then.
Have a great day,Brenda

Jaderocks said...

What a memory to see your son in this classic play. I'm sure you and Eric were just bursting with joy and I don't blame you Cameron is a handsome and I'm sure very talented young man. Your four sons seem very focused in faith and family. You and Eric should be proud of your sons but the two of you were their first teachers. What a lovely family.

Daughter of the King said...

oh Sharon this is so wonderful.
There is so much, with this talent he can use for the Lord, seems like he has done wonderfully under his great parent's guidance and love and prayers I am sure.
Thanks for sharing,

Jan Parrish said...

My Mom (Ruthie - see her comment above) named me after Beth. Little did she know I was more like Jo. Yes, I very much like her. LOL.

Great costume. Now you'll know how he'll look when he is old. :)

jennifer said...

Acting on a stage, in front of all of those people is something that I could never do. I am so impressed that he can do it and do it well!


SweetAnnee said...

Oh Cameron looks so HANDsome
Don't you just love going to their
performances?? I so miss that now
my girls were always in music and plays


but sports is good too!!

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