Sunday, April 13, 2008


The best things are nearest:

breath in your nostrils,

light in your eyes,

flowers at your feet,

duties at your hand,

the path of God just before you.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

"Whoever pursues

righteousness and kindness

will find life and honor."

Proverbs 21:21

Have a beautiful Sunday!

~ Sharon


I only made a dent in my photos yesterday. First of all, as a busy wife and mother, I did other things besides just the photos like clean the house, clean out the refrigerator, go to the store, etc. But I just realized, I sat through two movies doing this, so I did spend four hours on it! I made a little progress, but not as much as I would have liked.

Secondly, it really is hard and overwhelming! I really am only dealing with three years, 2004, 2005 and 2006 because in 2007 we went digital. But, I take a lot of pictures and some of them I really cannot figure out what year they are because I did not mark them! I have to go by the style of my hair - did I have bangs or not, was my hair long or short!

The good news is, I got all of 2004 in order by date and event and now I just have to put them in an album. I have 2005 and 2006 all separated out, but not by month, that will have to be another day! I am hoping to get 2004 done this afternoon, we will see. I am finding some great pictures though! We have had so many great memories and done so many fun things! God has truly blessed us with an abundant life.


Lilly said...

How wonderful! I hope you have a great Sunday too Sharon! And that's great that you got some picture sorting done! :0) And, four hours?! Even better! Progress, progress, progress!


Mardell said...

I've been thinking about you this weekend & wondering how your project is coming! Sounds like you're making progress. :o) You-go-girl! That's cute that you're trying to figure out the year by the way you wore your hair ~ LOL. I'd be snookered, because my hair's been the same forever! I guess I'd try to figure on the size of me ~ skinny, in-between, or fat. (Sigh.)

Glad you're re-living some good memories. You'll feel so much better once all of the pics are in albums. Thanks, again, for the wonderful inspiration!


Mimi said...

you can see so much to be thankful for and realize just what a wonderful life you have had when you are reminded by all the pictures can't you!!!

Marina Capano said...

HI! NICE TO MEET YOU! I enjoyed visited your blog! very nice post and cute music! xoxooxoxo from Argentina I hope your visit!

Linnet's Nest said...

Oh my! Photos. We were talking about organising photos at Hubby's Mom's today. Mine are out of control, I really need a week of solid photo sorting I think.

Lovely quote and scripture.


Kim said...

I'm glad to hear of your progress. It is so important that you got organized instead of just trying to get into albums. Rich is so good about my scrapbooking, he looks on it as a gift for our family. As I work on albums he and David love to go through our albums when I complete them and I will often place a different one out on the coffee table every month or so.
As you go through the pictures you might want to think of ones you could use as the wedding comes up. We had friends who used framed pictures of the couple growing up placed all around the reception and it made you feel as if you were at their home. Just an idea. It wouldn't hurt to think ahead anyway, just in case.
It's hard work, but wonderful that you have so many memories preserved. Our nephews have complained that we have taken more pictures of them than their parents have. Last time we saw them we sent both boys home with pictures we had taken since they were babies. They really treasured them. They also like to see that their pictures are in our albums and not just thrown in a box.

Have fun with your memories!

Dianne said...

Hi, My First time to your site. I came over from Kristen's site. It looks like you've been busy. I have a few pictures that I need to organize too. I'll be back. Just wanted to say Hi.

MammyT said...

Gollee, lady. You have been busy. And you've been doing a lot of bloggin! I guess I have, too. Sometimes it's like that. You are so blessed with your boys! You have a beautiful family.

Jan Parrish said...

Oh,I don't even want to think about mine because there is just so much to do. Ugh. I have 15 years of photo's to do plus an entire box of mom's photo's I need to get to before she forgets what they are.

Cottage Contessa said...

I think you are amazing to be as organized as you are with your photo's. I'm ashamed to say what sort of order mine are Hope you have a great week sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Feathering My Nest said...

You did a good job, if you worked four hours. That's great, Sharon.

I like that poem by Robert Louise Stevenson, and your Scripture.

How was church? I love you. Garrett is still sick. Kathi

jennifer said...

Keep chipping away at it! Youcan do it Sharon.


Sharon said...

Hi Mardell,

Thanks for the encouragement! I have made a bigger dent! I worked on them yesterday and have all of 2004, 2005 and 2006 in month and event order! Now I just have to slap them in the albums! Yea!!!

Hugs, Sharon

Sharon said...

Dear Marina,

I visited your blog and loved your pictures! I tried to leave a comment, but it wouldn't open. I will try again later.

Have a happy day!

:0) sharon

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