Monday, March 24, 2008

Vintage Easter Treasures

Hello everyone! I hope that all of you had a beautiful and memorable Easter Sunday. We enjoyed a beautiful sermon at church and then had a great family gathering here at our home with my husband's family. I will show pictures of that later in the week.

Today I just wanted to show you some of my vintage (or reproduction to look vintage) Easter decorations. I just think they are so cute and wanted to share them before I put them away for another year.
The two pictures above are of my Blessing folding banner that I made with my girlfriends in our "Tacky" craft group. My friend, Jill, is really into scrapbooking and she hosted the event that day. We all pitched in $5.00 and she bought all the craft supplies to make these darling banners. Since I am not a scrapbooker, I was proud of my work!
Above is a funny bunny that we also made in our Tacky group. Isn't he cute. He is a copy of some of the bunnies they did in the 50s with a spun cotton head and chenille pipe cleaners. He was very easy and very fun to make.
In the dinning room I simply put out this little army of wooden chicks. I found them all in a bag at Goodwill for "cheep" (get it!! cheep! LOL!).
They are made by Dept. 56, which is such a great company, they make fabulous things!
Here is my display on my buffet in the dinning room.
Just a simple little vintage basket with old chenille pastel hens sitting in there with a antique postcard dated 1919.
Above is a photo of my little bookshelf in the kitchen. I actually have this display up most of the year. I love bunnies and chicks. My sister Kelli gave me the largest chick there with sparklies all over it, I adore him!!!
Above is a Season of Cannon Falls little chick that I got as a gift from my sweet friend, Mareta. I love all the news print he has as his feathers and I love his little hat!
The chick above is antique and he is made of soap stone. I found him at that shop I talked about, Ruthie Bs. I think he is just adorable and he "talks to me". He was one of those, "oh, I just have to have him" things!
Above is a little wind up chick. I don't think he is that old, but he sure is cute!
The chick above and the rabbit below are very collectible. They are made by a company called Irwin and they are made of the early plastics in the 50s.
They have such wonderful detail. I have a book about the early plastics and a book about vintage Easter decorations and they say this guys are work a lot. I found the Mr. Rabbit man in the book for $95.00, which I think is nuts and I don't know who would pay that much, I certainly didn't!!!
The above bunny is so cute. He is made of soap stone. He is very old. I nestled one of my vintage German paper mache Easter eggs in his big cracked shell that he is is hauling. Like most of my treasures, I found him for pennies at either a yard sale or Goodwill and I have had him for a long time.
Here is another look at all of them in my Easter kitchen window display. I didn't talk about the little chick on the top right corner. She is all dressed up in her Easter bonnet and pulling a cute little cart. She is one of the first decorations that I purchased after I got married. I bought her at a Candle Light party (do any of you out there remember those parties?). I loved her then and I still love her today. All that stuff that the young brides bought in the early 80s will be collectible and very sought after probably in just ten more years. Doesn't that seem crazy! Also, the postcard in the center is antique too and dated 1919.

Today is the first official day of spring break and we are having a "mom" day. That is where we all get to go to one of our favorite funky stores and we also go to a bunch of thrift stores and out for lunch.

Have a happy day!

"For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep." Psalm 127:2b

Love, Sharon


Lori said...

Oh Sharon I loved visiting your "Chickie" display! Mr Bunny is absolutely adorable!! You did a wonderful job! Lori

nannykim said...

I love all of the chicks the best! So cute.Also wanted to tell you that National Geographic Magazine had an article that spoke a lot about the kind of dog you have. (March issue). They highlighted this one Border Colie that has a vocabulary that rivals a toddler's. (That is he understands--can't speak!--but she knows 340 words and continues to learn. ie they can tell her what to retrieve and she will get it. Also she knows at least 15 people by name--they have done scientific tests with linking photos to the objects they represent too. So they are smart! ;-)

Linda said...

Hi Sharon, I love the banner you made and all the chicks. I've just started collecting chicks and received a cute one from my husband.
Have a fun day and hope you find some treasures. Hugs, Linda

Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, these little chicks are so cute. I love all that you've displayed. So so cute.

We are free Tuesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.

Today we are having tuna sandwiches, picnic in the front yard and play badmitten, and then go to Goodwill after dropping Victoria off to spend the night with her friend.

I hope you have lots of fun with your boys. Love, Kathi

Lilly said...

My my Sharon, how cute! I love all of your Easter decorations! I'm so glad that you had a wonderful Easter. :) If you want to read about my Easter, just visit my blog. I absolutely LOVE all of your decor' though! Too cute. :D

Simply Heart And Home said...


So sad to put your decorations away so soon. They are lovely. It is time to say goodbye to mine as well. Easter just passed too quickly this year!

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Sharon! Have a great Spring break with your family. Your chick displays are so sweet! I love the Blessings folded banner you made. I don't scrapbook either, but it sure looks cute and fun to make.

happy@home said...

Hi Sharon,
I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a few weeks. I especially like seeing your vintage holiday collections. You have found some adorable things at yard sales and thrift stores and you have displayed them so nicely.

Thank you for sharing them with us.


Brenda said...

Love the pictures..glad you had a great Easter

Denise said...

Your pictures are wonderful...... where do you ladies find the time..ahahahhah I need to put my camera in my pocket........ maybe I will try that tomorrow.... see what happens........


Sharon said...

Denise.....that is exactly what I do! I carry it all the time so I won't miss anything. Today on the way home from taking my son to his friend I saw the most beautiful sky and I was so thrilled that I had my camera with me!

Take care, Sharon

Penless Thoughts said...

Your Easter items are just adorable. So different!!! Thanks so much for showing us.

Liz said...

What adorable little decorations! Thanks for sharing.

Daughter of the King said...

Everything looks so festive, so welcoming.
Can I ask, seriously, how do you keep up with dusting? I love the knick knacks etc...but fear I could not keep up...but I sure love love visiting and enjoyinh blogs like yours and need some pointers.

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