Friday, March 14, 2008

More Sunny Day Pictures

Here are some more pictures from our beautiful sunny day last Sunday. It was so nice that Eric and I took a little bike ride with Bailey out to the country.

It was so beautiful out and so fun. Bailey is doing really well with going along side the bike. Eric is an excellent trainer. Aren't you impressed with me.........I was riding my bike while I took these pictures! Women are so good at multi-tasking!!! :0) Mackenzie and Brittany came over for dinner and a movie, which is fast becoming our new Sunday tradition, which I absolutely LOVE! It actually has been one of my prayers, and I am praying that Cameron will be able to join us too. Here they are having fun out in the yard. This is Mackenzie's kitty, Sunny. He BEGGED us for her when she was a 6 week old kitten about 8 years ago. He has been such a good master to her, he just loves her. He can't have pets at the house he rents, so she stayed with us.
Isn't she a beautiful cat! We let her have kittens one time and they we got her fixed. It was such a neat experience, I have never been around a cat who had kittens and I even got to witness her give birth! She was a great little mother! We decided to keep one of the kittens and we picked the one that looks identical to her. We named him Krammer. He wasn't around when we were taking pictures, I'll show him to you some day soon.

I hope you get to have some sunny days too! Have a great weekend!

"Oh my people, trust in Him at all times, pour out your heart to Him, for God is our refuge." Psalm 62:8

Love, Sharon


Feathering My Nest said...

Nice photos. Cute of Mackenzie and Britteny. The kitty is so sweet. I'm glad you got to see her give birth.

What a wonderful blessing to have a Sunday night tradition with your kids coming back. God is so good to bless in such unexpected ways.

You are quite talented on the bike and taking pictures.

I'm sorry you are still tired. It's okay to take show and tell off. You need rest. I've taken a break too, many times. God bless you. I will pray that you get well and feel strong again. I love you, Kathi

Simply Heart And Home said...


I would love some of that sunshine! It has been fairly cloudy here and still a bit on the cold side.

Your pictures are lovely. :)


Laura said...

Oh sweet mercies we have had sunshine too! Until last evening when a spring thunderstorm rolled in with an amazing lightning show and a little bit of hail. But I will take it if it means warmer weather!

Can Eric come train our dogs? :-) Impressive riding and picture taking!!

A Romantic Porch said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful family day. The cat is so pretty. xo Rachel

Mimi said...

what fun pictures of your sweet family on a sunny day...I just love stories of your family...
it is so sweet that the boys are very comfortable bringing their girlfriends home to spend time with you...I think that is very special...
love the totom pole that Mackenzie and Brittany make :0)

Kelly said...

It was 50 here yesterday! Hey the pictures taken while bike riding are like the ones you took when you were driving that day remember? lol.... Those were good pictures too. And I bet seeing those kitties being born was a real treat, I would love to see that or any animals being born.
Have a great Friday, I need to get a bike!


Heather said...

Hi Sharon,

What a beautiful day you had and what a awesome pics from your BIKE! You may have missed your calling as a photographer:)

I pray that you have many days in your future filled with dinner and movies w/ your 'babies'.


Tracie said...

Hi Sharon,
What a beautiful cat, I can tell she's well loved you can see it in her eyes.

I love animals so much, it's our dream to open a sanctuary when we're old and gray for less fortunate four-legged friends.

Great pictures of MacKenzie and Brittany.
xo - animal lover ~Tracie

SweetAnnee said...

What a fun family day.. The pets even had fun.
Life is GOOD!!

love you my friend..deena

jennifer said...

I have read through and gotten caught up on Sharon. Sorry I have been out of pocket and not come by as regularly as I like. Be blessed!


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