Friday, March 14, 2008

Did I say sunny weather???

Yesterday was a typical Oregon spring day. We started with sunny weather with a bit of clouds, then rain and then I took this last night at around 7:00.......hail! It is kind of fun to have this crazy weather, it sure makes you appreciate the sunshine! Hail has always been so fun and exciting to me, it usually comes and goes so quickly.

Also.......look what else happens in the spring and I am going to tonight:

The annual library sale! It is so fun! The books are $2.00 for hardcover and $1.00 for paperback and on Sunday EVERYTHING is 50% off! I usually go and bring a boxful home! I love this sale and this year they are having a members only night on Friday night, for the Friends of the Library club, which I am proud to say I am a member! So I will be going to this tonight. I think Eric and I will be going to dinner at our favorite restaurant here in town because both of our boys have social events they are going to and then we will pop on over to the book sale. That is one fun thing about the kids getting older, you get more date nights!

Have a great weekend. I will show you my book stash tomorrow!

Love, Sharon


Brenda said...

OMG Id go nuts.I love books. Goodluck on some good ones.

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh what fun. I hope you find some fun treasure books. Love, Kathi

Simply Heart And Home said...


Have a lovely dinner with your sweet husband!

I hope you find some wonderful books at the book sale! I wish I lived closer. I'd love to go.


Richard D said...

I would be in more trouble than anyone can imagine. I have enough trouble at stores where the books are $20 each. At a dollar or two, I'd need a pickup truck.

Thanks, Sharon, for visiting my blog and for leaving your encouraging words. I have decided to carry the topic over to my blog to be able to give my thoughts on the matter without having to worry about the comments being shut off. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. I have not found too many folks who agree with my wife and me on this topic, although I think our concepts are biblical.

My wife decided to blog about the Walking Billboards post too. She was rather appalled. Her post for tomorrow will cover this topic. I've already written my post for tomorrow as well, but have not yet published it. I'll post it tomorrow sometime.

According to your sidebar, you are about the same age as my wife and I. (One year younger than me, one year older than my wife.) I think age may temper one's thoughts on this topic.

Linda said...

I love library sales, hope you find some treasures.
Have a nice dinner with with your hubby. Can't wait to see what books you found and what you had for dinner. Maybe Mexician:).
Hugs, Linda

Tracie said...

Hi Sharon,
Favorite restaurant, member's only book sale? Sounds like a fun night to me!

It's raining in California too - what happened to our beautiful weather? I love the rain too though, so soothing to listen to at night with the blessing candles burning.

Can't wait to see what books you find!

Julieann said...

You Lucky Ducky!!! I can not wait to hear about all the books you get! Enjoy your dinner too.


Lille meg said...

I can see you have had sunny weather, and so we have here as well, and for several days.
But today it is raining.
Exiting with that books!

Have a great week end!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh I can't believe how pretty your back yard looks
and did you know have a LEPRACHAUN??

Hail..tis fun if it's lil and only a bit.
Yesterday was warm and I was
we awoke to a new layer of SNOW
what the????????

I love book sales..I try to browse for OLD nature books..and kids books, poetry..
I so love to collect..
I have a large collection OF DUST right now!!!!!

Hope you have a gREAT weekend!! love ya honey..Deena

Mimi said...

oh my goodness,
I would go nuts in a book sale...only $2.00/$1.00 I would have to buy books I wasn't even crazy about just because they were so cheap...;0)
have fun and pick out some good ones..

Kelly said...

Oh have a wonderful time with Eric and I hope you find some great books, even if it were just one or two it would still be a great find know how expensive books can be.


Kelly said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love reading, and my MIL is an elementary school librarian and always gets the best deals on books from library sales, warehouse sales and conventions. They went up to NYC for some sort of book convention last spring that cost $50 for entry but they left with over $100 worth of free books. I'm totally going this year.

Let us know if you got any good titles!

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