Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Book Sale!

For you book lovers out there, this was a dream of a sale! I ended up going Friday night, Saturday afternoon and I HAD to go back on Sunday because everything was 50% off!
It was our town's annual library sale. It is so much fun! The prices are incredible! They are even better than I originally thought they were.......hard backs $1.00 and paper backs .50 cents!
Magazines were .25 cents each! Look at this great selection! I load up on country decorating magazines and save them for summer time when I take the kids to the pool or to the lake or when we go camping. Perfect! I save so much money by buying them this way, they go for at least $4.99 a piece at the store!

This is what I bought for $18.00! Quite the mother load eh??? I got so many books! I am so thankful for this awesome sale!

This is a cutie! An old book full of encouraging and thought provoking sayings.......

.......such as "Honesty is the best policy." I have been looking for books like this to use the quotes on my blog!
This is a good one by Elizabeth George, "Life Management for Busy Women". I think I qualify as a busy woman! I love to read these kind of books, they help me so much. I'll take any kind of insight or help with my busy schedule.

I bought the Seinfeld book for my hubby, he is a Seinfeld freak and he says quotes from the show all the time. One of the boys bought him the DVD set for Christmas one year.
I just can't resist old Children's books. I love the ones from the 50s, especially when they show cute little families. I have them on display in our guest room. I used to read to my children from these old books. I think the values are very good and a lifestyle worth striving for. My sister, Kathi, gave me a good tip. When the kids were tiny and couldn't read the words, she would just make up a story to go with the cute pictures because "run, spot, run" isn't really much of a story! LOL!

I also buy these cute little tiny story books. I really have no reason to buy them except that I like them. I have such great memories of reading these books to my children and I tell myself that I buy them to read to my grandchildren some day. I look forward to the day when I have a sweet grand-baby curled up on my lap all snuggy and I can read to them!

I bought Mackenzie's girlfriend, Brittany, this old cookbook, "Dinner for Two". She is a good little cook and she wants to learn more. I love it that she loves to try new recipes. They have a lot of special dinners together, Mackenzie is really blessed to have her! Actually, they are both blessed to have each other!

The best part on Friday night was going out to dinner with this man after the book sale at our favorite restaurant and eating this yummy food and discussing my new job!!!!!

Grayson was at the high school dance and Hayden went to the middle school dance and then to a birthday party, so.......date night!

This is me after getting up at 5:00 am, tidying up the house, doing my Bible study, getting my DH off to work, walking with my friends for 45 minutes, getting the kids up for school, getting my shower and going to work, working 8 hours, getting a new job :0), going to the grocery store and doing major food shopping (two weeks worth $160.00), running to my car in the rain, going to the fabulous book sale, and now finally at 8:00 at night relaxing and having a dinner date with my husband. I think I look a little worn out, but I'm happy! Quick....give me that Time Management for Busy Women book now!!! :0)

What a great Friday! What a great book sale! What a great weekend! Maybe next year you can come to our library sale!

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on Me hath everlasting life." John 6:47

Love, Sharon


Kelly said...

That is a fantastic Friday!!! don't you just love when you have a full day and you really feel like you have accomplished so much, including a bible study!!!! Then it feels so worth it to relax and have a nice quiet dinner, it sounds wonderful. And the book sale..... the magazines alone are worth going all 3 days! The big library out by my Aunt had a sale going on but I am not sure if I have missed it or not, I wonder if it was similiar, it will be worth checking out I think. Have a great Tuesday!


Heather said...

What a wonderful way to relax after such a hectic day. It's great that you and your husband 'date'. So important for a marriage. I'm glad you enjoyed the time together:)


Kim said...

I share your love for "books in need of a caring home." In this throw away society it is nice to give them a second life. Friends of ours laugh and say they don't need to go to the library they just need to ask us. I have a collection of children's "little golden books", both old and new. Everything from Bible stories to Disney stories. Maybe someday my grandkiddies will snuggle on the sofa, as my son use to, and let me read to them.
Hey, and what you saved by buying used books and not new justifies the expense of eating out.
Enjoy your books!

Laura said...

I LOVE old books. I especially like to collect old school books. They are so interesting to me. That is definitely my kind of sale!

What a great Friday!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Wow! I would've loaded up on a ton of magazines for sure!!! Great sale and I love all your finds Sharon!

Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, You are an amazing woman with a full life. You are very blessed! Your life works very well because you put God first, and you are a planner, and you work hard. You also make time to play. I'm very impressed and inpired by how you live.

I'm so glad to be your sister and to be your friend too. I love you, Kathi

Lille meg said...

Exiting with all these books! Treasures! I understand that it was great to go among all these old books.....Lucky you!

Happy easter!

Yolanda said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I saw in in a previous post where you went to Ruthie B's. I want to go there some time when we are down close to Eugene/Springfield.Hope you have a terffic week and a wonderful easter.

Kristen said...

Wow! They are all great and you are so right! You just can't beat that price!

That is great that you were able to enjoy dinner out with your hubby as well!

It all sounds wonderful!!!

bee'nme said...

Hello Sharon!

I wish I could remember how I found your site, but regardless, I'm so very glad I did! I would love to add a link to your blog from mine (Just Bee 'n Me -http://justbeenme.blogspot.com)with your permission...I just love your insights and advetures and I LOVE how you liberally sow the Word from post to post - wondeful!!! (I would put your link under my "Amazing Grace" bloglist, BTW)

I love your exciting book sale/date night combo - aren't those kind of days such a sweet respite from the usual grind? You really got some GREAT finds!!

Congratulations to you and Glory to God for your new job too - how exciting!! It's funny how you took a photo of your red shoes - I have a dear friend who wrote a devotional/article a couple of years ago about the personal significance of her red shoes - something she had never owned before...pretty cool to see that red shoes have some significance to you too!!

Anyway - please feel free and stop by at my place any time!!

Hugs and blessings!
Becky Schultea

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

I would love to get my hands on some of those books and magazines, what fabulous finds! Found your blog as I was blog hopping..love it!

Best Regards,

Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
You struck gold with the book sale,
it looks like you had lots of fun also! Congratulations on your new job, it's wonderful that you're closer to home so you'll have more time with your family. I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!
Love, Velvia

Linda said...

You did have a fun Friday night. I love library book sales and you found some great things. I especially like the book of quotes.
Congrats on the new job, I think your red shoes did bring you good luck. I had a pair of red heels and always had fun when I wore them.
Sharon, I made an Easter swag...it was fun and I like the way it turned out. I posted it on my blog and mentioned you. Have a happy evening. Linda

Brenda said...

Sharon what a beautiful time. I love all the books. Would love to have been there.The date meal looks awsome.Your still beautiful even worn out.

Julieann said...

You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! This is what life is all about---being all you can be and being HAPPY!!!

You did so good at the book sale.


nannykim said...

Our library does the same--it is always great. Hey--Praise God they found Ladybug--she should be united to her mom today.

Daughter of the King said...

oh what fun...the sale, the dinner everything. It sure looks like you got some real treasures.
I share your joy.

Kelly said...

What wonderful finds!!!!!!!! I love this post - I'm drooooling over your books!

Kelli said...

Oh, I wish I could have joined you, look at all those books and magazines!! It looks like you got some wonderful finds!

jennifer said...

Handsome Husband ya got there Sharon!

Your books look GREAT! I went to the library today for the first time in awhile and checked out three. Now to quit blogging and start reading!!


Simply Heart And Home said...


You look great after that long day! I hope you enjoyed your first day on the new job! :)

Oh those books....... I would have come home with so many (and the magazines! I just love to look at the lovely pictures!). You made excellent choices!


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