Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Cavities!!!

I just got back from taking Hayden to the dentist and guess what? NO CAVITIES!!!! Yea! I told him lets celebrate with candy! LOL! No just kidding, we actually went out for lunch and ate healthy food.

Grayson went last week and he had the same good news! NO CAVITIES! I am so thrilled and so proud of them! I am really relieved because it had been four years since they have gone (please no hissing and booing at the mother)! I am so embarrassed to tell you that and I feel like a horrible mother, but we got new insurance and we waited for that to kick in and for the waiting period and then it was just a matter of scheduling it around our busy dentist's schedule and our busy kid's schedules. Anyway, what a relief! I would like to thank flouride toothpaste and the fact that my kids got sealants several years ago! Also, that the boys have been so good about brushing twice a day and flossing.

Now it's my turn to go and I don't think I'll have such a good report. I have weak teeth. I counted and I have 13 fillings! 13! That's terrible. I believe all my boys just have one filling each, so they are doing much better than me! I actually got most of mine in my youth, which makes me feel a little better.

Okay, now that you know waaaayyyy too much about me, I better go. I already got a lot accomplished on my room, but I still have lots to do!


~ Shar


Karen H. said...

Good Evening Sharon,
"THANKS" for stopping by again. Always good to hear from you. If you don't care, I'll add you to my blogroll. You can add me if you want to. You are not a BAD Mother by any means. Our girls haven't been to the Dentist in a good while and it's because we didn't have any insurance. They are holding it out on my DH's check each week, but we haven't recieved any insurance cards yet. As soon as they do send them out, I'm planning on getting them to the Dentist. "PRAISE GOD" for no cavaties on both your Son's. That's always a good thing. I read your previous post and I totally understand about the room there. We moved to a different house back in August of last year, and we still don't have everything out of the other house yet. LOL. With hubby working and gone all the time, it's almost impossible to do it. When he gets home from the road, all he wants to do is just sit around and rest. I can't blame him. Hopefully we will get it out soon tho. And being a Mother and having things to do with the kids activities can make things even harder for you to get things done. So, your not alone out there. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Jan Parrish said...

My daughter is 24 and she has never had one. I have 4 - from child hood. Remember the year that the giant jaw breakers were all the craze? I got mine then. Ugh. Still, I hate going to the dentist.

Linda said...

Yay that is that happy smile.

Please visit my blog I have something for you. Hugs, Linda

Sondra said...

Just stopping by to catch up on whats been going on with you. Love your new sweater and I hate those buttons too! I have never used one. Great that the boys had no cavities. It is time for mine to go again too. Stop by and check out the update on my health and stuff!

Brenda said...

Crazy how some families have strong teeth. My family didn't and Brian's did. I have soft teeth and cavity easy. The boy's got Brian's teeth and poor April got mine. Goodluck.

nannykim said...

I am convinced much of the teeth stuff is inherited. My husband only has one filling and I had tons of them when I was a little kid (my grandpa had all his teeth pulled when he was in his teens). My daughter and son never had any fillings. My youngest son does due to the braces he wore. But he did get a filling in college and I think it is from all the soda (pop) he was drinking; since that time he has been eating healthier. But as a kid I brushed and brushed and didn't eat much junk fooe and the Dentist would give me long lectures!!

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh Sharon, Remember the year that Bubble Yum came out? In Junior High I had seven classes, so to keep from being bored I had a different piece of Bubble Yum for every class. I got 9 caveties when I went to the dentist. Poor Mom and Dad. Now I can honestly say every tooth has a cavety:0(

Our kids seem to be taking after Stacey, which is great. Well, I'm off to bed. Love ya, Kathi

Anonymous said...


I have weak teeth too. I had to have a crown put on recently. It didn't hurt and thankfully we have dental insurance.

Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth too. :(


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