Monday, February 11, 2008

My weekend

We had a very nice weekend. I feel like I relaxed and rested, yet I got lots done too! Friday night after work I headed straight to the high school to watch Grayson's last game. He is on the JV team. He did really well. He is number 3. I thought this picture turned out really cool! Everyone is moving and blurry and he is in focus, it reminds me of the movie Matrix.
Here's Grayson at the free throw line.....he didn't make it though :0( but that's okay! The JV team won almost all of their games! It was a great season. Grayson got asked to play up on the Varsity team several times, that was a real honor. Now track starts!

Here is a picture of Eric, his father Jim and his mother Alice watching the game. It was really fun. We won!!! 50-44! Go Dogs!!!! Saturday morning after I cleaned my house Hayden and I went to the grocery store. Eric went fishing and Grayson was working at the gas station.

As you can see, we buy a lot and it is quite a chore. I am so glad I had Hayden with me to help!

Did I say help??? It looks more like he is gooffing off to me!!! LOL! Actually, we had a fun time. I really appreciated all of his hard work! After we got the groceries we went to Walmart and Goodwill, then we rented the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with Eric and ate yummy deli sandwhiches for dinner. Grayson went to his girlfriends to watch a movie over there. More and more often it is just Eric and I and Hayden in the evenings.

On Sunday morning we all went to church in the big city to listen to Wayne Corderio speak. Have any of you heard of Wayne? He talks on the radio. He has a big church in Hawaii and he is a wonderful speaker. He was so funny and the message was awesome! He is a wonderful man of God.

After church we had an hour to kill before heading to our next activity, so we went to the Nike store. It is kind of like a museum. They have a neat display of Bill Bowerman's possessions because he is the one who invented Nike shoes.

It is a very neat story. He was trying to figure out a new light weight track shoe and he experimented in his garage. He finally got the idea to try to pour the rubber in a waffle iron and the results changed the way of the shoe industry!

Later we went to a real artsy type of store and got yummy coffee!!! Of course I ordered a low fat skinny!

Mmmmmmm coffee!!!!

After that we went to my Aunt Josephine's 80th birthday party! Isn't she cute! She is a wonderful woman! She is my Dad's sister and I just love her.

She has lead a full and wonderful life and she is a godly woman. She is so active and has always been so quick to jump in and help. She is great at entertaining and a wonderful servant for the Lord. Her daughter, Karen, put together this wonderful display of photos from Jo's life. It was fun walking down memory lane.

I love this picture of her when she was young. Isn't she pretty! Look at her gorgeous hair!

Here is a picture of the whole family back in the early 70s. We were celebrating my grandparent's 50th anniversary. My Mom and Dad hosted the party in our back yard. You can see my parents on the right end of the second row from the bottom. I am sitting in front of my Daddy, I am the last one on the right of the first row. My sister Kathi, who has a blog, Feathering My Nest, is the 4th one from the right. She was at the party today too, but sadly, I didn't get a picture of her.....bummer!

Here is another picture from the same day, this is just my grandparents and all their 9 children! My Aunt Josephine is the blond in the middle and my father is on the far right. It has been great to grow up in this big, loving family! I feel so blessed. What is so wonderful is that all the kids love the Lord! I need to do a post on my Grandmother Ethel because she was a prayer warrior and a wonderful, Godly woman! All of her kids grew up and blessed her!

Josephine is a very excellent cook and semstress. She enters her projects and baked goods in the fair every year and has gotten many, many blue ribbons!

Above is a photo of my parents enjoying the party.

Above is a picture of Josephine with her daughter Karen.

And here is a picture of Eric and I. It was a lovely day! It was a great weekend. Right now I have sausage and sauerkraut on the stove and cowboy potatoes in the oven. Hayden and I are going to play Scribbage and we will all probably watch a movie. Then we start a new week!

Have a great week!

"Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Phillipians 1:6

Hugs ~ Sharon


nannykim said...

Wow--you had a full and blessed weekend; aren't families a gift!! I will have to post a bit on my weekend--but later--it is late here on the East Coast--nite nite.

Feathering My Nest said...

Sharon, Wow you've had a fun and busy week-end. Of course I shared a little in it with you at Aunt Jo's party. I love all your pictures. It looks so fun. I wish I could have gone to all those places with you. You look so pretty.

Love, Kathi

Cottage Contessa said...

Hiya sweetie! You are so blessed to have such a big, loving and Godly family. I love, LOVE reading about your wonderful family! It looks like you had a fabulous weekend, and I hope your week is just as good!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mimi said...

what a wonderful family week end you had...

SweetAnnee said...

Oh what a great weekend and such good memories
and I love the pic of Eric and his parents on the bleachers..
and of course your sweet face with COFFEE

I wish I could give you a HUGE hug..I know it
would make me cry with happiness!!
Lovingly..thanks for sharing who you are!!
a Godly woman too


A Romantic Porch said...

What a wonderful weekend with family and friends. How cool that Feathering My Nest is your sister!

Gina said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful but busy! Your days (and grocery carts!) are filled to the brim.

Thank you for sharing all the pictures. Happy Birthday Josephine!

Kristen said...

Oh how do you do it? It sounds like a wonderful weekend! I can't even imagine how you fit so much in! The picture of your son "stopped in time" is amazing! That could win some kind of photo contest I am sure! :) Have a great week!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Sharon what gorgeous happy photos of you and your family. How wonderful you are...and Blessed.

jennifer said...

Sharon, I am touched by your weekend. Honestly I am. You take such joy in your family. You have history through them. Girl, you are BLESSED! But WOW, were you ever busy :) Come back by my site and read the message in the comments from yesterday's post, if you have time. I left a thank you note of sorts by way of a 'novella' comment! Have a wonderful week and I will be back to check in on you. Jennifer

Kelly said...

Sharon what a lovely family! Every one of them! The only relatives I have are my Mom and Aunt ( my Grandmothers sister) and of course my Husband and children. It must be wonderful to have other Godly women in your family, I am sure it makes it easier to turn to one of them, it just all looks so wonderful. And your weekends look so full of good times! Thanks for being a great blogging woman!


Brenda said...

Oh Sharon what a great weekend. Looks like so much fun! *0 and she still looks great.
Your mom is beautiful...she looks like she has a very active spirit.Loved the wild when im older I bet.Your parents just really looked so cute together.
Im glad Grayson won, but sorry he missed the shot on his last game...but hey he can't be perfect all the time =)

Candy :) said...

Aww, I loved all these pics!!!
Awesome :)

Karla said...

What a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing!

Sondra said...

Wow, you had a very full weekend. I love the basketball picture. That is so cool. Austin asked me how you took that. I told him I think it was not on purpose. You look so tiny behind that big grocery buggy! LOL!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cool "Matrix" pic! Sounds like a fun weekend.

Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
What a great weekend! Your aunt looks so precious! I envy you still having both your parents around, that is such a blessing!
Have a great week.
Love, Velvia

Laura said...

Oh, what a great weekend! I will definitely go look up the preacher you heard. I always love a new, good teacher to listen to!

Shelley said...

Hello Dear Sharon, what a wonderful weekend with family. That artsy store looks like a great place to visit. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Auntie.


Mica Garbarino said...

wow lots to share here !!! That was fun !!! You have some handsome helpers !! Happy birthday to your Aunt.. Lovely photos of family. Have a happy week !!


Jan Parrish said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend. I remember when my youngest would go grocery shopping with me. It was usually so he could pick all the menu items and treats he wanted. :)

He was putting an offer on a house this weekend. We are holding our breath.

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