Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Valentine's Day Decorating

Hello, welcome to the residence of Rose of Sharon! Won't you come in for a warm cup of coffee and some Valentine chocolates? If you came a knocking at my door (oh, how I wish you could!) this is what you would see. I made this wreath several years ago. I glued dried moss and silk flowers all over it and then added some old jewelry.

Here are some fun Valentine things I put together on top of my cookbook shelf.
I love to decorate this little spot, it is seen by everyone in the house, yet it is out of our way.

I am displaying this really cool 3D card that I found. I love it because of the colors and vintage pictures, but also because it is three dimensional.

It is actually quite beautiful.

Above are some stitched and stuffed little hearts that I have collected. I have them sitting in a heart shaped box with a couple of handkerchiefs that have hearts on them. Love that red and white!

Here is a fun tussie mussie that I have hanging on the pantry door. I found this last year at a very cool pharmacy. The sweet little girl tucked inside was a gift to me from my friend Mareta. She made the precious girl.
She actually is hiding a Valentine sucker, isn't that clever!

Last year I made this in my Tacky group (a group of my friends who get together to do crafts, shop, talk and eat!). I was proud of my self for doing a stitching project as I am pretty much sewing challenged!
For a couple of years in a row I would give Eric one of these heart pillows along with his candy on Valentine's day. I used to display them on our bed at Valentine's time, but this year they got booted to the living room because they do not match our new bedding! I think they look cute here though.

I have this darling antique book next to them, it has a very cute little cupid on the front and is a book full of adorable poems.
It was written and illustrated by Rebecca McCann in 1933. It is just darling. It has 1001 verses!
I tried to find one on love, but there wasn't one so I picked this cute little guy to show you! I remember seeing this very same book on someone else's blog, but I forgot who it was, you will have to let me know who you are!
I found the dish above at garage sale last spring and have waited until now to use it! I just love it, perfect to hold those chocolate hearts!

I made the above shadow box last year. I was trying to copy the cute Christmas one that I found at Goodwill. It just has some fun Valentine related items in it.

Do you think I might have a mug addiction??? Now I can blame this little problem on my big sissy, Kathi! She has always had a neat variety of coffee cups and I got hooked on it too. Now we are truly Girls Gone Wild with our mugs! I switch out all my normal mugs for these heart ones for the month of February. I think it just as a little special magic to my day! These Valentine mugs are perfect for me to use to serve my kids hot chocolate in bed!
A couple of years ago I made this picture (wow, I didn't realize how many of my Valentine's decorations I made myself until showing all these pictures). It actually was a project that all of us girls in the Tacky group did one year. I believe we got the idea from Mary Engelbreit's magazine. We simply glued old Valentines onto a cute red and white polka-dotted paper and then framed it. I think it is so fun, bright and cheery!

I hope all of you have a very happy, love filled Valentine's day!!!

"I have loved you with an everlasting love;I have drawn you with loving-kindness." Jeremiah 31:3

In Him ~ Sharon


Scrappy Jessi said...

darling!!! love all the red, and vintage!
very lovely!
have a great valentines day!

Barbara H. said...

Thanks for stopping by to tell me how you made the wreath. This one is a beauty, too! All of this is so inspirational.

I think I first found your blog through Kelli's Show and Tell, but I always enjoyed your posts so much I;m subscribed through Bloglines now.

I see from your profile we're in about the same stage of life. I'm 50 and my boys are 23, 20, and 14. I love this stage of life where they are a little more independent, but none has left home yet. The oldest is right on the verge, though.

Sarah said...

All the decorations in both posts are wonderful. I love them! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Sarah x

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love all the red! Such cute Valentine decorations!


Kelli said...

Everything is so pretty, Sharon! I love all your vintage valentines and how you displayed them. The little scottie dog is adorable. :0)

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