Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life with a puppy

Do you guys remember when I first introduced you to our new darling little puppy, Bailey???

That was back in November. Isn't she just so precious! She looks like she wouldn't hurt a flea. Now she is four months old and, believe me,.......it has been a long, long four months!

How could this darling little bundle bring anything but joy and happiness??? Well, I cannot even tell you how much trouble this little girl has brought us! I have taken a few pictures of what she has done.

I walked in the laundry room and said, "what is that black stuff on the floor?", then I quickly realized......

It was the lining of my wool coat!!!!! GRRRRRR! BAILEY!!!!

Oops, there goes the newspaper! I hope you already read it!

She has dug countless holes in our backyard.....................

Chewed on the roots of our trees.....................

............and she has dug up countless things in our yard from old bones to little miniature caskets that hold the remains of our beloved many and various deceased pets including multiple fish and lizards.

Doesn't she look innocent! She says..."what??? What are you guys so mad about?" Well, perhaps we're mad about this...............

Or this........................

We left her tied up on her leash in the garage for probably 5 minutes tops and went out there to find that she got into the garbage from our shredder. What surprised me was, if you look in the picture you can see her football and a couple of really good bones that she could have chewed on, but no.....she had to dig in the garbage! GRRRRRRR.............BAILEY!

I also am getting tired of Bailey living in our laundry room. It is a safe place for her to be at night or when we are gone, but I am tired of having to worry about not leaving anything in there because she will chew anything and everything up and I am tired of the dog smell. Look what she did to the wallpaper in there! GRRRRRR................BAIILLEYYYYYY!!!!!
Thank goodness I have more wallpaper and can repair it after she moves out. I think she is ready to move out too and perhaps she was tired of her bed. The other day we came home and opened the back door to view this........................

Oh, oh, she chewed up something what could it be???? We turned the corner and discovered this.......................

........Yep, she completely destroyed her bed! We realize that she is a high energy dog and we let her outside as much as possible and run her and exercise her. My husband has been awesome and works with her every day for at least an hour and she is getting trained. She is just going trough the puppy stage. I hope we can survive it!!!! But you want to know something????

We really love her!

She brings us so much joy! Way more joy than trouble and we absolutely love her! We know when she is past the "terrible two's" she is going to be a wonderful dog!

"But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful."Psalm 68:3

Laughter & Hugs ~ Sharon


Feathering My Nest said...

Oh Sharon, she is so cute and so naughty. It's like having a child. I know she'll be a wonderful older dog soon. I'm glad you have more wallpaper. Love ya, Kathi

Pam said...

Hey Sharon, loved your post about Bailey!! Yes, the puppy stage is exhausting - like suddenly having a toddler in the house. I'm curious, have you tried crate training her? I didn't notice mention of a crate, but it sure helps when you leave her. You can rest assured she's not destroying something, which in turn, keeps her safe from choking on something like her bedding. Dogs usually resist going into a crate, but once trained to stay in there when you're gone, they feel safe inside. I know some people think it's mean, but most vets recommend it, and say its safer for a dog when you're gone. Regardless, once she settles down, she'll really help fill that void the kids create by growing up!! ;-) I wish you lots of luck and PATIENCE!! he he Love, Pam

A Romantic Porch said...

She's adorable. I just had to laugh. I so totally relate. Apparantly we haven't made it past the puppy stage. We don't have a dog, and I absolutely love them. Strange I know. She is SO pretty though. You'll make it. She's going to be a great dog.

Liz said...

Oh my goodness. I know it's not funny to you, but I laughed my head off at these pictures. It's only because I've been there... Mabel used to be TERRIBLE! She ate everything; floors, wall boards, pillows, table legs. We finally figured out that she had to be crate trained. We bought a big crate (with grated sides so she wasnt closed in a box and could see out). I put the crate in front of a window and when I left for work, into the crate she went.

After a few years, she outgrew it and now we can trust her in the house by herself. It's so frusterating I know.. I cant imagine if Mabel had been a big dog! :) Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

The little monkey! She is so cute.
I have had a lot of German Shepherds, raised from pups. Of course, they grow quickly, so they need BIG spaces. I bought the cage- type of crate they use for dog shows. They have a plastic tray in the bottom for messes, or to keep them from eating the floor!
I put it in my bedroom, so they stayed in a climate controlled environment when I was gone, plus it was a subtle 'night,night' place. Room for water and food. AND they feel safe.
I recommend it. Also, have you thought about getting a knuckle bone for her from the butcher? That will keep her busy for hours.
Olaf's Mom

Brenda said...

You had all good kids... I guess it was time for a bad one lol. I know it isn't funny. Maybe training school, but that cost alot.

Mary said...


If you remember seeing photos of Meeko on my blog, you will know that he is a large dog and he had large paws and sharp teeth when he was a puppy.

I have trained dozens of dogs in my day and this isn't unusual. I have a few suggestions that might help.

1. When you think Bailey has had lots of exercise, make sure she gets more. Run her till she is tuckered out. This will deplete her energy for being naughty.

2. Crate train her. When you buy the crate, be sure it will be large enough for her to turn around in when she if fully grown. She will not like it at first, but in time she will learn it is her den and that is where she will go. When she is not crated and is free roaming, leave the door of the crate open so she can get in and out at will. You'll be surprised. She will go there. Add a blanket and a toy or two - toys that are indestructible. They are expensive but will be well worth it. She will keep them her entire life and for now will be something familiar in her crate.

3. Do not scold her unless you catch her in the act of destroying something. She will not know why you are scolding her.

4. Buy her a Gentle Leader and use it to walk her. Use a tone or word to let her know she is doing wrong and tug on the Gentle Leader at the same time. When Meeko was a puppy, I used the sound "uh" just a sound in my throat. He still responds to it and knows when I make that sound that he is doing something wrong.

5. Use a little tobasco sauce on something that she is likely to try and chew. It will not hurt her and she will quickly learn that when she chews on forbidden objects that her mouth gets hot. She will sneeze and rub her nose with her paw, but she will learn. Our vet taught us this trick with our former dog and it works.

6. Love her and give her lots of attention. She will come around.

7. Enroll her in obedience school with the person who takes care of her the most. We took Meeko and the training school was excellent. I only took him to one class and I learned so much.

8. Repetition is the key. Watch her like a hawk when she is in the yard and use the word or sound that you choose when she begins to dig. An alternative to this is fencing a little part of your yard that she can dig in if she chooses. It's hard to stop dogs from digging. Thankfully, Meeko is not a digger.

I hope this all helps. These are the things that have worked for me. Crating is not mean. It will keep Bailey safe from swallowing something that could harm her.

Blessings and good luck. She's a darling.


Mimi said...

Hi Sharon,
I feel for you because we have a dachshund and he was a really bad puppy... but we got a crate...put a sign on it that read "Hershey's Bedroom"...anytime we leave the house and at bedtime he goes to the crate...and when it is storming he wants to be in his crate!!
wow what a difference in our enjoyment of him!!!
of course he is still rather naughty sometimes...but the crate is always there until he settles down!!
good luck with Bailey...His is beautiful....

Laura said...

Oh, aren't they so much fun! Our lab had puppies a week ago and I am dreading the weeks when they are up and about before they go to their new homes!
She is precious though! We had a dog like her growing up and she LOVED my mom. He followed her everywhere. He loved for my mom to rock him. Funny creatures!

Scrappy Jessi said...

she is so sweet! but quite naughty too! she must be teething!
she'll settle down, give it some time. the first year is really hard, then it just gets better.

Linda said...

Hi Sharon..I know I shouldn't be but I'm giggling. Bailey is so cute and so busy but you can't help but love her sweet little face. Hopefully she'll be through this phase soon. Hugs, Linda

jennifer said...

So I busted out laughing and a kiddo yelled "what" They all three came and grouped around the computer while I read this post aloud, as well as the scripture, and scrolled the pictures. So Miss Bailey has done a good deed today in our household. We have laughed together over her antics. But Sharon? She's not exactly invited to VISIT our household until she is a big girl! Jen

I posted pics of my wild doggies today.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Sharon..
Bailey is so darn cute
but my gosh..she's a NUT

I thought , what ..she hasn't chewed
the cabinet edges yet.??

Your family & are martyrs.
I think you need an award!!


Denise said...

Oh my gosh......... That is love at it upmost!!!!!!!!!! I can take anything from a new puppy except the digging in my yard....... I love to garden and when a dog gets in my dirt it is a standoff!!!!hahahhaha Cute dog!!!!!

Kelly said...

Oh Sharon!!
I read that entire post I think with my jaw dropped!! lol
Funny cause I was going to email you last week and ask how Bailey was doing. My best friends boyfriends Dog just had pups and has offered one to us for free, we already have one dog but I was still looking forward to giving this one a home........I have been very nervous about it, but I think I may need to pray a little more on it, haha! Although I do home school the kids and we are here the majority I feel like it will take a lot of work, but you have for sure shown it is worth it!
Love ya!!!


nannykim said...

yup, I could not, would not, go through that again! It is amazing what they can do. We had to spend about 600 dollars on a dog because he had chewed bricks, sticks, and glass!

Candy :) said...

Liek a few other people said..she is cute and naughty :) But mostly cute :)

Kelli said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe all of the things she has gotten into, you poor thing! She *is* very adorable though and I hope the "terrible twos" pass by quickly!

Sharon said...

Dear Olaf's Mom,

Thank you for leaving a comment! I really appreciate your tips on raising a puppy! So many people have recommended putting her in a crate, I think we might try it.

Have a blessed evening!

~ Sharon

Pam said...

Hi Sharon; Bailey is just adorable! She is going to be a wonderful companion, once she gets through these puppy days (we've been there, too!!).
A new reader of your blog, I just wanted to say I truly look forward to reading it, and to thank you for being a blessing to others.

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Sharon sweetie! I'm sorry, but your post had me laughing, but only because we went through all of this too not so long ago! I thought the destruction would never come to an end, but finally it has and things are great! Our little dog is an inside dog and now has the run of the house because we can trust her with anything NOW, but wow, did she ever chew on anything and everything! When I was a teen, I got a german shepherd, and when he was a puppy he literally ate an entire 2 seater pine lounge chair, the wood, the cushions, everything! lol But then they look at you with these big eyes, and love you unconditionally, how can you do anything but love them in return! Mary gave you some excellent advice. Hang in there, it'll get worse before it gets better! Thinking of you sweetie and sending hugs your way.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Jan Parrish said...

Just when you get to the stage where your kids stop destroying things... the puppy comes along. I'm not sure if I want to go through all of that! We are kicking around getting a puppy.

BittersweetPunkin said...

LOL!! Looks like you have your hands full!! And you are not quite an empty nester after all are you?? LOL

She is sweet.....

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm reminded of what my grandmother always told me ---"God gives us in life only what we can handle" And it truly looks like Bailey is giving y'all a 'run for your money'...literally it seems. LOL But, trust me, she'll outgrow the chewing stage and be a wonderful companion if she's not already. And yes, I agree, she IS a joy, and a creature of the man above. Gotta love 'em no matter what.

the teach said...

Sharon, I got you comment on my blog and I think I even got your comment about Kathi winning 2nd place in the Six-Word Memoirs contest. Anyway thanks for your compliments. And I thank you for the Baily story - what a cute mischievous dog!
Why don't you try the "Normal meme" on my blog..?

JanaBanana said...

Oh boy! She wouldnt have lasted here. Hopefully she stops this for you... she is cute!

Lilly said...

Oh my gosh! Bailey is ADORABLE!! Is she an Australian Shepard? If so, I LOVE Australian Shepards!! I have a dog as well, and I don't know what I'd do without her!! :D And you've got such cute kids, they look very happy! And, I know what it's like to have a dog go through "the terrible two's". Lol. But now my dog is 3. And she'll be 4 in May. I'm glad I made it through the two's!


Judy said...

Okay, now you have got me worried (lol). We just got a new puppy, a Chocolate Lab. So far it's only been 3 days, I actually dread the next couple of months as she is getting bigger. I guess the chewing goes with the territory..puppies.
Your dog is so cute.
I know it'll get better for you, good luck in the meantime.

SweetAnnee said...

I had to look again..even showed hubby...
hubby is a HUGE doll lover..but he says
Bailey is trouble
give her a BIG BIG HUG
love ..deena

Jerri said...

Baily looks like she has been having some fun! I have four dogs and the smallest one (3-pounds) is slowly chewing away my stairwell. Can I get mad at her? No..

Sarah said...

Sooo cute! No wonder you are able to forgive him! :)


MyJourneyBack said...

I am still laughing about Bailey. Thank you it made me smile. Check out my last fri. post. I think my dog is related. Maybe Bailey will grow up to look like her (sort of). I am still laughing. Sorry. Anyway her bed. That cracked me up. The last photo is adorable.
Have you tried putting her in a dog kennel? Some people live by them. Some don't. I got my dog who is 4 a year ago. So I missed the puppy stage with her. Enjoy. And please post more photo's she is too cute. Make those boys take her running!

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