Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Downsizing, simplifying and not being an old lady!

Here's a picture of my purse, kind of fashionable and fun don't you think. A little on the wild side with the leather and brass studs. I think it is totally cute, the only problem with it is this..........

I needed to clean out my purse the other day and I dumped it on my bed and this is what it looked like. I stepped back and thought "for Pete's sake, why am I carrying around all of this junk?" No wonder my back and neck always hurt!

In my younger days I always carried small handbags. How was I able to survive back then with a bag half the size of what I carry now? Surely I was just as busy with just as many papers, toys, free samples etc. that I probably threw in my purse, so how did I do it then and why can't I do it now? I started thinking about it and I think I am beginning to take on the traits of an old lady. I need my Kleenex, my aspirin, my tape measure, my calculator, etc. When did I become a lady who had to have everything at her disposal for convenience sake?

Then I remembered that I still had an old purse that was given to me by Eric's mother. It was a very classy small Coach handbag. I pulled it out and decided that I was going to downsize and try to carry it again.

See how small it is, especially when you compare it to my other purse. When I was a young I always carried small handbags. Why all of the sudden do I feel this need to carry such a large bag and then to not only carry it, but fill it to capacity?

I decided that I am going to downsize and simplify, so I cut back to just the basic necessities. Just my wallet, calender, cheater glasses, sun glasses, lipstick, lip liner, mirror, gum, aspirin, work name tag, sunglasses, phone and keys. That's it!

This is what it looks like inside now. Nice isn't it! I can find everything really quickly and it is so nice and light! There is no room for it to get messy! I've been carrying around this small purse for just a couple of days and I am not only surviving, but I am liking it!!!

It's not the most trendy thing, but it is a classic and it will do just fine for now! Maybe I'll go out shopping for a darling, fun, trendy, new SMALL purse!

"From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3

Hugs ~ Sharon


Anonymous said...

Both purses are cute!

I don't know why but I try not to carry a purse at all costs. My daughter scolds me for putting my phone etc in my pockets. Maybe it is the Californian in me. A backpack I'll carry but a purse - not unless I absolutely have to!


Laura said...

It kills me when everyone puts their junk in my purse. I usually carry one that only holds my stuff!

Candy :) said...

Love this post Sharon!! :)


Kelly said...

That purse is classic and classy! Oh you should see mine, you really made me think of what all is in mine, lets see kleenex, coupon book, gift card book, huge wallet, check book, small pouch with bandaids, advil, vitamins, my reading glasses, a small towel for my daughter for when she gets messy with snacks, toilet bowl sheets for those public bathrooms ( no I am not kidding, lol) oh and antibacterial what nots, oh brother.....I need to downsize.....or start praying hard about all these *germ* issues I have, lol. I think I will tidy up my bag also! Thanks for sharing~


jennifer said...

Sharon, your ideas are great. The images that you share tell a story all by themselves. I hope Bailey is still feeling well today. Be Blessed - Jennifer

Kristen said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I recently had a similar switch! I was told by my doctor to at least half the size of my purse and I did it! I now carry a cute little brick red purse and I just love it! I have to admit that it makes me carry far less around and I have less room to carry those "just in case" items. :) By the way, I think the fish recipe that I put on would be great with Salmon! Let me know how it turns out! :) Have a blessed day!


Sarah said...

Lol you should see my handbag (purse in the UK is a small ladies money wallet) full of all sorts of junk. And double lol my pockets, the girls hand me all sorts of things while we are out walking and I forget about them and then put my hand in my pocket to get my keys and find leaves, sticks, half eaten sweet wrapped in tissue, hair-bobbles, beads...


Feathering My Nest said...

Oh Sharon, You are so right! We are all turning into old ladies with our purses. Remember our Visionette leader, Mrs.Overlin, she was a kind and dear lady, but my goodness she had glue and scissors and everything in that bag; just like Mary Poppins.

I bought the biggest bag I could find, aside from getting a diaper bag, for my airplane trip. I'm still using it!!! It's so big, I can't find anything. My goodness if my cell phone rings it take five minutes to find it. I need to do what you've done. It's a great idea. Hope you are feeling better. Remember it's okay to rest when you need it. I love you, Kathi

timberly73 said...

Good for you cleanin out and downsizing.. I keep giving myself the "luxury" of a bigger and bigger purse. I just feel lost without all my "stuff". But I, like you, used to carry just little purses. I was kind of known for my itty bitty bags... now they see me coming with my oversized luggage type bags.
Love your blog, my friend Kelly refers to it often and I have now bookmarked it myself.
Happy Day! Kim from Illinois

Sharon said...

Dear Kim,

I clicked on your name to reply to your comment, but it said error. Bummer! Thank you for stopping by, I would love to visit your blog. Maybe you could leave another comment and I could connect to that or you could leave your URL. Thanks!


BittersweetPunkin said...

I am guilty of carrying everything including the kitchen sink around in my bag...I now carry a small one...its part of my goal to be more organized!

nannykim said...

it is funny because I too tried to down size. I down sized so far that I didn't take a pocketbook. I would clip my keys to my beltloop and put my tiny wallet in one pocket and my phone in the other pocket. This worked fine with jeans and my black pants--the problem is it gave me a slightly baggy look ;-) . I realized that men's pants were designed for this--but women's clothing really isn't--thus the need for some type of purse. But I only use them when it is absolutely necessary--I like being free ;-)

Linda said...

Love the new look. I remember when I use to carry a smaller purse and I liked it too. Right now my purse has everything except the kitchen sink in it...crazy. Someday I'm going to downsize...I like your change. Linda

Jan Parrish said...

Carson Kressley says the bigger your purse, the smaller your butt looks so I got a really big purse. :)

Lille meg said...

Nice purses! Yes, you're right; sometimes we need to clean up there. Too often I put things in it, and I don't find them when I need them, because it is so much there before.
Good idea! I think I will clean up in my purse today.

Thank you for sharing these verses in every post!
Have a great day!

Brandy said...

I am the same way. My purse is a disaster. I used to carry around smaller bads as well. My mom got me one for Christmas and it is so cute. Its pink and swirley all retro, but it is huge. I admit it is a little to big because I can actually put a magazine in it, and have done that. But oh well, its cute and its my mess. Take care!

Liz said...

This cracks me up! Of course, my husband calls my purse a 'suitcase' and says it looks like I'm getting ready to jump on a plane. :) Good for you, I need to do this.

Cottage Contessa said...

I can really relate to this post! I had to force myself to down size too. I could hardly carry my bag because it had everything except the kitchen sink (only cause I couldn't fit that in too! lol) I think being a pack horse is part of being a mum and having the cart those nappy bags around everywhere when the kids were little. Now I am in the habit of using little bags and changing them every day to suit my outfit. Such fun! lol Love both of your bags though sweetie.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

A Romantic Porch said...

UUGH, purses, gotta love 'em...gotta hate 'em! How do guys do without. I commend you. I'm trying to figure out how to simplify my purse. Thanks for the encouragement. xoRache

SweetAnnee said...

I love your purses..I have to carry a lil one
cuz if I don' hurts my neck and shoulders..
but I STILL have to have WAY COOL purse..

Thanks the award. I love you
so much

fireflynights said...

Coach -- at least the Coach Leather that I knew -- didn't need to be trendy because it WAS a classic. They should never have entered the trendy arena because they were so well loved for quality leathers like the City Bag that you are now using. It's surprising how much this bag will hold. I have one in navy and one in black and use them for business.

I'm glad Coach left a few of their nice leather bags on their website. The redesign of their handbags into gaudy, supposedly trendy bags a few years ago may make them money, but the bags just aren't the same. I'm glad you are using yours/

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