Thursday, January 3, 2008

We're going to watch Dr. Phil

We are leaving to go to our friend's house for a Dr. Phil party. All the kids and parents who went on the show are watching it together. Wow, the You Tube video view counter has jumped up to 2185 views since it aired back east and they have received 92 comments. Crazy!
Please let me know what you think. I'm still a bit nervous!

~ Sharon


Chris said...

Hi Sharon. Just saw the segment on Dr. Phil. I agree with all of you guys...your boys could be doing a lot worse out there on the streets somewhere. With parental involvement, supervision, spotting, safety precautions, and not letting it all get out of hand, there's nothing wrong with the fun everyone is having. Like one of the boys said, he has a fractured spine right now...because of organized sports. Nearly everything you do has its accompanying risks. Everyone wants their children to be outdoors and active, and not slumped on a couch playing video games...but we all recognize the risks we take when we make a decision to get involved in activities like these, and we do our best to mitigate them. It's the same for just about everything in life. Why not enjoy life while your living it?! Just continue to do everything you can to be safe, and everyone will be cool. The boy and his father who were in the audience, who lost the younger son to mattress surfing, their tragedy happened because they were not supervised, did not have their parents approval, took absolutely no safety precautions, and drove the vehicle outside of spec. I feel for them, but it didn't have to be that way. I was happy the way the segment turned out. Hope you guys liked it, too. Now what you guys need to do is get some local sponsors, slap some decals on those mattresses, and make more videos! Have fun!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hi there!

I watched Dr. Phil today and thought that mattress surfing looked a lot like tobaggan surfing from my childhood.

Folks used to tie a toboggan to the back of a car and take it down a snowy road before it got plowed and sanded. Yes, I've done it; yes, it was terribly exciting. It was also incredibly dangerous and we are blessed that no one got killed.

I thought all the young men were polite. Didn't think that Dr. Phil was too rough on them. What did you think?

Sharon said...

We just got done watching the show and feel pretty good about it. They did not "slaughter" our kids. We were saddened by the other family's tragedy and also by the two women with diabetes, but overall, it turned out just fine. The boys got their 15 minutes of fame and now it is over.


P.S. Didn't I look lovely with my wet hair talking out in the field LOL! I was sitting behind the doctor and you could see my bright pink sweater..oh, I'm famous!!! :0)

Candy :) said...

Hey Sharon,
I just watched the show :)
It was nice to see you and hear your voice!!
I thought the show went didnt make the boys look bad or anything.
My personal thought is yeah it looks like fun, and yeah when I was growing up, the boys (and myself!) did stuff like that too.
Do I think its safe? Well, its probably not the safest thing in thr world to be doing. But its of course not the worst thing either.
I wouldnt want my son to do it though...Id just be scared that someting could go wrong. But thats with anything though I they said,something could go wrong in organized sports too.. so I dont know. Seems fun but I wouldnt want to see anyone get hurt though. Make sure they are real careful :)
Love Candy
It was SOOOO fun to see you on the show! :)

Leigh said...

Well dang, I missed it!

nannykim said...

hmm, missed it!!!

Brenda said...

I am sooooo mad. I had to work this evening and missed it! I have to see it. you have had my hopes up for months.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi heart went out to the family of the boy who got killed...and NO I would not let my child do it...but thats just Son has to wear a helmet when he skateboards....your sons are older and if you are confident that they are responsible and safe then so be it.

Sharon said...

P.S. Our son is not allowed to mattress surf anymore. He did it the one time and that will be it.

Jan Parrish said...

Hi Sharon -

We watched you all today. Grayson was cute though he looked a tad bit nervous.

I think Grayson is a good kid and so are his friends. I'll never forget when I caught my son and his friends trying to build a jump to jump across the canal with their mountain bikes (15 feet). Luckily, I stopped them.

These boys should start a lawn mowing service or some sort of business endeavor. With their intelligence and high energy, there's no telling what they can do!

I'm glad to see they're not allowed to do this anymore. I'd keep a close eye on them though - no telling what they'll come up with next.

My son was in a halo for 16 weeks after he broke his neck when a car ran into him on his bike. He was slightly younger than Grayson and it was all I could think about when I was watching this.

Two more thoughts on this long-winded comment. 1. The boys could sell that contraption on eBay and make lots of good money. "As seen on the Dr. Phil show...." ;)
2. Why did all the mom's get shot indoors and you had to be stick in the rain? I think they wanted an outdoor shot and they knew you'd still look good.

Thanks for posting about this even though you weren't sure of the outcome. I think they did fine and it was fun to watch.

Sondra said...

We watched the show and we thought the boys were so funny. Grayson seemed to be the quiet one in the bunch. I do not think Dr. Phil was hard on them at all. It was sad about the young boy who died but accidents happen all sorts of ways. When my boys were younger I bought them a tramploine. My friend worked in the ER and she had a fit. She told me how kids were paralized and stuff from trampolines. One day I even caught them jumping from the garage roof onto the trampoline. Like your friend said on the show- boys will be boys :)And they get more daring as teenagers.
It was funny when they showed the clip of you. I got excited and shouted 'there's Sharon'. Then I had to rewind it to see it again. It was so cool to put a voice with your face! I never could see you in the audience but I see that you said you were behind the Dr.
Oh and tell the boys I love that shot they did with the four of them walking in the field. That made them look so cool! ;)

SweetAnnee said...

I've got it taped and plan to watch it this
morning..gonna be lazy and watch it in bed!!

Simply Stork said...

Hello I am new here and just stopped by today...bye chance...I did happen to catch just a snippit of the dr. phil show and turned it...I did see your boys though and the reason I turned it is because I thought they were making a mountain out of a mole many people die on the side of a mountain or sky diving or something like that? I did think your boys were very respectful and it sounded to me like they have a level headed way of thinking...but let's face it...pretty dare devilish stunt hu? Now lets put that was it really? meeting dr. phil? was it fun or was he kind of mad at you for the stunts your boys do?

just wondering???
~simply stork~

Sharon said...

Simply Stork,

Yes, it was making a mole hill out of a mountain. We originally thought the show was just about our boys having fun and being creative, but then they added the spin of the boy who got killed, so that totally turned the whole show. We are not going to allow our son to do it anymore, we feel that it is a dangerous thing to be doing.

It was a memorable experience for my son. I did not get to meet Dr. Phil at all, so I couldn't tell you what he was like. We just dealt with the producers etc.I learned a lot about how these shows are done. Overall, it is neat for my son to say that he has been on TV, but I am not so sure I would go through all of it again!

~ Sharon

Feathering My Nest said...

I'm so sad we missed the show. We were in Portland. I plan to watch the tape, I know someone must have recorded it. Or I'm watching the re-run. I love your boys. All your boys are smart, safe, and wonderful. I heard through everyone else that the boys did a great job, and Dr. Phil was not too hard on them. I'm so glad. I love you, Kathi

SweetAnnee said...

Hi Sharon.
I saw C square and G square on
Dr Phil..
and you (you look good even with WET hair!!)

The boys are responsible..anything can happen doing many things..just riding in a car!!
Your sweet son was the quietest of all..
but the boys all seem so fun

Thanks for sharing!! deena
oh..can you post the link to the boys YouTube??

Sharon said...

I tried to link it once and it didn't work for me, but if you go to You Tube and type in Redneck Mattress Surfing, you will see it. It is the one that has a title with mattress spelled wrong! A lot of people have left comments that are not very nice and have swear words, also, terrible grammar! Also, if you put Dr. Phil in Google and open up his site, go to archives and search for Mattress Surfing you can see some pictures from the show and leave a comment if you want. It has been a fun experience. Last night we went to Grayson's basketball game and got so much support and very nice compliments about the boys. It all worked out!

Thank you for your interest! Sharon

Mimi said...

Hi Sharon,
sorry my comment is so late... but my computer has been out of commission until today...
we did watch the DR. Phil show and thought you looked great and the boys did a very good job... they did not sound or look irresponsible at all... I also recognized you sitting behind the doctor... you looked really good on TV... I was hoping you mothers would be on the front row.. the other stories were so tragic...that the boys seemed very un-dangerous... but after listening to the young man who lost his brother due to an accident... I think I am glad you will not be allowing your son to do it any more...

MyJourneyBack said...

I didn't see the show but read the comments and saw your photo on your blog and had to figure out what you were talking about! Anyway I agree with one of the comments you are so blessed that their "fun" so dangerous! I work with at-risk teens that don't have this kind of fun. Keep up with what your doing. You look like your doing an awesome job. Blessings. I have to finish reading the rest of your blog now!

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