Monday, January 28, 2008

Typing Test/Fish tank cracked

78 words

I found this fun test on Sondra's blog, Mom of Four Teenage Boys. Try it and see how you do! I am a little disappointed in my score. I used to be a medical transcriptionist and typed somewhere in the 90s. Maybe I should challenge myself with my typing when I blog!


We're having a lazy snow day. I'm not working, the kids are home from school, my husband didn't work and my nephew, Harrison, was here for two nights, but just left. The boys have been having fun playing in the snow, watching movies, playing on the computer and playing guitar hero. But this morning I heard something no mother should ever hear. Harrison came running down the stairs saying, "we need a bucket.....quick!" I guided him out to the garage so Eric could help him and I flew up the stairs. Well, it turns out that Hayden threw something at Harrison and it missed and hit the fish tank and the fish tank cracked. Well, that is their story and they are sticking to it!

Any way, Eric helped Harrison find a bucket and when I ran up stairs I found Hayden holding a towel against the side of the tank trying to hold the water in (visualize the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the hole of the wall to keep the water out). I grabbed towel and found a small bucket and we hurriedly tried to get the water out of the tank before she blew! By the time the whole ordeal was over we had minimal damage to the carpet and the fish were saved.

This is not the first time we have experienced such an event, several years ago my son Cameron tried to carry his 25 gallon fish tank full of fish and water across the hall and it exploded EVERYWHERE! It was a horrible mess and the worst part was the smell that started emanating from the carpet a few days later........peeee-ueeew! It took weeks of scrubbing and vacuuming to get that odor out. I kept thinking, oh, please no, not another major carpet catastrophe.

The funny thing about it is, as I was standing there holding the towel against the fish tank in my bathrobe and slippers, I thought to myself....."where's my camera?? I should blog about this!" Now that is the sign of a true blogger addict! Isn't that funny! Now admit it, wouldn't you see that as a blogging opportunity!

Never a dull momement! I'll keep you posted if we start getting a mysterious odor coming from Hayden's room! I sure hope not.

Have a blessed day!

~ Sharon


Mimi said...

been there done that... and what a mess, smell, and general overall pain!!
sure do wish you had had your camera!!
do you think if you get another tank set up you can get the boys to try their little trick again so we can see some good pictures on your blog?
hee hee :0)

nannykim said...

yup--you are very sad!! Glad you got to have time together off of school and work and enjoy the snow!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That was a fun typing test. I used to be a medical transcriptionist too!! I scored an 88, but used to type around 100 when I did it as work.
Thanks for sharing this!!

Mary said...


I tried the typing test and am worse than you at 61 minutes. What happened? LOL And I am a writer, typing constantly day after day. Maybe arthritic fingers?

Sorry about your fish tank. We used to have a 35 gallon, but we had to get rid of it when hubby had his heart attacks and bypass surgery because I didn't have time to look after it. They can be messy when they're cracked. Glad you managed well.

Take care and have a great week.

Kelly said...

Ahhhhh .....Boys ....ya gotta love em'!!!!

Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
It's so great you were able to enjoy your snow day at home with your family. The pictures from yesterday's post are beautiful. I'm sorry about the incident with the fish tank, but at least you were able to laugh about it and turn it into a great post! Hope you don't have any smelly after effects.
Love, Velvia

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh Sharon. I'm so sorry your tank broke. I really really hope the water had been chaned recently and the smell will not be bad. Isn't that something? It seems something always happens when the cousins get together. It used to be huge things. Remember the sad time that you stayed with me and Stacey brought in the Newspaper with Princess Dianna's picture on the front? That was so sad and shocking.

I'm glad this was not a huge huge thing. Harrison had a wonderful time at your house. He fell asleep at 7:15. Love ya, Kathi

Sondra said...

Well you beat me by a mile on the typing. I used to type that fast in high school, but lost it somehow. When Billy was little he was messing around with the vacuum and smashed the handle into our fish tank. Yep- big mess. Been there done that!

Rachel said...

So funny. I'm feeling those blog moments coming on now too. I even "found one" at my friend's house when they added a new tiny half bath to their downstairs living area. That's one of my pictures for today. Have a great day! Love, Rachel

Mrs Lavender said...

I hope you enjoyed your lazy day! I need one of those. Perhaps Friday! Have a lovely lovely day.

Brenda said...

Girl you are just to sweet. You didn't even get upset? I need your peace bad!

Sharon said...

Brenda asked if I got upset, the answer is of course I got up set! I guess I should have mentioned that! I didn't get as mad as I would have ten years ago, that is one good thing about getting old, I don't sweat the small stuff as much! But regardless, I was not happy with Hadyen because it was foolish for him to throw something like that in the house, let alone towards the direction of the fish tank!

Liz said...

That's hilarious. Have you ever watched Please Dont Eat the Daisies? You should, this sounds ilke something that would happen to Doris Day in that movie.

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