Thursday, January 24, 2008

Show and Tell - Primative Doll

Today is Kelli's Show and Tell Friday!
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Show and Tell
Today I would like to share my fun primitive doll.
I found her at Goodwill for $1.99! I thought that was such a bargain!
I couldn't resist her, she just called to me!!!
I like her kitty cat, although he looks a little bit under the weather!

She is handmade and the handiwork is very nice.

They used an old tea towel for her apron, isn't this cute!

Even her back side has so much detail.

I love the old lace that is sewn all around the hem of her dress.

A face only a mother could love! Actually I love it too!

Have a wonderful day!

~ Sharon


Betty said...

So much expression and character in the face.....I certainly would have taken her home with me, too......great Show and Tell..Betty

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh this is something I'd LOVE to have!!!!'s priceless Sharon! I'm glad you shared her with us.

My show n tell is posted. Drop in for a visit if you can find time, I love visitors. :o)

Mimi said...

I love your doll...
what is the face made out of?

Judy said...

I really love this doll. What a wonderful find.

LBP said...

Who would put such a beautitul doll in the Goodwill??? Were they crazy???

I'm glad you rescued her because the workmanship is just incredible.

Thanks for sharing!



ellen b. said...

Sharon you found quite a treasure for 1.99! You are my kind of shopper! I love all the detail and that tea towel apron is wonderful. Enjoy....

Anita said...

Yes, she seems to be very special indeed! And her face made me smile! I can understand why you love her!

Have a great week-end, Sharon!

Best wishes, Anita

Sharon said...

Mimi asked what kind of material her face is made of. I am just guessing, but it looks and feels like it is painted fabric. It is really rough and not very pliable. Maybe she needs Oil of Olay! lol!

:0) Sharon

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Wow, what a cute primitive doll, and great bargain! Why would anybody give her to Goodwill?? I love the creative clothing.

I posted a 2nd S&T since I couldn't get it to work last night, if you would like to return to see!


Penless Thoughts said...

Hi Sharon! What a wonderful doll and show & tell. I always wonder about these items that are made with so much love and care and then end up at a thrift store. Seems a little sad, but then someone like you buys them and treasurers them and that is special! Kinda like God does with us!!!

Mary said...

Wow! She is a real treasure for sure. I love the apron that's made from the tea towel and the lace is exquisite. You got a really good buy and I know she has a very loving home. Thanks for sharing.


Barbara H. said...

Oh, I just love the lace and the tea towel! That little kitty is cute but does look a little sickly, LOL!

Feathering My Nest said...

What a great find. I'm so glad you found her. What if she is valuable. She seems quite special. I love the lace too.

Love ya, Kathi

Kelly said...

She's so cool, Sharon! I love primitives and one of my old teacher colleagues had a very similar doll sitting on a bench in her foyer...greeting all of her guests! Yours is fantastic. :o)

Have a super great weekend, lady-o!

Julieann said...

What a neat show and tell, so much detail went into that little doll--oh the tresures we find at the goodwill:)


Rachel said...

How adorable. I've never seen such a thing! Have a happy day! <3Rachel

mrsjojo said...

I would like to know what her face is made out of. The embroidery is adorable.

SweetAnnee said...

she's wonderful and I love her
what a bargain..
she makes me smile..she's so darn UGLEE

cookiesunshine said...

Sharon, your doll is great! How will you display her? I am thinking that you need to have a blog column specifically to help those of us who are not so good with bargain shopping. You are amazing! I love your finds.

genny said...

I love going to goodwill and other yard sale. I found some too but not like yours its unique doll. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.

jennifer said...

This is one cool doll. I think the price makes her even better - I just love a bargain! Her tea towel apron alone is worth alot more that 2 bucks. Very neat post- Jennifer

Kelli said...

What an amazing doll, Sharon! The apron is beautiful, I love the lace! You definitely got a great deal on her!

Revee said...

What an original doll! I love the character in her face and the all the tidbits that were put together on her. :)

Jewelgirl said...

I am glad you found this treasure,
she needed a wonderful place to
call home. I think she found her
home with you. Thanks for sharing!

nannykim said...

lOVE THAT DOLL--I missed seeing it--!

nannykim said...

lOVE THAT DOLL--I missed seeing it--!

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