Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bold and Free Meme

One of my BBFFs (Best Blogger Friends Forever) Jan at Bold and Free tagged me with a Meme. This is a new original Meme that she created. Please read below her explanation.

"Today is one of those days I need to be encouraged. As I discussed in the last post, sometimes I like to say, “It’s great to be me.” Not because I’m so full of myself, but because I’m trying to take my mind off the chaos that is going on in my life and focus on the positive.Like today, I don’t want to dwell on the stuff that’s broken in the house, the rash on my back, the fact I may not be able to get a dog due to my allergies, the wrong person being elected president or that winter seems to drag on and on… Instead, I am going to focus on the positive, the reasons why “It’s great to be me.” I started this a few years ago and every time I said, “It’s great to be me,” it reminded me to count my blessings so I am going to list all the reasons I can think of why it’s great to be me at this very moment. This is an official Bold and Free Meme. "

Please go visit her blog and see 15 reasons why it is great to be Jan Parish!

I decided to play along, but I put a twist on it, I am first writing what I think my faults or problems are in my life (highlighted in blue) and then I will list why it is great. Here are 8 reasons why it is great to be me:

1. I feel old and tired, and lately I am having pre-menopausal foggy thinking. It is great to be me because I am 46 years old and I got to live every second of those 46 years. I have a body that moves and a brain that works even though they don't seem to be running at 100%. Also, there are so many things out there that I can do to help in these areas like eat better and exercise and do brain exercises. It is great to be me because I can go to my computer and just Google any questions I might have about these issues and have all kinds of resources at my fingertips!

2. I am sad because my little nest is quickly becoming empty and I am having a hard time with this. I am sad my kids are growing up and missing the good old days. I also am having a hard time dealing with who am I, what is my role in this world now, etc. It is great to be me because I have four awesome sons that the Lord blessed Eric and I with. I have so many awesome, awesome memories with my boys. I actually do have "good old days" to remember! God blessed us with wonderful sons and they all love the Lord and are doing great in life. I have a great husband who is on this journey with me and we enjoy each other's company. I have Brittany (Mackenzie's serious girlfriend) and some day, God willing, will have four beautiful daughter-in-laws and grandchildren! I have so many good friends going through the same thing and we lift each other up and encourage each other.

3. My legs have cellulite and veins. It is great to be me because I have legs that work and move and they take me from place to place. My legs have been good to me allowing me to chase after my toddlers, run on the beach, walk with my husband, bend down to pick a flower or pick up a small child, dance like no one is watching and work hard etc.

4. I whine around because my family room where we hang out 90% of our free time is so small. It is great to be me because I actually have a family room and I have a family to go in that room! My old house didn't have a family room! I am thankful for all the memories and all the good times that we have had in our little family room! From serious, serious talks with our kids to big family reunions, women's teas, Christmas celebrations, birthday celebrations, etc.

5. Sometimes I don't like it that I have to work. It is great to be me because I have a really good part-time job that I thoroughly enjoy and I get excellent benefits and a really good wage. I have a fair and understanding boss who is a Christian. I have friends at my job and when I am there it makes me value my home life even more. I have a wonderful schedule of three eight hour days a week that is flexible.

6. I feel overweight, I am 15 pounds over my "normal" weight that I have weighed most of my life until I turned 40. It is great to be me because I have food to eat and have never experienced starvation. It is good to be me because I am a healthy woman and, no, I do not have the body I had ten years ago, but I am now "curvy" and there is more of me to love! Also, I have that extra weight I can live on if I were ever to be stranded on an island without food!

7. Sometimes I feel the pressures of everyday life and I feel sorry for myself. I compare myself to women whom I think are doing way better than me and I feel sorry for myself. It is great to be me because I am a woman in America and not a woman in Afghanistan or Iraq. I have the freedom to do what I want, wear what I want, go where I want, speak freely and I have the right to vote. I can go out doing my daily business without the fear of the Taliban or any other radical group that might kill me because I am not covered up.

8. Sometimes I feel lonely. It is great to be me because I have a loving husband and four loving children. I have such wonderful girlfriends. I have friends at church, at work, in my neighborhood, through my kids sports and friends that I have had for many, many years. I have a great church. I have all of my friends out there in Blog Land who mean so much to me! I have my Lord and Saviour who is always with me and He promises to never forsake me.

Wow Jan! That was really good to do! I feel so blessed right now! It is really important to count our blessings and focus on the positives, not the negatives. Thank you for "inventing" this meme. I would like to pass it on to:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I know it's true because the Bible told me so!

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." Psalm 139:14

I pray you have a blessed day today and that you see that it is great to be you!

In Him ~ Sharon


Anonymous said...

Love this post :)
You are beautiful inside and out.
Love the picture of you too.


nannykim said...

Great Idea--love that picture of you in the sunset--awesome pic--really wonderful! It is a great idea to phrase our blessings and to consciously think about them; I like the way you put down your negitive thoughts and then did the positive side. I will do this --hopefully tonight---or by tomorrow! Blessings upon you and your week.

Leigh said...

Great Meme! You are a blessing!

Feathering My Nest said...

Thank you for sharing this with me Sharon. I took the time today to write mine too. It makes me feel really good to express my thanks. I want to be a more thankful person. God is so good to us. Have a wonderful afternoon. Love, Kathi

Jan Parrish said...

Sharon -

Wow. It really isn't about me even though the name sorta sounds like it. It's all about encouraging yourself in the Lord, which you did beautifully. I love how you took something you weren't happy with and made it positive.

I totally get the empty nest thing. I'm there - still dealing with it and not blogging about it now for some reason. I think it's still to fresh.

You did a wonderful job with this. I'm a little overwhelmed by the header but I do thank you and give God all the glory for the idea. I'm so glad you were blessed.

I don't see any extra weight - all I see is a beautiful woman full of grace! Awesome photo on the beach.

I'd love to be on the beach. Right now it's 4 out.

Have a blessed week! I'm so glad we are BBFF's!

BittersweetPunkin said...

What a wonderful post Sharon!! are truly Blessed!!

Brenda said...

Thanks, Sharon for the tag. It does help to see it is pretty good to be me.

Lille meg said...

Dear Sharon! Thank you for your blog! I find so much good here.

I have also got new visitors, thanks to you. And this award is so
well deserved.

Today I have visited my old mother.
She lives about an hours trip away from me. She is soon 92 years, and
she feel so lonely..
She loves my visits, and I try to come to her as often I can.
We talk in telephone almost every day.

Have a nice evening. ( May be it is night to you now).

Rachel said...

That's cool Sharon. One thing I'm learning from blogging, is that I am having a lot of opportunities to think about things like that when I see what other people write. Have a great day. Your blog is wonderful.

Cottage Contessa said...

Sharon, this is a wonderful meme. Thank you for sharing sweetie, just shows yet again what a beautiful lady you are. Inside & out!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Daughter of the King said...

sooo good Sharon.

Denise said...

That is a wonderful idea...... I will give that some thought.. they are all about 4 x 4 give or take a half and inch here and there..... I will frame them...... and sell them or give them away.....!!!!!!Yeah...... I will be back and read all your blog afterwhile...

Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
This is such a powerful post! I experience many of the same feelings that you expressed in this post. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!
Love, Velvia

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