Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Funny Dog!

Mackenzie, our oldest son, came over a few weeks ago to get some of his stuff out of our attic. While he was up there he found this old poster of Krammer from the Seinfeld TV show. He thought it would be really funny to play a joke on his Dad and hang the poster on the garage door. You see, my husband LOVES Seinfeld and this would make him laugh. Okay, the poster is up and we are just waiting for Eric to come home. I heard Eric's truck and then the garage door open and then all the sudden I heard our dog, Bailey, just barking and barking really loud and nonstop out in the garage! Eric must have let her into the garage when he came home.
I went out to the garage to see what was the matter and Eric said that Bailey was barking at Krammer!
We would tell her to be quiet, but she would just start up again! She was very agitated.
It was so funny. Eric tried to calm her down and show her that it was just a poster, but she didn't understand. She thought a man was standing there staring at her!
He tried to settle her down and he pet her, but she was still barking and upset. Finally he took her off her leash.............
and he held her right up to the poster so she would know that it was not real.
After that she barked a few more times and then quieted down. She has not been bothered by it since! Actually I'm so glad that she is such a good little guard dog even though she is a bit confused on what is real and what is not!

Isn't she a funny dog!

I hope that all of you have a very safe and happy new year! Tomorrow I will post my New Year's resolution and tell you how well I did on my last year's resolutions!

"Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you." I Peter 5:7

Love, Sharon

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at our home.........

It's Christmas morning and we made a big huge mistake! We forgot and Eric made a fire, so Santa couldn't come! Just kidding! :0)
We started our day with Eric and I waking up first and we turned on all the cozy lights, got the coffee going and Eric made a fire.
I busily filled all the stockings. The way I do it is, a few days before Christmas I prepare their stockings, put the stuff in shopping bags and write their names on the bags. On Christmas morning I quickly fill them and it is fast and easy.
Notice how lovely the stockings are hung by the fire with care! It looks like someone filled them with love........right? Well below is my stocking..........
.......LOL! My husband is so funny! This is my stocking! It started out many, many years ago when we were newlyweds and I didn't even get a stocking from him. I finally mentioned to him that it kind of hurt my feelings and I would love to get stocking presents. Well, for some reason he never fills my stocking, he just has all the stuff in a bag and either puts the bag on the mantle or he'll do what he did this year, he laid my stocking on top of the bag. I just laugh and have learned to appreciate the gesture. It's one more reason why I love my big guy!
We woke the boys up and they came down stairs to get their stockings. It's sure not like the old days when they would race down the stairs! We had to keep bugging them to get up! Cameron and Hayden played Santa and passed out the gifts.
Here's Eric opening a gift from Hayden.
Here's me with a beautiful pillow that Cameron gave me. Our tradition is that Eric always starts and he opens the gift that Hayden gave him, then I open the gift Hayden gave me, etc... all down the line. Then Eric opens the gift that Grayson bought him, then I open the gift Grayson bought me, etc... We all watch as each person opens their gift. I love it because it is slow and we all really soak it in and enjoy it.
Now it's Cameron's turn. I am so proud of my boys because they all have such generous hearts and they are really good at picking excellent and thoughtful gifts! I think one thing that we did to encourage generosity was when they were tiny we took them to the dollar store and they each got to pick out gifts for all their brothers and for us. They were so excited to shop and for all of us to open the gifts that THEY bought! Grayson holding his favorite present from us, it is an axle for his new go-kart.
Here's Hayden opening his favorite gift a new PSP with three games and the accessories. We cut way back on our Christmas budget this year, and he really wanted a PSP, so we bought a used one that was in perfect condition and we got such a great deal! He told us that he wouldn't mind a used one because that was the only way we could afford it this year! I'm so glad that my kids are reasonable and not picky!
I just had to show this funny picture! Cameron bought Eric the new Scene It game featuring Seinfeld (his favorite TV show) and he was trying to read the directions with a pair of new reading glasses that I tucked in his stocking! He didn't even bother to take the tag off and he looked so funny reading with that tag hanging off the front of the glasses!
After we were finished opening gifts we started getting ready for breakfast. I set the table with my Goodwill Christmas dishes, Goodwill napkins and Goodwill angel napkin rings! I am guessing the plates were around $1.00 each, the napkins .25 cents each and the napkin rings .25 cents, so $1.50 per table setting!
It is tradition that Eric makes the big french toast, bacon and egg breakfast on Christmas morning. It was soooo delicious!
Mackenzie and Brittany had their own sweet little first Christmas together as a married couple and then they came to our house for a late breakfast. Here's the whole family! I love this picture!
After breakfast Mackenzie and Brittany opened their stockings.
Then Brittany played Santa and handed out their gifts to us.
We watched them open their gifts from Eric and I and the boys.
We had such a fun morning. I thought it would be really hard not having Mackenzie there on Christmas morning, but it wasn't that bad at all. It seemed really natural and it probably helped knowing they were coming over for breakfast.
After watching Mackenzie and Brittany open their gifts, we all got busy and cleaned the house and we prepared a big ham dinner. Eric's parents arrived at about 3:00. Here's Brittany sitting with Eric's mother, Alice and Eric's sister's hubby, Jim.
Here's Eric sitting with his father, Jim and our son Hayden awaiting the big dinner!

We had some mishaps and realized that the bag of potatoes we bought some how got left at the store, so Cameron quickly made some instant potatoes for us. Then the ham did not produce enough juices to make gravy, so I had to open up some cans of sausage gravy. I also realized that I didn't plan on a fruit salad, so Brittany quickly whipped up ambrosia based on the ingredients we found in the fridge! Regardless of the mishaps, the meal turned out delicious!
Here's another funny one I had to throw in! Eric's mother gave her daughter, Stacey (Eric's sister) an old gold wedding band that once belonged to their great grandmother. It is a family heirloom and very special. We thought their was an inscription, but it was too small to read, so Mackenzie cleverly put on three pair of cheater glasses and tried to read it. We decided it was too small and gave up! Any way, this is a great picture!
Like I have said before, no matter what kind of event, whenever there are brothers, there is always a little brotherly love that quickly turns into brotherly wrestling!
Eric's sister, Stacey and her husband Jim.
More fun times exchanging and opening gifts with the family.
We had some reflective time where each one of us shared a memorable Christmas. It was really special and fun.
Here I am with Brittany and Alice as we sit and enjoy Christmas day. After dinner we played Eric's new game (Scene It), which was fun and had pie. What a wonderful day!
You can barely tell, but if you look out the window, you can see that the Lord blessed us with a beautiful gift of a white Christmas! It started snowing during the day with big huge flakes! It was so special and so beautiful!

Well, that's our Christmas for 2008! God has truly blessed us with a wonderful big family, a warm house, good food and wonderful fellowship!

"Thus you will be enriched in all things and in every way, so that you can be generous, which causes us to bring forth thanksgiving to God." II Corinthians 9:11

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve at our house!

Our company all arrived at about 4:30 on Christmas eve. It was my side of the family, so my parents and my two sisters and their families all came over. Above is my son Cameron, my husband Eric, my sister Kathi, behind her is her husband, Stacey and their two daughters, Jessica and Victoria.
Here we have my niece Whitney, my father Leonard, my sister Kelli and my daughter-in-law Brittany.
Here's my son Grayson visiting with his cousin, Harrison.
Here's Kelli, Brittany and Ralph visiting and waiting for the food!
Yummy! Look at all those toppings! We had a potato and salad bar! This turned out so wonderful! It was very festive and fun, but also very affordable to feed a group this size! We had 21 people total!
Here's my mother, Shirley loading up her plate!
My little kitchen gets full fast with this many people! It all went really smoothly though, not one complaint!
Kathi and Victoria building their potatoes! I love Kathi's beautiful red satin top, it is so festive!
Here's my plate. I made a yummy salad and decided to split my potato in half and made one a chili potato and the other was more of a classic with butter, cheese, chives and salsa. Yummy!!!!
This was about the only time things were quiet! LOL!
After the meal we all crammed into the living room for a white elephant gift exchange. For those of you who don't know, this means you grab something from your house that you don't want any more and wrap it up for the exchange. Usually it is something that is pretty silly! I had everyone wrap some candy in the gift so they wouldn't be totally losses! I like this picture of my nephew Harrison, he looks really handsome and I think the picture is kind of artsy with the lighting.
Here's Grammie and Grandpa sitting on the couch. He was opening a funny gift, I forgot what he got, but later on he was trying really hard to get rid of it! :0)
We had so much fun! There was so much laughter! It's really neat to think that this group of people have been getting together for over 30 years! I remember when Kelli, Kathi and I were dating our men and we got together for Christmas! Isn't that amazing now, 30 years and 12 kids later we are all still so happy to get together!
Ut, oh, now it's Hayden's turn......I'm afraid to see what's in his package.
Hummmm........this present is from his Aunt Kathi and family. He was instructed to read this note, what could it be???? Well......when he opened it it was a can of Hawaiian scented room spray! Very funny Kathi!
Now it's Brittany's turn........ut oh, she got one from Kathi too.
Here's the card that she had to read aloud. You guessed it.....when she opened her gift it was a wash rag and a towel! Too funny! I loved Kathi's idea and I'm going to use them next year!
Here's Whitney opening her gag gift.
And now her father, Ralph's turn.
Rachelle got another funny one from, Kathi and Stacey. Hers said, "Lucky've just won a fancy dinner for two." When she opened it, it was two cans of Fancy Feast cat food! LOL!
After that we played another super fun game and then we had dessert! Oh my, look at the lovely pies my Mother and sister's brought! Which one shall I chose?
What a wonderful evening we had all together. This was Mackenzie and Brittany's first Christmas together as a married couple and the first Christmas that Brittany spent with us! We had so much fun! After our guests all left, our little family gathered in the living room with the Christmas tree, in front of the fire with a warm drink and Eric read the real Christmas story out of Matthew. Then as per tradition, all the kids opened two gifts a night shirt and a book. This tradition started many years ago. I would buy them new PJs so they looked cute in the morning for the Christmas pictures and I bought a new book so they could read it in bed and help them fall asleep because they would be so excited. I still enjoying giving these gifts. I bought them for Brittany this year too! After that Mackenzie and Brittany went home to their cozy house and Cameron stayed here with us.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of family!

"Taste and see that the Lord is good!" Psalm 34:8

Tomorrow I'll be sharing about our Christmas morning. I would love to hear about your Christmases too!

Warm hugs, Sharon
P.S. Today is my brother Wade's birthday! I would like to wish him a big huge happy birthday! He could not be with us for Christmas becaues he lives in California.
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