Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome to our Christmas Party!

We had our big Christmas party Saturday night. We had such a wonderful, wonderful time! We had 30 people here and I believe everyone had a marvelous evening. Above is a picture of our home all lit up with our Christmas lights. My husband, Eric, made the cross and attached it to the top of our home.
Above is a picture of our walkway. I set out old cheese graters with votives in them to light the path to our front door. I think it is such a charming way to greet our guests. It is very easy to set up, simply put a tea light in a small jar and then place the grater over it. I picked up the graters very inexpensively at garage sales and thrift shops. They are all rusty and old looking and every year get more rusty, just the way I like them! In the background you can see our light up nativity scene. Eric built the stable that they are in out of scrap wood.

These are cranberries floating in water in some old enamelware pots. Then I added some white floating candles. I think the effect is very homey and inviting.

Above is a shot of the little plant stand my father made. I put silk poinsettias in the flower box and add touches of holy in old enamelware pots with candles here and there.
Above is a cute snowman leaning on a galvanized bucket filled with holy sitting next to a tea light in a painted jar. I love how cozy the candle looks.
Above is another shot of the flower box. I put an old plastic wreath from the 50s on my old window. You can't see the little sign hanging on the flower box, but I made it and it says "God Bless Us Everyone". Below is a picture of our wreath on the front door. I made this the first year we moved into this house (13 years ago) I was trying to copy the wreath on the front door of the Home Alone house. It didn't quite turn out as nice as the one in the movie, but it works for me! :0)
We had such a lovely evening. I will show more pictures in a couple of days. I didn't take any pictures of the actual party, I was just too busy running around taking care of the guests and visiting with everyone. After the party Eric and I sat as we soaked it all in and realized we are so blessed with so many wonderful friends!

I am leaving for the Dr. Phil show today. It will just be Grayson and I now. We are excited, but I am a bit nervous. I really hope and pray it will all turn out as a great experience. I have only flown a few times in my life, so I am a little nervous about the flight. I know God will be watching over us. I will take lots of pictures and tell you all about it.

Please pray for Deena at Can I be pretty in Pink because she is having her breast surgery tomorrow for cancer. I pray that everything goes really smooth and the doctors can get all the cancer. I also pray for low pain for her and a quick recovery.

"Don't be frightened, Mary," the angel told her, "for God has decided to bless you! You will become pregnant and have a son, and you are to name Him Jesus. He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David. And He will reign over Israel forever, His kingdom will never end!" Luke 1:30-33

God bless us Everyone! ~ Sharon


Sondra said...

I love the enamel pots with the cranberries in them. I have a lot of old enamel ware. Everything looks so pretty. I pray you have a safe trip to the Dr. Phil show. Do you know when the show will air? Or is his show live? I will be sure to watch it. It will be so cool to see you on TV.

Brenda said...

Sharone you really out did yourself! OMG it is awsome.

nannykim said...

Looking foward to your return. Love the cranberries in the white pots!

Kelly said...

I just love the pictures, every single one, you are a great inspiration!! Just think of all the friends that were there, plus all the ones on line you have not met!
I pray for a safe trip for you two, I myself do not fly either......guess my Hawaii plans are down the drain, haha!
So glad you had a wonderful party, and again all the ideas and decorations I just LOVE!!!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Sharon...prayers for Dena...oh yes...for sure

also I hope the Dr. Phil show goes the way you hope it does!! I will pray for that also!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Yes I will pray for Deena! That's what blogging friends do!! I love the cranberrys with the floating candles its so pretty.Our daughter got married in our backyard, and I wanted to make the house look pretty so in the bathroom I put roses in the bathtub and put floating candles in it with it was pretty. Its funny because we should do thinks like these just for ourselfs to enjoy life is too short. Have a blessed day

Kristen said...

Ohhhh all of the pictures are wonderful! I love the cranberries floating in the old pots! What a wonderful idea! I will pray for you and Grayson as well as Deena! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Your home looks so festive and bright and warm with loving care!!

Kelly said...


Your home looks amazing! I absolutely love the cheese grater luminaries! So chic and clever!! Also, the verse that you posted is so dear to my heart. It's part of the reason that we named our daughter MARY-Grace (because all of us, no matter how humble and lowly according to this world, can bring enormous glory to our God).

Thanks for this post...your party sounds lovely!!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Sharon everything is so beautiful! I love the white enamelware pots with the cranberries. I'd love to get my hands on some of those.

And your grater welcome lights are adorable! Good luck on the show and enjoy yourselves.


Cottage Contessa said...

Praying for Deena! Sharon your home looks simply beautiful! Good luck with the show, I hope everything goes really well for you both!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Daughter of the King said...

Your home looks wonderful...

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