Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It snowed!

We had such a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! I will tell you more about it later, I feel a little tired and want to relax, but I wanted to show you pictures that it snowed this morning! We do not get snow here very much, sometimes we go two or three years before we get snow, so it is pretty exciting when we get it! It is especially neat because it is so close to Christmas. We actually had a little snow on Christmas day, but it went away so quickly.

I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas too!

~ Sharon


Jan Parrish said...

Sharon - how wonderful that you had snow on Christmas. Check out my Christmas video of our storm - and the beautiful, clear Christmas Eve before hand.

Happy New Year!

Sondra said...

Lucky you. How pretty it looks. We never get snow here either. That is the one thing I miss about living in PA. I feel like the kids are missing out :(
I am tired too and trying to recoup.

Julieann said...

So pretty Sharon!!! I really liked all your Christmas decorations in the post below too:)


Kelli said...

How wonderful to have a white Christmas! It's so pretty! I'm tired too.

Brenda said...

LOL girl I like you would freak to have snow. Darn id take a heavy frost!

nannykim said...

oooooo--the doggy looks so cute!!

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