Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm sorry!

I am so sorry, but I have been so, so busy with all kinds of things that I have not been getting around to see all of your blogs. I will try to set some time aside over the next day or two to visit you. I am trying to get ready for a big Christmas party this Saturday. We invited 30 couples! This is our third year of doing this and we have so much fun. I am going a little overboard and trying to clean everything like drawers and behind the fridge. I know it is silly, but at the same time I like to take advantage of moments like this to really clean my house when I am so motivated.

Any way, I will still do posts when I can and will try to visit all of you when I can. I just didn't want anyone to think that I am being rude by not visiting you!

Christmas Blessings to you! ~ Sharon


HumbleHomemaker said...

Dear Sharon, I totally understand. I still would like to visit lots of the nice ladies you have met, but I am up to my limit with teaching, taxi driver to kids, and getting ready for Christmas. I hope your party is lots of fun.

Mary said...


Your party sounds wonderful and you will have the satisfaction of knowing your house is sparkling clean for your guests. 30 couples are a lot, but I can imagine that you have a lot of fun. Have a good time and catch up when the party is over. It's a busy time of year.


Nunnie's Attic said...

I always seem to work faster and better when I'm on a time constraint. So I totally understand your cleaning frenzy. Christmas is busy...visit when you can!


Mimi said...

have a great time and enjoy your party!!
we will still be here and ready to hear all about it when it is over...

BittersweetPunkin said...

Sharon...don't apologize...we all have commitments...I am behind also!!!

Happy Birthday to Grayson!!!
Take a deep breath and catch up when you can!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

To bad we just couldn't all go and help you clean we would be done in no time at all! I hope that everything turns out for you. Take pictures to share with us.

Hootin' Anni said..., 30 couples!!! Well now, I'm sad that I wasn't on the invitation list. *giggles* have a great time this Saturday, and enjoy the guests and the ambiance of the whole season!!!

See ya later----------

nannykim said...

I think everyone is very busy at this time of the many of us are not spending bunches of time blogging---except for those in big needs of prayer. It does feeeeel so nice to get things clean!!

Kelly said...

Enjoy your party! Everyone will be here eagerly waiting to hear how it was! No need for apologies! It's such a busy time!


plus so much extra cleaning will have been accomplished!!!!
then you can relax~!

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