Saturday, December 22, 2007

All snuggled in his bed

Isn't this so precious! It has been a tradition at our home that sometime during the Christmas season after we had our tree up, all four of our boys would sleep in the living room in front of the tree. Sadly, over the years, one by one my boys got older and too big to do that. I was pleasantly surprised last night when Hayden said he wanted to sleep under the tree. I think it was because I had just wrapped all the gifts and put them under there, so it looked so pretty and he was really excited for Christmas. I snuck in there after he was asleep and got these darling pictures.

Here is a close up picture of him. I think he looks so sweet!

I have had a hard time this year dealing with them getting so big and being so busy, plus our older two moved out, so this is the first Christmas season without them living here. Life has really changed and I need to keep praying about it and go into it with a positive attitude. I realized that I have been kind of snappy and I think it is because Grayson is so busy with basketball and his job and also his ever growing social life. I realize I am being selfish by trying to make them stay home and be at my feet as I busy myself with Christmas doings. I want them to be home and watch Christmas movies with me while I bake and it is just not reality anymore, they are all either grown up or almost grown up and I need to let them go and be okay with that. Tradition is hard because I feel it is pretty important, it gives us all stability, but as a modern mother with growing children, you need to stay with it and be spontaneous and willing to let things go as our kids grow and our life changes. I need to be appreciative of where life is now and not be sad about the good old days. I am really happy because both Mackenzie and Cameron are planning on being with us on Christmas eve and spending the night and being here on Christmas morning.

One more thing, I just wanted to show you a picture of the school morning hot chocolate that I bring up to my boys bedrooms when they wake up. I have shown you trays for Halloween and Thanksgiving and here is a picture for Christmas. This is a really fun tradition that we have.

I hope all of you are having really relaxing and joyful last days before Christmas!

"God has given us these times of joy." Psalm 81:4

His blessed Peace to you! ~ Sharon


joan said...

That is a wonderful tradition Sharon! Love that he went to sleep under the tree. Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Pam said...

How Precious - just when you think they are all grown up, they do something so reminiscent of childhood!! I also struggle with the nest emptying. My youngest went to college in the fall. Now when they come home, they promptly leave town to go see their friends! But, like you, I try to focus on the positives. They both have Godly Christian friends to hang out with (a blessing indeed), even if the friends aren't local. I've been reading your blog for awhile. My Mom (Mimi, at Listen to your Grammie) told me about you. I like decorating and thrift shops and old things, too!! he he Merry Christmas, enjoy your boys!

Sharon said...
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Mimi said...

the boys never get too old to revert back to their childhood once in a while!! your young man looks so sweet and peaceful sleeping under the Christmas Tree...
save the picture... it is precious!!!

Sharon said...


Thank you for visiting my blog. I clicked on your name to see if you have a blog and it didn't open anything. Do you have a blog? I am happy you have been enjoying my blog. Your mother is so sweet! You are truly blessed with her!

Empty nest is hard. That is actually why I started blogging, I wanted to talk to other moms about it and see how they are handling it and see if I can interject any positive thoughts and/or ideas about it.

Stay positive, even though your kids are grown, God still has a lot planned for you and He is not done with you yet!

Have a merry Christmas with your family!

Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon-

I don't have kids, but wanted to offer my thoughts as a 26 year old. My brothers and I definitely went through a stage where we were trying to establish our independence, but it really has changed for me as I've gotten a little older. You get past college age and you appreciate your parents a lot more (not saying your kids don't appreciate you. Just that I didn't appreciate mine.:) They are now my best friends and even though its not like I'm moving back in with them anytime soon, they are truly the people you want to see and spend time with as time allows. As you get older your heart turns back more towards family again. This has been true for me and all my friends who have good parents, which I have no doubt you are.:)

Merry Christmas! Jayne

Penless Thoughts said...

How sweet and precious. Yes, it's hard to let go and make that transition :o)

I love the hot chocolate idea.

Jan Parrish said...

What a wonderful moment. I hope he's not mad when he sees this on your blog. :) Your boys seem very understanding.

May your Christmas be filled with joy and your home overflowing with Christs love.


Sharon said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the sweet comment. No, Hayden didn't mind. I told him about it and he thinks it's neat.

Merry Christmas!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Sharon...I think we all feel the same way about our kids growing up...if we could just keep them little for a bit longer...

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Lille meg said...

I'll just visit your blog to wish you a blessed christmas.
Nice to visit you here.
This christmas will be different from other to me, because it is the first christmas without my beloved husband.
He passes away in april this year.
He had been sick for years.

Lille meg said...

Thank you very much for comforting me, and for that you will pray for me!
It was good to hear.
I miss my husband, but I know he is with the Lord, and all is good there.He has no pain now.
Thank you again for comforting me!

Feathering My Nest said...

It is so cute that your boys want to sleep by the tree. I love all your decorating and cute ideas.

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