Monday, November 5, 2007

Our New Monday Tradition

It seems that in our lives when a chapter closes a new chapter begins, well, that is true for me and here is an example. Mackenzie and Cameron both moved out a couple of months ago and instead of focusing on that chapter of my life closing, I was praying and trusting God and just resting in God. I feel like He helped me and comforted me and I never did get really sad. I had a more open mind about all of it and actually was seeing all of the good. What has been an added surprise is that we have started new traditions with these new changes with our sons. Mackenzie has been coming into the hospital where I work every Monday for lunch. It has been so nice! His university is close by, so he rides his bike over to see me. We have great visits, I am sure it encourages him to always make it because Mom buys the lunch! :0) Today he brought Brittany along and we all enjoyed a pleasant lunch.

The other new Monday tradition that has started is that Cameron comes over every Monday night for dinner and to watch Heroes with our family. It is so much fun to have him here. I think that has helped me to not be so sad because I end up seeing them usually one to two times a week plus a few phone calls in between. I miss them dearly, but also am so proud of them. They are both doing fabulous!

Isn't he cute! He has always preferred to lay on the floor to watch TV instead of the couch. He is laying there all comfy with the pillows and he has the remainder of pumpkin pie (store bought) and cool whip next to him. I had the candles lit while we were watching the show and when he left he said, "Thanks, Mom, for making it so special with the pumpkin pie and lighting the candles". It made me feel good that he noticed and that those things mean a lot to him.

Our lives are full of ups and downs, but the only constant thing is the Lord. Instead of getting sad over the changes in our lives we need to trust God and look forward to what lies ahead. I am thankful to God for bringing me these pleasant, unexpected surprises with my sons and that we are establishing new traditions. God is so good!

"Oh Lord, you are so good, so ready to forgive, so full of unfailing love for all who ask your aid." Psalm 86:5

In Him ~ Sharon


nannykim said...

It is funny how some people just love the floor for watching TV. My oldest son is the same; which is good because where he is living now he has ordered a couch and has not had one for 6 weeks (still waiting)...however he doesn't have cabal TV either--but he does play computer games (on the floor ;-)!

Nunnie's Attic said...

What a great post! Truly you are a Godly woman with her feet planted strongly in her faith!


BittersweetPunkin said...

W ow are a busy blogger! Sorry its been a while...I am just now catching up!! I love reading your posts...they are so warm and full of love....we used to go over my MIL's house once a week for dinner too when we lived a lot was so nice to have that one day a week off from dinner and reconnect. It's been MANY years as we now live on opposite coasts...I'm sure your children cherish it!!

Cottage Contessa said...

Sharon, this is such a sweet post. It's wonderful to see the relationship you have with your sons. Such a blessing! I am dreading the day our one and only leaves home. I feel lost just thinking about it.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Kelly said...

I love "Heroes"! What a sweet new tradition, Sharon! You are such an excellent mother. :o) You really are a big inspiration!

Hootin'Anni said...

I'm exactly like he is!! No, really!!! I prefer the floor for TV viewing instead of the couch or a chair. Much, much more relaxing for me....why? I don't know.

The new Monday tradition sounds perfect if you ask me.

HumbleHomemaker said...

I love your traditions. You always give me great ideas to keep me close to my children.

Jeannene said...

I was so touched by this, and teary eyed. You are such a good Mother..and will be emailing you for tips. I have two boys and a little girl. My boys are so special, and wouldn't know how to handle it the day my boys decide to leave. You are so brave, and the Lord had given you strength. "Praise him for that!!"
xo Jeannene

Cameron the 2nd son said...

I never even knew you did this one. haha. That was a fun night. I cant wait for heroes to start again! I'll be sure to be over, although I have practice from 7-9, but Im might be able to skip out a tad early.

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