Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All I want for Christmas........

All I want for Christmas is my two front, change the words to All I want for Christmas is to not gain weight, to not gain weight, to not gain weight! It seems like every Christmas I gain five pounds and by the time Christmas day rolls around, I feel like the butterball turkey that is cooking in the oven! One of my blogger friends, Joy, was talking about weight loss and I suggested that perhaps we start a little blogging weight loss group. She thought that would be a fun idea. We would be accountable to each other and try to either lose weight during the holidays or at least not gain it!

Would you be interested? I am thinking maybe having "Weigh in Wednesday". You don't have to give your weight, but just tell if you had a good week or not. I will only do this if there is interest. We might be able to help each other if we try to be accountable to each other. If you have a good idea on how we should do this, let me know! I really don't want to start a big diet thing, but maybe everyone just be on your own program and we talk once a week about it so you feel like you are accountable to someone. Sometimes that is all that it takes to get something done! If you realize you have to tell the truth about what you are doing, it might help you say no to that extra piece of fruit cake or that extra glass of eggnog!

Have a beautiful day! ~ Sharon


Jan Parrish said...

Yikes. I am already at my holiday weight and the holiday has not even started. Time for some good preventative measures.

Sondra said...

You must have been reading my mind. I have gained 5 lbs this week and haven't even reached Thanksgiving! I would love to participate and maybe we could throw around some fun ideas for it. Let me know if you get a good response.
By the way, stop by my blog for my health update. Thanks for thinking about me and praying!
OH, by the way your husbands garage looks like my husbands with the TV and all. My hubby hangs out in his a lot too and watches the kids play basketball.

Nunnie's Attic said...

I'm with ya!


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